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Glock 19

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Newb223, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Newb223

    Newb223 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know the best/cheapest place to get a Glock 19 Gen 3?

    I am up for either internet or local sale. I live in Wisconsin.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Purgatory

    Purgatory Well-Known Member

    Good choice. Are you looking for New or Used?
  3. Lawdawg45

    Lawdawg45 Well-Known Member

    I wish you lived closer, I'm trying to downsize to a model 26 and I have a beauty for sale with 4 holsters and extra magazines!:(

  4. Newb223

    Newb223 Well-Known Member

    I could go either way as long as the price is good.
    Lawdawg, do you have any more info on it or pictures? Willing to ship, etc?
  5. wisconsin

    wisconsin Well-Known Member

    If you live in the Fox Valley there is a little bait shop on 45 in Oshkosh named Tew's Two. I think they got a Glock 19 and their prices are usually good.
  6. Lawdawg45

    Lawdawg45 Well-Known Member

    Mine has less that 500 rounds through it, and I have 2 spare magazines (15 & 17) and a Fobus, Blackhawk paddle/belt holster, and 2 Don Hume leather holsters (IWB and a JIT Slide). I'm asking $450 here locally.

  7. Newb223

    Newb223 Well-Known Member

    Would you be interested in shipping at all? And if so Do you have any pictures?
  8. Newb223

    Newb223 Well-Known Member

    I am located SE WI. I probably should have been more specific.
  9. Lawdawg45

    Lawdawg45 Well-Known Member

    It's not out of the question, but it wouldn't be my first choice. I helped my son ship 2 guns he sold on the SASS forum and the shipping on our end through Fed Ex was a nightmare full of unneeded drama and expense. It's not something they do on a regular basis and we couldn't get two people to tell us the same thing twice. They claimed they required all weapons to be shipped Priority Overnight, and it was nearly $100 to ship 2 pistols. That just adds to your cost and cuts my profit, bad for both of us!:banghead:

  10. LBEE

    LBEE Well-Known Member

    I shipped mine thru the postal service with no problem.
  11. trekgod3

    trekgod3 Well-Known Member

    That's funny right there. It's against the law to ship a handgun using the US Postal service.
  12. Lawdawg45

    Lawdawg45 Well-Known Member

    "I shipped mine thru the postal service with no problem."

    The USPS will only ship long guns, if you managed to sneak a handgun through you may be having a visit from a Federal Postal Inspector!:eek:

  13. Newb223

    Newb223 Well-Known Member

    This is what I found out with 5 minutes of google. I believe what it is saying is that it must go from FFL to FFL. Otherwise you WOULD have to overnight it via FedEx or UPS.

    US Mail: Licensed persons can ship a rifle, shotguns, or handguns by US Mail. In fact, we suggest that you use the USPS as it is now the most cost-effective way to ship a handgun. To ship a rifle or shotgun, you need only inform the Post Office that the package contains a firearm. A licensed manufacturer, dealer, or importer can ship a handgun via the US Post Office if the licensed dealer fills out a US Post Office Form PS 1508 and files it with the local Post Office branch where the handgun is to be shipped. You can search the US Post Office Postal Explorer site for specific USPS regulations regarding firearms and ammunition.

    Notes on USPS Firearm Regulations
    We recommend that you read the Post Office regulations on Other Restricted or Nonmailable Matter before shipping a firearm through the US Mail.
    The following info comes from the USPS Regulation DMM Issue 54, January 10, 1999, section C-024
    Page C-39, section 3.0, Rifles and Shotguns: "Although unloaded rifles and shotguns not precluded by 1.1e and 1.2 are mailable, mailers must comply with the Gun Control Act or 1968, Public Law 90-618, 18 USC 921, et seq., and the rules and regulations promulgated there under, 27 CFR 178, as well as state and local laws. The mailer may be required by the USPS to establish, by opening the parcel or by written certification, that the gun is unloaded and not precluded by 1.1e."
    Page C-39, section 6.0, PROHIBITED PARCEL MARKING: "For any parcel containing a firearm or a ballistic or switchblade knife, any marking that indicates the contents is not permitted on the outside wrapper or container."
    The following pertains only to licensed dealers shipping handguns:
    Page C-37, section 1.3, Authorized Persons: "Subject to 1.4, handguns may be mailed by a licensed manufacturer of firearms, a licensed dealer of firearms, or an authorized agent of the federal government......."
    Page C-38, section 1.5, Manufacturers and Dealers: "Handguns may also be mailed between licensed manufacturers of firearms and licensed dealers of firearms in customary trade shipments, or for repairing or replacing parts."
    Page C-38, section 1.6, Certificate of Manufacturers and Dealers: "A licensed manufacturer or dealer need not file the affidavit under 1.4, but must file with the postmaster a statement on Form 1508 signed by the mailer that he or she is a licensed manufacturer or dealer of firearms, that the parcels containing handguns (or major components thereof) are customary trade shipments or contain such articles for repairing or replacing parts, and that to the best of his or her knowledge or belief the addressees are licensed manufacturers or dealers of firearms."

  14. Apocalypse-Now

    Apocalypse-Now Well-Known Member

    standard price is about $489-$500. just looks around local shops, or if you can't find that price locally, FFL it from ed's public safety. great folks to deal with.
  15. Newb223

    Newb223 Well-Known Member

    Yeah maybe it is too much a of a pain in the @ss if you aren't FFL to ship. I will let you know if I end up in Indiana at all. I am supposed to be driving down to FL from IA at the end of next month.
  16. HoosierQ

    HoosierQ Well-Known Member

    My LGS sells them for $509. They are plentiful and moderately priced here in Indiana. I think even Gander mountain sells them for $549 or so and they have some pretty good sales.

    Excellent choice. You don't have to be a fanboy to really appreciate the Glock 19. Carries great, conceals quite well really, full three finger grip, 15+1, holsters everywhere in dozens of styles (I carry in a Crossbreed Supertuck Horsehide), shoots well, easy easy easy to work with. The gen3 which I have has a very unobtrusive loaded chamber indicator (the bump on the extractor).

    Mine is both my bedside and my EDC. I just pull it out of the bedside holster and slip it into the Supertuck and vice versa at the end of the day.
  17. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Topglock has them as well.
  18. VP

    VP Well-Known Member

    More than $500+tax title fees for a new Gen 3 is too much in my opinion. I have a 23 and a 19. I love them both dearly.

    Buds has them "shipped" for $499. Find an FFL for $25 that will do the transfer, and you are sitting pretty good. Usually the at home FFL's do transfers in this price range. From what I've seen, used ones are going for $400+. Unreal. Check out gunbroker and auction arms, you might be able to snag one for a good deal.
  19. Newb223

    Newb223 Well-Known Member

    So far what I have found for GOOD prices are from Bud's and Going Quiet.

    My local wants $593.25 for Gen 4

    I have seen $545.00 Gen 4 shipped
    $525 shipped gen 4 etc.

    Wish my local was a tad more aggressive on his pricing.
  20. CZ223

    CZ223 Well-Known Member

    Check Cabelas

    They had new 23's on sale for $489 yesterday. I would suggest you get your 19 with night sights. A little more expensive I know, but you will n ot regret it.

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