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Good .30-06 hunting rifle?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by squirrel sniper, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. squirrel sniper

    squirrel sniper Well-Known Member

    I've been looking for a rifle for hunting whitetail deer. I know i want a .30-06, bolt action rifle with iron sights, so don't worry about ability to mount a scope. I dont care about stock matierial, metal finish, or whether its new or used. The most id like to spend is $400, but i can go to $450. Any suggestions you guys can give would be great, thanks.
  2. glockman19

    glockman19 Well-Known Member

    Well for 400 I'd look at a Savage 110 otherwise Get a Remington 700 in .30-06. That alone is a rifle that can take any game in the northern hemisphere.
  3. JWarren

    JWarren Well-Known Member

    I'd get a Remington 700 and never look back.

    I would hate to count the number of deer I've put in the freezer with a Remington 700 ADL in 30-06 over 30 years of deer hunting.

    I have nothing against the Savage, but I'd still go with the 700 if at all possible.

    -- John
  4. HB

    HB Well-Known Member

    Finally, somebody that likes iron sights...
    I know that both Savage and Remington make 30-06 with irons, but you might have trouble finding a new one. I know you said bolt action but also check out Remington's pump and autos, really cool guns.

  5. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

    +1 for a used Remington 700.

  6. Any will work well, just pick one. I'd probably find a nice used Savage - a lot of old Savages had iron sights, but if you can pick up a used Remmy 700 in that budget, so much the better!

    I have a Savage 110 in .270 with iron sights, but I don't use them - I use the scope.
  7. HB

    HB Well-Known Member

    I would love to come watch you shoot a few "MOA" groups with iron sights someday. I know it's very do-able with a match or service rifle, but a stock savage with open sights....

  8. homers

    homers Well-Known Member

    Savage or how about the new Marlin XL7?
  9. kmrcstintn

    kmrcstintn Well-Known Member

    the latest Dick's ad has Savage 111/scope combos for $339; basically a Savage in newer synthetic stock w/ very soft recoil pad, removable mag, and older Savage trigger (pre-AccuTrigger); scope most likeky made by Tasco or Simmons; damned good quality accurate rifle...just needs a trigger job; scope good for a few deer seasons

    if you really don't want a scope then look for a Savage 111G...the G designation indicates sights included (eg: I have a Savage 111G w/ wood stock that came with sights)
  10. bang_bang

    bang_bang Well-Known Member

    I own a Model 700 chambered in .270 Win with factory iron sights. I shot my only deer with open sights with that rifle, from a mere 10 yds....

    With a scope mounted on the gun, I cannot get the rifle to group, although my girlfriend can drive tacks with it. Just not my favorite gun in the cabinet.

    When my dad and I bought it brand new at Wally World, I think it came out to be around $450 with a leather sling and a box of ammo. Remington Model 700s are excellent guns, although I have lately favored Savages, especially their Steven's line of rifles. The trigger on the Savage might have an edge on the 700, but finding a used Savage is a lot harder to do than to find a used 700. If only the Steven's rifles had iron sights.....:mad:

    Go to Wally World, Dicks, Gander Mountain...wherever, and pick up each rifle. Get a feel for it and note how the sights compare to the other model if you're a strictly iron sight guy.
  11. akolleth

    akolleth Well-Known Member

    Savage 110 or Stevens 200 (same rifle, just with or without the accutrigger)

    Very typically has great accuracy (MOA or sub MOA right from the box) and can be had for really cheap new or used. You can get them new for as little as $250 for a stevens, and used for often times under 2 bills.

    And the other really nice thing about savages is they use a barrel nut that is easily taken off with a few tools and allows you to completely switch calibers in as little as 10 minutes. Want to shoot 308 today, 6.5 mauser, 8mm, .338, or .35 wheelen? Not a problem. Your one rifle can become 3, 4, 5 or more.

    They really are an amazing value for a high powered rifle.

    As an example, I recently got my Savage 110E in 30-06 used with a old Weaver scope for $190 from Gunbroker. Heck the scope was worth $75-100 by itself. Took it to the 100 yard range for the first time and was shooting just over 1 inch with LC ball ammo.

    Shes not a looker, but she really can out-shoot me
  12. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    Here you are

    Mossberg 4x4 rifle in several calibres:

    Attached Files:

  13. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

    Anything will work. Just check the used shelves and find one that fits your budget and fits you well. You're not shooting competition, just need to be able to hit a softball at 100 yards. Basically any bolt gun will do this for you.
  14. achildofthesky

    achildofthesky Well-Known Member

    Have fun with your pleasant "problem" I bet that with judicious looking you can easily get a serviceable '06 for under $300 and quite possibly get some extras tossed in too if you are able to fin one locally. Buying face to face will also save you either shipping and ffl costs or tax if buying new locally.

    I bought this recently for a Pa deer rifle, general shooter, loaner and truck gun:


    I know I can sell it for what I put in it including the shipping and ffl costs if I want to later but likely it will be a rifle to hang on to for a while given the bargain basement price for a pretty much new rifle.

    Lots, tons probably of lower cost used rifles on gunbroker and the like for very fair prices. I would say, that for your $450 top price you could EASILY find a nice rifle in '06 in sevral different makes. I too like the M700 BDL in '06 with iron sights but would also put a lower power scope on it as my eyes aren't what they used to be. The Savage 110's of the past sell for very nice prices and will certainly get the job done and you have the benefit of a relatively inexpensive barrel swap should you want a change in the future. Mauser sporters are yet another choice and are hell for stout reliable as well. Lot's of Ruger M77's are out there for well under 400 if you look a bit more. You mention metal finish, stock material aren't important and there are a lot of cosmetically challenged but great shooting rifles out there that can be had for about 1/2 of your lower price point.

    Be safe and have fun in your quest

  15. Water-Man

    Water-Man Well-Known Member

    For that price check out a Howa.
  16. BayouBocephus

    BayouBocephus Well-Known Member

    Marlin XL7 for less that $300...sweeet deal...or of course the legend Remington 700
  17. Ratshooter

    Ratshooter Well-Known Member

    There are 4 pages of Savage rifles on GB. On page 3 there is a nice 30-06 with rings but no open sights for $315 on the "but it now" button.

    I really like Remington rifles but I have shot several Savage bolt guns and those dudes shoot very well. Also you don't need an Accu-Trigger to have a light pull. The old style trigger can be adjusted down to be a much lighter pull. You do have to readjust he safety when you do this or you can't put it on safe.
  18. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

  19. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

  20. maineac

    maineac Member

    I like the 700.Had a nice one but had to give it up,now have savage 308 lever.Took 1100 pound moose at 135 yds with 1 shot 240 gr with the 700.

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