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God Bless Smith and Wesson

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by theNoid, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I have had the 617 for a month or two now but haven't had the time or the weather it seems to get out and go through some rounds.

    Welps, that all changed today. I stopped over at the local shooting range first and got a feel for gun. Just spent a few cylinders worth plinking some bottles and cans laying around out there in the 20-30yd range. So far, I like what I am feeling, seeing, and shooting.

    From there, I headed on out to the prairies and began what was to be a terrible day for the prairie dog population out and around the area. At 30-50yds I am very comfortable and proficient. With the winds today anything further than that was hit and miss to be honest with ya. I did however, drop one at 75yds and one at about 105yds.

    Just thought I would stop by and let you all know how my day went, and thank you all for your input when I was asking about this weapon. So I hope you are all enjoying your Spring out there and lets get them dogs...

  2. alucard0822

    alucard0822 Well-Known Member

    GOOD SHOOTING:what: Im not surprised though 617 is a great revoler, have to say im a little envious, us east coast city folk normally only get to shoot indoors at 25 yards at most
  3. LHB1

    LHB1 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on a great .22 LR revolver. The S&W M617 is truly outstanding. Sold my last one to get back into a S&W M41. IMO, can't go wrong with either.

    Good shooting and be safe.
  4. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    I hope you weren't shooting at GLASS bottles.

    BBQJOE Well-Known Member

    Me too, I hate glass all over shooting ranges.
    No one ever picks it up, not even the tweekers!
  6. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Wow~! 105 yards with a S&W 617 is awesome shoot'in part'ner; congrats
    on the good work, and glad you like your new revolver. ;) :D
  7. KONY

    KONY Well-Known Member

    I see this post and I ask myself, "how can I have a 686 with no 617 to keep it company?". Just ain't right. :(
  8. KillshotRB

    KillshotRB Well-Known Member

    +1 for Smith 617

    Awesome .22 and very fun to shoot. Glad you got some round through 'er!
  9. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies folks. Will be taking her out again this weekend and see if I can't do better. As far as shooting glass bottles, that's a BIG negatory, in fact I usually pick them up when I see them out there.

    KONY, I agree and am now looking to buy a 686 in matching 8 3/8" ss to partner up with the 617, just a matter of finding a nice one at a decent price...anyone???

    Shoot 'em straight and knock 'em dead!!!


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