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glock 22 best ammo (0.40) for practice and self defense?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by gsrimport, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. gsrimport

    gsrimport Member

    I want to know what is the best .40 caliber for the glock 22 in practice ammunition and defense ammunition such as brand and the weight of the ammo. My number 1 priority is ammunition that is reliable and would not damage the gun and make it blow up. Thanks in advance.
  2. Clayton

    Clayton Member

    I can't tell you about the best for plinking/target shooting but I went to a ballistics workshop two weeks ago and the best round going out of the .40S&Ws shot was the Federal HST 165 and 180 grain. These were shot next to Speer Gold Dot Lawman and the older (non bonded) Remington Golden Saber.

    If you are shooting through auto glass, the IWBA endorces the Remington Golden Saber Bonded. Further the IWBA states that the Golden Saber is the top round in that caliber (when you count in auto glass in the test base).

    There is my $0.02,


    HSMITH Well-Known Member

    Shoot cheap FMJ for practice like Blazer Brass or WWB. Get a couple hundred premium hollowpoints like the Gold Dot or Golden Sabre or HST and shoot enough to make sure the gun likes them. Buy a new box or two every month, shoot what you keep in your mags and load them with fresh ammo.
  4. seed

    seed Well-Known Member

    As I am sure you have heard: stay away from the older Federal stuff. Apparently, their brass was weak or thin or both.
  5. gsrimport

    gsrimport Member

    Have you heard the rumors about aluminum ammo being bad for the glock?

    HSMITH Well-Known Member

    The aluminum ammo doesn't harm the Glock. It can be problematic in a very dirty gun as far as cycling but it does no damage. Fire away with it.
  7. mguffey

    mguffey Well-Known Member

  8. cool45auto

    cool45auto Well-Known Member

    165 gr WWB for practice and 180 gr Speer Gold Dots for carry.
  9. Joey101

    Joey101 Well-Known Member

    .40 S&W Glocks go KaBoom! You couldn't give me one!
  10. stevelyn

    stevelyn Well-Known Member

    Our department uses Blazer and we just bought a case of WWB for training. Duty ammo is 180 gr Speer Gold Dot.
    Glocks feed and function with anything you stuff in the mags. Shoot a variety of defensive loads and find out what it likes best accuracy wise.
    As far as "making it blow up" is concerned, stay away from reloads that are out of spec or that you did not load yourself.
  11. plinking.40

    plinking.40 New Member

    hi: first post just got in. how about for my sig p226 what do ya'll think i should put down the pipe? WWB,.40s&w :confused:
  12. mguffey

    mguffey Well-Known Member

    Mr. Joey101 fella:

    Well the XDs are certainly fine handguns. I even did a page about the compact model at http://thearmedcitizen.com/gunpages/xdcomp.htm
    You might want to drop down the page and select the XD Macromedia file which is one of the finest and sexiest gun ads I've seen in a long time. Perhaps even ever.

    Could you provide the factual data on which you base your somewhat general remarks about .40 Glocks going Kaboom? Perhaps it would be of use on my Glock page at http://thearmedcitizen.com/gunpages/glock27.htm

    ANY gun will go Kaboom if sufficiently abused. And of the known Glock catastrophic submissions to stupidity, I think you will probably find there are none that just sat there and blew the heck up. Or that those properly used and maintained fell into this category. Or that any with Glock stock parts failed because of design flaws or metalurgical failures. And, PLEASE lets leave the Gun Zone's information out of the discussion.

    As an image about 2/3rds of the way down on my S&W Model 36 page at
    http://thearmedcitizen.com/gunpages/model36.htm shows
    even revolvers can experience Kabooms. The actual image is at http://thearmedcitizen.com/gunpages/SWKB.jpg

    There are also some gun gurus, Duane Thomas for example, who feel that most .40 handgun frames are underengineered and are all ultimately headed to design failures, mostly in regard to the frame handling the stress. But it will take a buncha, buncha bullets to achieve this (i.e., more than 5,000 -10,000). Such failures would not be catastrophic but would progress over time and show up as cracks.

    The problem here is perhaps falling victim to rumor or unsubstantiated gun gossip. And failing to realize that not all firearms limitations are reported on. I have an associate who never cleans his XD compact. Sooner or later, his gun will let him down. But unless I have facts AND photos I am unlikely to overgeneralize about it.

    Perhaps you might want to follow that example.

    Oh, and you be sure to have a nice day.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2005

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