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glock 22 - slide lock

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Fat Boy, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Fat Boy

    Fat Boy Well-Known Member

    I have recently handled a couple of semi-auto's that would not "lock open" when the magazine is empty and the slide is pulled back (the magazine is in the gun).

    Is this due strictly to the magazine not working correctly, or are there other things that could be the cause?

    If someone would like to provide a quick explanation of how this process works in a Glock, and possible fixes I would be really appreciative.


  2. Taurus 617 CCW

    Taurus 617 CCW Well-Known Member

    Generally a slide lock failure is due to a lack of magazine spring tension. In the example of the Glock, the follower pushes up on a part of the slide lock that protrudes over the magazine slightly. If there's not enough spring tension, the slide will not lock open.

    Another possible cause is a build up of powder fouling, dirt, grease, etc under the slide lock. (Do not clean with Hoppe's #9!). A third possible cause would be the slide not travelling far enough back to allow the slide lock to fully engage. Try the above with a couple of empty magazines. It may just be one magazine with a worn out spring.
  3. Hk Dan

    Hk Dan Well-Known Member

    And the fourth possible cause is having your thumb on the slide lock lever and holding it down.

    Taurus nailed every other cause that I can think of!

  4. hogshead

    hogshead Well-Known Member

    Is the slide lock in place ?I recently had to replace a slide lock that was broke ,on a glock 22. Cost $9 I think, very easy to do.

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