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Good indoor range in Little Rock, AR area

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Lagrange Glock, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Going to Little Rock, AR later this week.

    Want to take my relatives who have not yet shot to a good indoor range that rents pistols.

    If you know of something within 30-45 minutes of L.R. AR, please let me know.

    Thanks for your help
  2. BossHogg

    BossHogg Well-Known Member

    Check out Don's weapory in North Little Rock. It goes to 25 yards .Don's is the gun shop above the range,come to think about it range may be under Shooters Gallery name in phone book.
  3. V8vroom

    V8vroom Member

    Its a good range, all the staff I've talked to are eager to help, but don't shoot all you've got...you may need a loaded gun in that neck of the "hood".-Doug
  4. tkopp

    tkopp Well-Known Member

    Don's is a tiny range in the basement, no rangemaster in the room to ensure safety, high prices upstairs. Can't give you a *good* indoor example, since when I visited I mostly spent time at the wildlife federation outdoor range (cheap, good equipment, spaceous, greast experience).
  5. BlisteringSilence

    BlisteringSilence Well-Known Member

    Lagrange Glock,

    Don's is the only indoor range that I know of in the central Arkansas region. Their prices aren't too bad for rentals ($15 gets you 3 different pistols if I remember correctly, you buy their ammo when you shoot their guns), but it IS an unsupervised range. And, it's not in the best of neighborhoods. Not to ghetto, just old and falling apart.

    I'm not a fan of their upstairs (prices way to high, service is just average, lots of BS), but if you want to go shoot at 8:00 at night, they're the only game around.

    NOW, if you have the time, I highly suggest the Arkansas Game and Fish commission range outside of Mayflower. It's a great facility. Also, if you have to rent, the trap and skeet ranges at the Remington Arms Ammo plant outside of Loanoke rents every shotgun that Remington makes.

    Feel free to PM or ask any other questions here. I'd love to help you out.
  6. grimjaw

    grimjaw Well-Known Member

    I second everything BlisteringSilence posted, but I'll add a couple of things.

    Mayflower is supervised, and as such has more rules. If you want to take a gun out there to do doubletaps or draw from a holster, you're out of luck. However, given the almost complete lack of regard for safety that many Arkansans (present company excluded, of course) exhibit when it comes to firearms, I don't mind the rules. The facility at Mayflower is well kept, has bathrooms (you can wash your hands at Don's, but that's about it) vending machines, and you can rent a pretty decent spotting scope there for $1/day. It's $2/line to shoot there, so if all you're going to do is shoot the pistol line, it's $2. If you want to shoot at more than one line, it's $2 more each, which is still less expensive than Don's, and you're not stuck in a basement breathing lead. BTW, the firing lines are all well covered, and have paved walkways to the various target positions.

    If you do want to unload a bunch of rounds fast, or shoot full auto, and you want to do it indoors, Don's is (I think) the only place in Little Rock proper that you can do that. If you're going to shoot there and you don't want to pay $1.00/target, bring your own and bring large ones. They don't provide cardboard for their target holders, and 8x10 sheets of paper and paper plates won't fit.

    I use Don's when I don't have time to get out to Mayflower, which is unfortunately more often than I like when school is in session. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't go there. It's sad, too, because I've witnessed the staff there being very helpful and patient with new shooters (but come to think of it, most of the new shooters asking for help were female...)


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