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Glock KCI Mags: A Review

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Prince Yamato, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Prince Yamato

    Prince Yamato New Member

    I know you've all probably seen them advertised online by now. They've been reviewed on other sites. I bought one (G17) last week and tested it out for myself.

    Fit and finish wise, they really aren't as good as a new Glock factory mag. They have rougher texture to them over-all and have (this is a technical term) hangy little bits of plastic on them here and there. Note though, that a used Glock mag will also be slightly deformed (namely around the mag catch area) and tends to show similar "hangy bits of plastic". The one thing I like about these mags is that they are a deeper black than Glock factory mags- incidental to function, I know- but something I like. Over-all though, they look very similar to a factory mag and if one were to stamp them with a Glock logo, it would be difficult to tell that the KCI mag didn't come from the Glock factory.

    Function: When shooting, the KCI mags functioned fine. I didn't have any misfeeds. I shot decent ammo (WWB) and then I shot cheap ammo ($8/box monarch). Both shot fine.

    I read on another board that you cannot use the Glock mag loader with these mags. I found that when I loaded the mag for the first time, this was true. In fact, the follower got stuck at the bottom of the mag. I was quite disheartened at this occurrence. I smacked the mag on the table and up bounced the follower. I then finished loading the mag by hand. As I am rereading AR15.com I found a post that accurately describes the problem that I encountered:

    At the range, I reloaded the mag by hand; no problems loading were found. The third time I reloaded the mag, I said, "Oh the hell with it!" and used the mag loader and surprisingly, it worked on the entire mag. I don't understand the dilemma. My hypothesis is that the factory Glock mags have less spring tension. When I push the follower with my finger, the KCI mags seem to have a much stiffer spring. I know that the spring is reported to be thinner than the Glock spring but it feels stiffer. Maybe it is more toughly or rigidly formed? At any rate, the mag had no problems feeding or firing.

    I purchased this mag for $16 online, which I thought was too high-priced to justify buying a third-party mag when an OEM mag is not much more, but I then found the KCI mags for $11 at CopesDistributing. So, I bought 10 of them and figured that at worst, they would be confined to range use. I already have a healthy supply of Glock OEM mags anyway.

    These mags may not be mirror images of the Glock mags, but they seem to be functional near-equals. I have not had a chance to put enough rounds through one (let alone the other ten) to determine whether or not these are worthy as CCW mags. My hope is that they will be on par with the factory mags in terms of reliability and durability if only to drive the prices down on Glock OEM mags. My theory is that if there ever was an AWB and it was similar to the old one, the negative reviews of these mags would disappear and people would sing their praises as being "just as good as factory mags for half the price."

    There's already a flury of pics of these posted on the internet so I'm not going to post any. Ammoman.com has pics of the mags. I'd love to hear others' opinions of the KCI mags.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2009
  2. bobotech

    bobotech New Member

    I bought a 10 pack of them from militarygunsupply.com 2 or 3 weeks ago. They seem fine to me. I only paid 110 dollars for them including shipping (I think that was the price, I know it was 100 dollars for the 10 pack).
  3. bobotech

    bobotech New Member

  4. Prince Yamato

    Prince Yamato New Member

    I would have bought from them, but I live in Texas, so I'd have to pay sales tax.
  5. hboy35

    hboy35 Member

    jg sales for me

    I live in Tx so I ordered a two pack of these from J&G sales out of Arizona this week. They havent shipped yet, but I am looking forward to getting them. I paid $29.95 plus shipping. Shipping wasnt bad though. I ordered 1K rounds of Silver Bear 9mm for $190, plus the mags and total shipping was like $22. Cant beat that. And yeah, plus no tax.
  6. georgiacatweasle

    georgiacatweasle New Member

    apart from the spring being a bit stiffer, they work fine and my mag loader does work on them. i have four of them.
  7. GLOOB

    GLOOB New Member

    Only good reviews?

    Maybe it's the Brown Bear lacquer ammo I just started using. I shot about 8 magfuls through 4 brand new KCI G19 mags the other day. They jammed at least twice on every mag. That's not all. Halfway through, they typically seized up, where the follower just decided to stop moving. I had a heck of a time banging them around, loose rounds flying out the top, trying to get the follower to unjam. Also, these mags failed to lock the slide back after the last shot 100% of the time, even though they worked when hand cycling.

