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Glock Gen 4 problems?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by 9mmforMe, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. 9mmforMe

    9mmforMe Well-Known Member

    I read in another post, a couple of guys were talking about problems with the Glock Generation 4s. I am looking at getting a model 19 (not soon) but wanted to ask about potential/actual problems? If problems exist is it throughout the entire line?
  2. Quiet

    Quiet Well-Known Member

    There have been reported problems with the 9x19mm Gen4 Glocks.
    Failure to extract/feed when using "low powered" 9x19mm ammo (usually with inexpensive FMJs found at Walmart). It's the reason why Glock made a new recoil spring assembly for the 9x19mm Gen4 Glocks. There have been no reported problems with the new spring assembly or when using non-low power ammo.

    No reported problems with the .40S&W, .357SIG and .45GAP Gen4 Glocks.
  3. Prion

    Prion Well-Known Member

    I don't own one, however I did try to help a fellow get his gen 4 G17 to run a while back.

    It didn't make it through a mag even after 100 rounds and a thorough cleaning. No follow up on that gun.

    I was pretty suprised as was everyone who witnessed this Glock choke.

    I've never witnessed a Glock perform like this.
  4. 9mmforMe

    9mmforMe Well-Known Member


    What type of Walmart ammo (or similar) are you speaking of?
  5. REAPER4206969

    REAPER4206969 Well-Known Member

    Just buy a GEN1/2/3 and be done with it. Seven million people can't be wrong!
  6. Quiet

    Quiet Well-Known Member

    Winchester white box.
    Remington UMC.

    Use NATO spec or +P ammo and it works fine.
  7. 9mmforMe

    9mmforMe Well-Known Member

    Thanks Quiet.

    I would be troubled though that my new glock 19 couldn't handle what my Ruger P95 devours every time I go to the range. :confused:
  8. Big Bill

    Big Bill Well-Known Member

  9. 9mmforMe

    9mmforMe Well-Known Member

    Nice looking pistol...I remember when the cougars came out some, oh, 12-15 years ago? They look nicely made and actually do have some of the features I really like in a handgun. Thanks Bill.
  10. Lord Palmerston

    Lord Palmerston Well-Known Member

    Hi folks. I am new in THR forums, which I find very interesting and an excellent way to acquire a sound knowledge about certain aspects of firearms. I was about to buy a G-19, 4th. Gen. Yet, I will wait until I get more information about those problems, whether real or not. The guys at my gunsmith shop think that the 4th. Gen Glocks are as good, if not better than the previous ones.
  11. 9mmforMe

    9mmforMe Well-Known Member

    Hey LP...Welcome to THR!

    Yeah that might be a good idea to hold off on that purchase.

    So you're in Richmond VA huh?...not too far from my birthplace in Fairfax VA...about 100 miles north of you. I'm in Indiana now, but miss VA badly.

    Do you have any other 9mms?
  12. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member

    I have put 1500 rounds through my Gen 4 19. With Ammo from Blazer Aluminum, Wolf, Federal, S&B, Speer Gold Dot, Horaday, etc.

    0 problems, misfires, FTF, FTE, jams, etc. with this firearm. It's every bit as reliable as my Gen 3, and IMHO it shoots better. You don't really notice the dual recoil spring assembly unless you shoot the +P, and that's when it's noticeable.

    Glock hit a home run here folks. It's a nice design, nice price, and it's got that good old Glock reliability. I used to hate these guns until I couldn't get them to fail. Now, I swim in the Kool-Aid.

    IBEWBULL Well-Known Member

    I would like to remind everyone the ammo and just about all Walmart items are the very bottom bids they can squeek out of our manufactors.
    They promis producers high volum in excange for the cut rate price then profits at the plant decrease and quality will suffer.
    I would be hesitant on betting my life on what amounts to be questionable quality ammo.
    Let the buyer beware.
  14. Lord Palmerston

    Lord Palmerston Well-Known Member

    Hi, 9mm. Thanks for your words. So, you are from Fairfax, nice place to live. Yes, I have another 9x19, a G 26 which, until now, has always worked flawlessly. I put about 3K rounds through it, many of them bought at Wal Mart, where I often get Federal, FMJ, at about 11 bucks the box of 50 rnds.
  15. 9mmforMe

    9mmforMe Well-Known Member

    Considering that Walmart has sold and sells millions of these 9mm rounds, I think that Winchester and Federal are mindful of putting their name/logo on this ammo and having it function well. I have yet to have any problems with WWB or Federal ammo purchased at Walmart or at any of the dozens of "discount" stores that sell this ammo. I have read of some problems from other shooters, but this seems to be rare.

    My OP was dealing with Gen 4 Glocks having problems and some obviously do. The problem is determining whether or not this is isolated or something inherent in this generation of G-nines. Time will tell.

    LP: The G26 is a nice pistol, had one myself about 10 years ago...sold it for a j frame smith and was quite happy with it, just preference re: ergonomics.
    Then I got divorced and that little j frame went to the ex...I miss it, and i don't mean the wife!! :rolleyes:
  16. DenaliPark

    DenaliPark member

  17. DenaliPark

    DenaliPark member

    The Gen4 Glocks are perfectly fine, I own three of them. Glock replaced/upgraded the dual recoil assembly on the 9mm's after cycling issues arose, this part is easily identified by an 02 stamped into the tip of the guide rod....People had issues with the slide velocities, resulting in stovepiping ect..WWB is perfectly suitable in all Glock firearms, however you should in any dual recoil spring equipped Glock shoot several hundred rounds of hot ammo to help loosen it up....BTW, comparing a Stoger Couger to a Glock is ridiculous, like comparing a BMW with a Yugo...
  18. Big Bill

    Big Bill Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but you are ignorant of the facts. Taurus isn't a subsidiary of Beretta. Taurus doesnt use Beretta's machine tools. Taurus doesn't have any connection to Beretta. Stoeger does!

    Last edited: Oct 25, 2010
  19. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    i agree, go with a gen 1,2, or 3 and be done with it.

    btw if you have a glock that won't run umc, wwb, remington etc you have a problem. and from the glock that i own, and the many that i have shot and owned, i would say if it doesn't run everything you feed it, you have a problem.
  20. No problems with my gen 4 19 yet. Put through a box of most of the cheap stuff (steel cased wolf, umc, american eagle) and it fed and extracted everything perfect.

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