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Glock 21 owners, I have a few ?'s

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Collector0311, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Well-Known Member

    I've got a brand new GenIV at my LGS waiting for pickup. They're asking $465 at their military rate. Is this price comparable to what y'all have seen out there?
    I haven't seen much in the way of trigger pull info, i.e. length of pull, weight, etc. Where might I find that?
    I've heard some criticism of the dual guide rod springs, and the break in period of the stiffer set up. Have any of you noticed a considerable difference in break in times from previous models? Where is the best place to find tritium sights?
    Finally, I'm looking for the best place to find upgrades such as an extended slide release, mag release, and anything else y'all may recommend.
  2. xXxplosive

    xXxplosive Well-Known Member

    Usually 5.5lb. trigger.........the 21 is a great gun to shoot, my son owns one and 13+1 rounds of .45acp is some serious business.
  3. Stress_Test

    Stress_Test Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's a good price. The local store (which is known for good prices) was asking 600 dollars for a new Gen3 G26.

    My G21 (gen3) I bought about a year ago was about the price you got for your gen4, and mine was bought used, one mag, no accessories.
  4. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

    That seems like a good price for a Glock 21 under normal conditions, and in this time of highly ramped up sales of all things guns, that seems like an outstanding price.

    My understanding of the problems with the dual spring Glock's was limited to the 9MM Glocks shooting low powered rounds. I think the Gen 4 G21 would be the way to go.

    I wouldn't change anything. I believe Gen 4's all have extended mag releases. Most recommend the overhand rack with the Glock rather than using the slide release anyway.

    Good luck. Hopefully, it's still there when you go back to the store.
  5. Dan-O

    Dan-O Well-Known Member

    That's a good price.

    Midwayusa is a good place to find parts. Another is Lonewolf Distributors.
  6. Inebriated

    Inebriated Well-Known Member

    I've got a Gen 4 21. The BEST Glock trigger I've ever had. You'll find that's the case with several Glock owners who have a 21... Something about it is just an excellent trigger. I would place mine closer to 4.5lbs, with stock connector and no polishing.

    For break-in... Glocks generally don't need it. All mine shoot the same at 3k rounds as they did at 5 rounds. The recoil spring/extractor problems were mainly affecting the 9mm's using real low-powered ammo, and a break-in did help somewhat, but replacing the parts was the only way to really fix the problems. And that's all be rectified by Glock.

    For upgrades and sights, there are a lot of good places to look. Midway, Brownells, Glock Meister, Glock Parts, Lonewolf Distributers...
  7. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    That's a very good price. I've got at least 2K rounds so far on my range G21 with zero issue.

    I like a 10-8 front brass bead and Heinie plain SlantPro sight package best; I am not a night sight fan in general based upon my own low-light shooting experiments.

    I shoot a lot of cast loads, and have one G21 with a StormLake barrel and another with an EFK barrel. The StormLake barrel has such a tight chamber that I need to send it back, but the EFK barrel is working like a SuperFlyChamp.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2013
  8. ku4hx

    ku4hx Well-Known Member

  9. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    I recently bought two (2) additional Gen4 G21s. Both are awesome shooters, and very accurate. In fact, I have packed-up most of my other CCW pistols and carry only my G21s. I'll never sell my dozen or so other Glocks, but dang, why not carry what feels best?! The price you paid is quite good. I paid more. In terms of breaking-in, etc, I have about 300 rounds fired through each of my Gen4 G21s. Neither has had any failure of any kind.

    I won't advise on upgrades, because I like mine exact as they arrived from the factory. I may purchase an after-market barrel for my G20 and G20C for hunting purposes, using hard-cast bullets, but all of my other Glocks will remain stock. To each his or her own. Hope you enjoy your Glocks as much as I have enjoyed my own.

    For me, the most important factor in purchasing Glocks (other than value and reliability) continues to be that Glocks are my 18-year-old daughter's favorite firearm, bar-none! Man's gotta buy what the ladies' in his life like. We got ourselves a bonafide firearm-lover in this lil gal. :cool: Daddy done good. Sorry I went off course.

  10. falmike

    falmike Well-Known Member

    The dealer will probably have night sights on hand and normally won't charge for install if you buy his.

    Good shooting.

  11. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Well-Known Member

    Hey fellas thanks for all of the advice. I have been cruising through every site from lonewolf to rockyourglock and everything in between.
    There are a lot of options out there, more than I was aware of. I've always thought of Glock as the AR of handguns and the multitude of accessories backs that up. Only now I have more questions.
    Have any of you found the polymer guide rod to ever be an issue? If so, which replacement material has been found to be the best?
    Is there any substantial difference with the lonewolf modified barrel vs the factory barrel? Do the improvements they tout really materialize in use?
  12. tomrkba

    tomrkba Well-Known Member

    The Gen4 is a great gun. You will be able to make it fit your hand. It feels like a Glock 17 without a grip extension installed.

    Buy a Ghost 3.5# connector to immediately clean up the trigger. It costs around $15.

    $465 is an excellent price. Just add Trijicon night sights, the Ghost connector, ten extra magazines and you're set!

    The recoil system works fine in the Glock 21. I had no issues in 600 rounds or so, regardless of bullet type.

    Don't bother. These are not necessary. You will find the new Glock 21 magazine release to be quite an improvement over the original design.

    I do recommend you buy a spring replacement kit from Glockmeister or Top Glock.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2013
  13. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    I'd put night sights on it and spend any "upgrade" money on magazines and ammo. Nothing else needed.
  14. Sebastian the Ibis

    Sebastian the Ibis Well-Known Member

    All a new glock needs is sights, and maybe a ghost connector. Buffing the underside of the trigger guard smooth is nice too if you shoot alot. The rest is just junk for poeple who can't leave well enough alone. I've got a drawer full of such junk. Wait till something causes an actual problem before you fiddle with it, my guess is you won't stop waiting. If you we're going to shoot it enough to need replacement parts you would be purchasing a g17/19 for the cheaper ammo.
  15. dirtengineer

    dirtengineer Well-Known Member

    I have truglo TFO sites. I like them better than trijicon and meprolight.

    Yes, that is a good price.
  16. mdauben

    mdauben Well-Known Member

    Last year I would have called that a good price, in today's market it's a smokin' deal!

    Glock sells Trijicon night sights IIRC, which are consiered top of the line. If you are looking for after market sights you might check out MidwayUSA or Brownells. They both carry night sights from a variety of makers at good prices in both 3-dot and 2-dot configurations.

    Again, MidwayUSA or Brownells are my normal first place to look for aftermarket parts. A couple of other retailers who specialize in Glock parts are Glockmeister and Rock Our Glock, although I don't have any first hand experience with them.
  17. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    I have two nearly new IMI holsters for the G21 if you need it. They're great for OWB or competition. Also have a double spare mag holster. Sold my G21 a while back.
  18. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Well-Known Member

    Sounds great! Just sent a message to ya, chris in va

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