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Glock 20 or 20C

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by fire4hunter, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. fire4hunter

    fire4hunter Member

    I've been looking at getting a side arm for hunting and I think have finally narrowed it down to a glock 20 or 20 compensated (20C). For those that don't know this is the 10mm w/ 15 rounds capacity. I carry a side arm for 40% four legged animals and 60 % 2 legged. I've been carring a 1911 45ACP but found that they don't do much to a black bear ( friend put a "finishing" shot on a downed bear only to discover upon skinning that the round penetrated the hide but nothing else). So I need a more powerful round and besides 41 mag revolver 6 shots nothing seems to compare. So my question is... If anyone has shot both the 20 or 20C or one or the other if they could share thier feelings, comments or whatever they have to say I would appreciate it. Hopefully will be picking the gun up before the end of the year. Thanks for the help.
  2. JImbothefiveth

    JImbothefiveth Well-Known Member

    Will this be used just for hunting, or for self-defense too?
  3. Zangetsu

    Zangetsu Well-Known Member

    I would say get the G20 over the G20c. The recoil on the G20 is not bad really, and I'm skeptical about how much those compensator slots will really help. Plus, if there's any chance you are going to use it in self defense, you don't want the G20c...after the first shot, in a darker area all that flash coming up from the top of the slide will kill your night vision as well as do a spectacular job of letting everyone know where you are...not that that won't happen without the compensator slots, but the overall effect on you from the flash would be less. What's more, I don't think the compensator slots will make your follow up shot times faster than some good old fashioned practice will. For hunting, I don't think it really matters since one doesn't typically hunt at night, and thus the whole mess is completely avoided. Just my $0.02...congrats on joining the 10mm club :D
  4. fire4hunter

    fire4hunter Member

    This is primarily for carring for protection and where I hunt in Western WA after you down a bear you're looking in thick brush, much better to have a quick handling pistol that weilding your rifle through it all. Also I have stumbled through some what appeared to be abandoned meth sites and would hate to do this when they're not quite abandoned yet. Hence the power and capicity of 15 rds. Also have crossed paths with people back in the woods both rifle and archery hunting that make those little hairs stand up, know what I mean. The 45 is fine for 2 legged threats but not adequete for the bear or humane. Just looking for one to do it all. I heard Ted nugent put down a buffalo in africa with a glock 20 so it must be BA.
  5. fire4hunter

    fire4hunter Member

    I am not going to be using the Glock for as primary hunting gun, just carring for backup, up close and finishing.
  6. fineredmist

    fineredmist Well-Known Member

    The standard Glock 20 is the way to go. The "C" is fine for competition shooting where recoil may be a issue. In your case I don't think that it would be a problem with a little practice. One more item to consider is the open top of the "C" which can be a problem as they will permit all kinds of crud to enter the pistol. My first experience with the 20 was very supriseing in the lack of heavy recoil. I found it to be similiar to my 22.
  7. millman85

    millman85 New Member

    I am new here, but i have owned my glock 20c for 2 years and I chose the "c" model because keeps the gun more controlable for a followup shot but I wouldnt be against getting a non compensated aftermarket 6'' barrel, kkm,efk fire dragon. What kind of ammo do you fellow 10mm use.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2008
  8. KBintheSLC

    KBintheSLC Well-Known Member

    I went with the 20 instead of the 20C because I couldn't really tell much of a difference between the two. I also didnt want any extra holes in my gun for dirt, water, and debris to enter while I am out in the woods. The G20 recoil is surprisingly tame for such a powerful cartridge. I can shoot it all day, and the only thing that is sore afterwards is my wallet. The G20 is however my all time favorite handgun, so the price is worth it.

    Check out DoubleTapAmmo.com they have a nice variety of full power loadings. I use the following loads for different purposes.
    165g Golden Saber for SD/HD
    200g FMJ-FP for backcountry defense
    200g Controlled Expansion JHP for hunting and backcountry defense
  9. millman85

    millman85 New Member

    I just loaded some 200 gr hp/xtp with 8.5 gr of true blue. They seem to be a really good reload without overpressure. I am pushing 1050 fps with the compensated barrel which was the target for the load. Other than that I have only used american eagles fmj's and am reasonable pleased with the price and power of them.
  10. IdahoLT1

    IdahoLT1 Well-Known Member

    the american eagles are more of a "hot" 40S&W than a true 10mm. Double tap can send a 200gr round out of a G20 @1275fps. This is the power the original 10mm was suppossed to have.
  11. Thunder496

    Thunder496 Well-Known Member

    Georgia Arms has really good prices on 10mm for practice rounds or medium power SD round. They also have a brass credit program, but all of their 10mm was listed as “NEW”. I have heard they use Starline brass on their “NEW” loadings. Buffalo Bore and Double Tap is where to go for full power loadings.

  12. Juna

    Juna Well-Known Member

    Go with the 20. It's not that hard to shoot. I actually love shooting it. The recoil is not bad at all, IMO. I'm not a Glock guy, but I love their 10 mm guns. It's hard to argue against 15+1 of 10 mm!! :evil: There's pretty much nothing you couldn't handle with that gun!
  13. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn Well-Known Member

    I am with the G 20 also.
  14. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    Compensation is only desirable for a handgun used for competition. It throws flame and unburnt gunpowder up in your face and decreases velocity. It also gives you something else to clean. It's a terrible thing for a self defense gun. And I can hardly feel the difference personally.
  15. IdahoLT1

    IdahoLT1 Well-Known Member

    agreed ben86

    Even when compensated barrels are used in competition or the G20 has too much recoil, i would buy a Sprinco recoil reducer. I have one in my EAA Witness match and you can defianetly tell the difference. The guys there are awesome. They are very knowledgeable and the true definition of customer service. I accidently ordered the wrong size and they shipped me a new one at their cost. http://www.sprinco.com/recoil.html
  16. gtmtnbiker98

    gtmtnbiker98 Well-Known Member

    What about a G29? Just a little smaller and definitely easier to carry.
  17. Kitt

    Kitt Well-Known Member

    Yea...You should get a 20 & 29...
  18. mbpautz762

    mbpautz762 Well-Known Member

    I agree....a standard glock 20 is more than enough. slap a 6" barrel on it, and you can get some serious firepower with 15+1 rounds of doubletap ammo! I shot a friend's 20c once, and it was noticeably louder than my 20, without a lot of recoil reduction - just not worth it in my opinion.
  19. Kitt

    Kitt Well-Known Member

    Yes..a 6" barrel adds to the fun...

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