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Glow Tape

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by akodo, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. akodo

    akodo Well-Known Member

    Okay I recently picked up a gunvault box for my nightstand. works great. However, I think it could be improved by some glow-in-the-dark to make the buttons a tad easier to find at night.

    I did some on line searching and found lots of places willing to sell me glow in the dark tape for $8 per roll, plus $8 for shipping, and I don't need 12 feet of the stuff.

    So last time I was at Target I looked in the toy area for one of those bags of glowing stars, and that was 12.99!

    I looked around and didn't see any area where they had regular stickers, the kind that teachers would give out for getting an A, or for cleaning up your table real good after lunch (remember scratch-and-sniff stickers? I remember when they first came out and I was in oh, probably 2nd grade)

    Suprisingly, it seems the places on line that sell glow in the dark tape are aimed at stage/theater type production for marking stuff. Got me thinking if there were any other specialty industry that would use the stuff that maybe I could go to and get a few inches for cheap.

    Or maybe someone on here has glow in the dark tape, willing to sell me a few inches for a couple of bucks, US mail? Like I send you a george washington and a SASE and you send me some glow tape for marking my box
  2. FieroCDSP

    FieroCDSP Well-Known Member

    Go to your local sewing/quilting shop. Most of those places have bottles of glow-in-the-dark T-shirt paint. It's narrow tipped, so you can keep the lines thin or thick as you please. Also, it'll peel off, so when it loses it's glowing effectiveness, it'll be easy to peel off and re-paint.
  3. foob

    foob Well-Known Member

    'Glow in the dark' stickers need light beforehand to charge it. They last from minutes to a few hours. I can't see how that's long enough for a whole night. Unless you get some (like in watches) with radioactive elements.

    Should get a gunvault with a lighted keypad or just use a lamp/flashlight.

    Or maybe taiwanese genetically modified fish that glow. You gotta have an aquarium though.
  4. sig226

    sig226 Well-Known Member

    Go ask nicely at your local high school theater club or amatuer theater. They use it to marke the corners of steps and risers so the cast doesn't break their necks when they have to move and the lights are down.

    Suggest you come up with an alternative use for it before you make your request.
  5. CNYCacher

    CNYCacher Well-Known Member

    foob nailed it.
    Glow-in-the-dark stuff only glows for a short time after it is removed from the light.

    Maybe one of those round dome lights that run on batteries and turn on when you tap them?
  6. vynx

    vynx Well-Known Member

    when I was a child (1960's) I had a small bottle of something named "Lightning Bug Glowjiuce".

    It was a sor of whitish color and you spread it on like nail polish.

    2 things I remember.

    1 it gowed all night.

    2. Do not paint a face on your dressor - it will glow for years and it takes the finish off which Mom & Dad did not appreciate.

    It came in around an 8 oz. bottle - wish I could find it now it would be perfect for nightsights.

    I think there is some sort of paint on night sight stufff maybe that would work.
  7. akodo

    akodo Well-Known Member

    yes, it must be 'charged' However, the box is going to be getting light all day long, I expect it to glow quite brightly for the first hour or so. Yes, by 4 am it will be dark or barely glowing at all. Still, plenty of time inbetween when it will be glowing some, and some is better than none
  8. ozarkhillbilly

    ozarkhillbilly Well-Known Member

    Good glow tape if exposed to a bright light will glow for about 30 minutes to an hour at best.

    Go ask nicely at your local high school theater club or amatuer theater. They use it to marke the corners of steps and risers so the cast doesn't break their necks when they have to move and the lights are down.

    Suggest you come up with an alternative use for it before you make your request.

    Hey some of us theater folks have a lot of guns.

    akodo if you PM me your address I will send you a foot or so of it, in the next few days.
  9. BuntlineSpecial

    BuntlineSpecial Well-Known Member

    Ozarkhillbilly beat me to it
    I would go to a model airplane shop and see if they had glow in the dark paint. With a good charge of light, the tape or the paint will glow well for a few hours, faintly after that, stumbling around in the dark, it might be enough for you to see it.
    If Ozarkhillbilly falls through, PM me. I have a roll of GID- tape around.
  10. lacoochee

    lacoochee Well-Known Member

  11. MT GUNNY

    MT GUNNY Well-Known Member

    Cell Phone works good for emergency light.
  12. dralarms

    dralarms Well-Known Member

    Suggestion, Sportsman guide sells a "headlight" led light that actually comes off the headband to expose a very nice magnet on the base of the light. I have 3 of them, 1 on each gun safe and 1 on my wall locker safe in my bedroom. Got 4 or 5 extras for other stuff but the mag base works real well, (never knocked one off slamming the door).

    edited to add the link http://www.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=250472
  13. kd7nqb

    kd7nqb Well-Known Member

    I put one of those super cheap "Tap lights" in my night stand. Conveniently the part you tap is glow in the dark. It works perfect.
  14. JonP

    JonP Well-Known Member

    Glow tape is different from glow in the dark tape. As a musician and sound engineer, I've worked in the industry for many years, and the tape that's sold at theater supply stores is FAR superior to the glow in the dark stuff marketed to kids.

    It will glow for hours!
  15. thorn726

    thorn726 Well-Known Member

    i was more or less thinking of those- you can get a decent cheap one on ebay for $9.99 shipped!
  16. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Tape a Small Cyalume stick to the top of the safe with a small support under each end so you can break it with finger pressure.

    Don't have to worry about dead batterys when you need it to work real bad.



    The Red ones might protect your night vision, but I haven't tried them.

    BTW: Halloween is just around the corner so everybody will be selling them cheap!

  17. thorn726

    thorn726 Well-Known Member

    now THAT is a killer idea. i think i will employ that one elsewhere myself, thanKS!
  18. akodo

    akodo Well-Known Member

    yes a glowstick vs flashlight is a good idea. Batteries is just one angle. There is always talk about a flashlight giving away your position, but seems to me you hear a bump in the night, a few glowsticks broken and chucked into the hallway +++!

    However, tha isn't the goal. the goal is faster getting the hand on the keypad, not finding out you are 'one finger off' and having to reajudst.

    I had an inferior model to my current which had | || ||| |||| on the buttons, and let me tell you | and || feel a LOT alike
  19. Double Naught Spy

    Double Naught Spy Sus Venator

  20. FieroCDSP

    FieroCDSP Well-Known Member

    That GlowInc paint looks like it'd work fantastic for almost anything. However... I personally am very sensitive to light levels when I'm trying to sleep. Even the led's on my computer components tend to keep me awake.

    Just a reminder to think whether you're easily kept awake or not. Whatever you decide, test it before you make it permanent.

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