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Glock 23 barrel change? Thoughts??

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by TurkeyHunter, May 3, 2004.

  1. TurkeyHunter

    TurkeyHunter Member

    I know that the OEM Glock barrels are not to be used with cast bullets.

    I'm thinking of getting a Bar-Sto barrel for my 23.

    I thinking about weither I should get the fitment type and have Irv fit it so I could get the most accuracy possible or should I just get the drop in type?
    Is this whole idea a waste of hard earned $$$ ?

    Any thoughts gang? I'm just considering it now.

    I've already had the trigger fixed. That made a HUGE difference in my ability to hit what I shoot at!


  2. twowheel

    twowheel Well-Known Member

    I put in a drop in KKR in my G 23. Less money and more accurate than the original Glock barrel. If I had the $$$ and time, I'd get a barrel from a custom maker and have it fitted. But, the KKR has been just fine and I don't know how much extra accuracy you'd be buying. Remember, this is sort of a short barrel weapon.
  3. TechBrute

    TechBrute Well-Known Member

    Was it broken?:confused:
  4. TurkeyHunter

    TurkeyHunter Member

    I think the OEM triggers on Glocks SUCK! That's my only beef with the pistol.

    The very long travel and odd trigger design of the OEM Glock is very hard to get used to and doesn't work well in stress situations (IMHO)

    A good gunsmith can take out the 5 miles of creep and 10 miles of over travel along with reducing the 9 pounds of trigger pull.
    (factory says it's 5 pounds but NO WAY - mine had the 5 lb disconnector but measured out to just under 9 lbs)

    Mine now has no creep, no overtravel and 5 1/4 lbs trigger pull.

    Now I can hit what I aim at.

    So...yes...I think they are ALL broken from the factory.


    Irv at Bar-Sto claims his fit type barrel makes 1.2" or less at 25 yards. The drop in 1.5 or less.

    TwoWheel -------
    What improvement did you find with the KKR drop in? Was is immediately noticeable?

  5. twowheel

    twowheel Well-Known Member

    Turkey Hunter,

    The improvement was immediate, the first round I shot from the new barrel hit where the gun was pointed. Groups tightened up about 100%, from 4" to 2". The other two things I like are 1) it has real lands and grooves so that lead bullets can be used (as well as Ranier plated bullets that act like lead but don't foul the barrel) and 2) there is better case support in the chamber, giving me more confidence in reloading. The gun continues to feed 100% reliable.

    I was about to give up on the Glock because I couldn't hit anything with it, unless I threw the gun at it. I've been a handgun shooter for 40 years and this was the worst I ever shot with a handgun. The new barrel showed so much promise from the start that I began shooting the gun more frequently and now really like the gun since I've gotten used to it. Basically, the new barrel gave me confidence that it could shoot well; and it does. It still has the standard trigger. A handgun for target use can have a light trigger, but for carry use, I believe a heaver trigger is better. For defensive use, you won't be shooting at running person 25 yards away and have time to get your sights lined up for a nice trigger squeeze. In the heat of self-defense with the bad guy at arms length, the adrenalin will let you pull a trigger with an anvil weight. Lining up sights, weaver or isosceles stance, steady squeeze......don't make me laugh. But that's another story.

    I shoot single action, double action, revolvers and autos from 32ACP (PPK) to 44Mag (4" S&W 629 and two Ruger Bisley Vaqueros). I carry Kahr PM40 or S&W 340 (357 mag) but have holsters for the Glock and will begin to carry it at times, too.
  6. TurkeyHunter

    TurkeyHunter Member

    Thanks Twowheel

    Can you give me info on that KKR barrel? Where can I find them?

    I HIGHLY recommend having the trigger looked at. I do not recommend a 3 pound disconnecter for carry, that's why mine is set at 5 1/4. Some CCW's require at least 5 pounds for concealed carry.

    Thanks tons


    P.S. I know this is NOT a tack driver but like you I need to be confident that I can hit what I aim at!!
  7. twowheel

    twowheel Well-Known Member

    I got my KKR barrel from Glockmeister.com; on line. I called the place to get some info and then ordered it. It was a drop in replacement. I also have their recommended replacement recoil spring with steel guide rod. I'm very satisfied with it. Check them out; quite a variety of interesting things and an interesting history of the company, too.

    No, I'm not employed by Glockmeister!
  8. TurkeyHunter

    TurkeyHunter Member



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