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Golden state arms "no 5 jungle carbine"

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by 351 WINCHESTER, Sep 9, 2008.


    351 WINCHESTER Well-Known Member

    I have a chance to buy a like new no 4 mk1 that was converted by Golden State Arms to look like a no. 5.

    I'm looking for a hunting carbine and I don't care that it's been converted.

    Is it worth $250?
  2. mp510

    mp510 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about buying a comparable condition Golden State conversion last Christmas. It was $200, and I was very much considering it. I ended up buying a real Jungle Carbine for $237+tx over the summer. I wouldn't say $250 for a golden state is outrageous, in fact even the repros are getting more expensive, but I would definetely see if you can get a slightly better deal on it. A few years ago, SOG had a quantity of originals for $169, but the condition varied on them, and that brought down the value of nice originals and even moreso repros for a while. Now, the prices are starting to work their way up to where they should be.
  3. Jeff F

    Jeff F Well-Known Member

    The real question is, is it worth it to you? I can't say how accurate they are, but I know some of the real one had a wandering zero issue.

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