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Good knock around semi autos?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by wheelgunslinger, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. wheelgunslinger

    wheelgunslinger Well-Known Member

    So, the H&R thread got me wondering about what would be a good general purpose cheap rifle.
    And, in what caliber would you choose?

    General purpose = killing paper, some 300 meter shooting, deer, yotes, and plinking.

    I've been in the market for a semi-auto for a while and just keep putting it on the back burner.
  2. ohioarmedneutrality

    ohioarmedneutrality Well-Known Member

    General purpose cheap semi-auto?

    SKS, 7.62 x 39
  3. CWL

    CWL Well-Known Member

    SKS as been noted, perhaps a Ruger Ranch Rifle.
  4. ravencon

    ravencon Well-Known Member

  5. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

  6. COYOTE102076

    COYOTE102076 Active Member

    If you get an SKS, I would HIGHLY recomend you stay away from the Yugoslovian models! Trust me on this! But if you dont, then check out any forum on the SKS rifles. ALL of them will point out that the gas system on the Yugo SKS is flawed. Get a China or Russian model and you will not have near the problems! Also consider the Remington 742's. Can sometimes find good bargans on them in pawn shops.
  7. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    Saiga, definantly.
  8. Cmdr. Gravez0r

    Cmdr. Gravez0r Well-Known Member

    The Yugo gas system can be troublesome but it's a cheap fix at worst. At best you just have to clean the cosmo out of it. Chinese are good but Russians no longer fall in the "cheap" category. They are pricier and more valuable. Yugos are the least expensive, and aside from the gas system, VERY well built. I personally have not had a single problem with mine.
  9. elmerfudd

    elmerfudd Well-Known Member

    I've never had a problem with the gas system on my Yugo. It was a $100 gun and it easily outshoots my buddies Chinese SKS.
  10. wheelgunslinger

    wheelgunslinger Well-Known Member

    I used to have a Chinese SKS and found it to be pretty fun, but pretty heavy.
    I'm thinking more along the lines of something a little lighter than an SKS.
  11. paintballdude902

    paintballdude902 Well-Known Member

    ive been looking at a few

    i made a thread a few days ago call "i want a beater"

    what ive been looking at are:

    ruger mini-14
    keltec su-16
    and the saigas
  12. 1200 meters

    1200 meters Well-Known Member

    SKSs Just curious, who all made them.

    I know that the Czechs build very good soviet inspired weapons. very strong.
  13. elmerfudd

    elmerfudd Well-Known Member

    If you thought the Chinese SKS was heavy, then a Yugo's definitely out of the question.
  14. Hunter0924

    Hunter0924 Well-Known Member

    The Ruger Mini 14 is an excellent rife that is inexpensive for a general purpose rifle.
  15. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    how much do you want to spend? that might make a difference in what we suggest, but with the info that we have then i would say an sks, or a mini 14.
    ak's make great knock around guns, and if so there are some nice ones that can be had at a great price. my favorites being the yugo underfolders, and i have a mak-90 that is a good shooter and goes bang everytime.
  16. eliphalet

    eliphalet Well-Known Member

    SKS's are clubs, but OK to throw open in a tool box or behind a P/U seat uncased. Instead get a Mini 14, or better yet a quality AR.
    If your really considerng shooting deer at 300 yards then I would look at more power than the 7.62X39 or the .223. Maybe a Remington Auto or a BAR.
  17. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    Saiga. Tough as nails, brand new and run about $250.
  18. benEzra

    benEzra Moderator Emeritus

    Saiga in .223, 7.62x39mm, or .308.
    Civilian AKM-style carbine in .223 or 7.62x39mm (.223's are more accurate).
  19. Lonestar.45

    Lonestar.45 Well-Known Member

    You thought your Chinese SKS was pretty heavy? I was going to suggest just that, but if you want something lighter, then any AK or SKS variant is out of the question.

    If that's the case, you probably need a lightweight AR-15. That's the only semi auto rifle I can think of that will be lighter than a Chinese SKS but still quality enough to take some abuse.

    Try CMMG's bargain bin AR-15's.

  20. asknight

    asknight Well-Known Member

    There isn't a thing in the world wrong with the Yugo Model 59 SKS. The only difference between it and the Chinese, Russian, E German, and Albanian is that the bore isn't chrome lined. The 59/66 has the grenade launcher and adjustable gas system, and is about as simple as could EVER be once you take 5 minutes to actually learn how it operates.

    You won't ever need the chrome lined bore if you treat it just a notch better than a peasant communist conscript.

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