    OTOH, I shot over a hundred fifty of these same bullets through stock mags, and there were no failures of any sort. And the slide locked back. So the ammo was cycling the action ok.

    Wolf ammo seized up one of my factory mags, once. But this was a rarity, rather than the rule.

    I loaded these mags the night before shooting them.

    When I opened a mag, I was further surprised when the unloaded spring extended a mere 1/2" out the bottom of the magazine, once the floor plate was removed.

    Any advice? On examination, all surfaces looked smooth. Any chance they need to be broken in? Does my desription of the spring sound like they are bad? I've read where some people bend them to sort the follower lock issue? Should I buy GLOCK springs? I don't want to send good money after bad!
    Last edited: May 15, 2010
  8. smince

    smince Member.

    I think the earlier one's were better than the later mags (how often does that happen?). I have several KCI/Kahn 19 mags that work very well.

    But I stripped the guts from two of them, weighted them to feel the same as loaded, and painted the bases yellow. I use them as inert training mags with my Bladetech barrel :cool:
  9. dogtown tom

    dogtown tom Active Member

    I bought a dozen 15rnd and two 33rnd KCI mags for my G19.
    I've only used four of the 15's and have not had a single issue in about five hundred rounds. The 33's have such a stiff spring that I've been unable to load past 25 rounds. Function of the 33's has also been perfect.

    I got my KCI G19 mags from CDNN for about $8 each ($11 for the 33's). CDNN website said they were not "drop free" mags----but they do indeed drop free as easily as do my genuine Glock mags.
  10. the korean kci mags have sub par reliability. if you buy them, i would subjugate them solely for the range, leaving the factory mags for defense.

    i think CDNN still has glock factory mags for $15 too. spend a couple extra bucks.
  11. GLOOB

    GLOOB New Member

    I bought 6 of them from CTD. The good news is they were <5.00 each, and came with free magholders. Of course I would have rather paid more and gotten good mags.

    I bought these to use with a 9mm conversion barrel which will see only range duty. But based on my first outing they will be inadequate, even for that!
    Oye! Now you're just rubbing salt into the wound. I just bought 2x $15.00 GLOCK original L.E. G22 mags from CDNN, and they also jam. Apparently, these L.E. mags are old stock, and GLOCK has since found good reason to upgrade the G22 mags with a stronger spring.
    Last edited: May 15, 2010
  12. sho'nuff

    sho'nuff New Member

    I got mine of cheaperthandirt.com. 14 bucks for 2 with a cheap mag holder. So far they function fine
  13. they're "2nd gen". change the follower to the new design, and you'll be fine. ;)
  14. dogtown tom

    dogtown tom Active Member


    CDNN has not had NEW Glock factory mags @ $15 in a looooong time if ever. Current dealer price is higher than that. For range mags it's tough to beat an $8 KCI.
  15. GLOOB

    GLOOB New Member

    These can be fixed? Follower only? Or follower AND spring? I'm kinda new at this, so links are also highly appreciated! Maybe I'll try changing springs (and/or followers?) with my KCI mags, too.

  16. Clueless.....
    Last edited: May 15, 2010
  17. AK103K

    AK103K Active Member

    The last factory Glock mags I bought from CDNN were $20ea. The last KCI's, $8.

    I have about ten of the KCI 17 rounders and half a dozen of the 33 rounders, and havent had a problem with any of them. Initially, a couple of the 33 rounders were balky to fully load, but that straightened out pretty quick and hasnt been an issue since. While I do mostly use them for range mags, at this point, I wouldnt hesitate to use them in any other capacity.
  18. yep. Buy the new recoil springs and followers for your CDNN purchased mags that dogtown denies the existance of lol.

    The new recoil springs have more coils and the follower is shaped for better reliability. Glockparts.com has them cheap. They'll be 100% after this :)
  19. i almost bought these from Cheeper then dirt but they stopped selling the .40 cal ones

    so i went to summitgunbroker.com and bought Glock OEM used law enforcement ones for 12 $ a piece.
    they show some wear but are the real thing
  20. dogtown tom

    dogtown tom Active Member

    Maybe. But unlike you I know what the word "subjugate" means and I know how to use it in a sentence......you do not.;)

    As the OP (and my first post) is in regards to an evaluation of 9mm mags, the price of G22 .40 mags doesn't matter. Your recommendation to buy $15 factory mags @ CDNN is moot, as CDNN DOES NOT HAVE ANY.:rolleyes:

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