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Good news, of a sort...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Yoda, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Yoda

    Yoda Well-Known Member

    Well, at least there was no mention of new gun control initiatives in the State of the Union lecture.

    - - - Yoda
  2. KevinAbbeyTech

    KevinAbbeyTech Well-Known Member

    Of course not, that would be unpopular.
  3. wishin

    wishin Well-Known Member

    Hope springs eternal!:rolleyes:
  4. shenandoah

    shenandoah Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, his little friends are just waiting....for the second term. Of course, he's all about jobs now, getting the middle class back on its feet..worked for Slick Willy.
  5. GunsAmerica Fan

    GunsAmerica Fan Well-Known Member

    Yea he wasn't going to go there. He can get marijuana legalized and all the brady people will be just as happy so why go after guns.
  6. Just One Shot

    Just One Shot Well-Known Member

    That's something he prefers to address behind the scenes, out of the eyes of the general populace!
  7. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    I was not expecting him to mention it. As others have said, it's very unpopular right now. He won't do anything about it until his second term. Speaking of which, I'd better buy ammo now that it's becoming more available. You think there was a rush on ammo the first time he got elected? You ain't seen nothin' yet. What do you think will happen to ammo stocks when people realize he'd have nothing to lose in the second term?
  8. Fremmer

    Fremmer Well-Known Member

    He's too busy borrowing trillions of dollars from the Chinese to "stimulate" the economy. We'll work on fiscal insolvency first, and get to the gun control later. Unless, of course, that pesky Supreme Court gets in the way. He was rude to them yesterday. Hope they remember that when his friends from Chicago are arguing that a State should be able to infringe on your Second Amendment rights.
  9. heron

    heron Well-Known Member

    They were pretty rude to him, too, I noticed.

    He won't try any gun control for a while, if ever. And as to a second term, forget it. I don't think ANY pol will get re-elected until employment goes back up and people get their homes back.
  10. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    So, the extent of on-topic discussion here is that... nothing happened concerning anything that we can discuss here?
  11. turbojohn41

    turbojohn41 Well-Known Member

    I agree with heron probably never Clinton barley got it to pass and most of his cronies got voted out because of it. Now more people are aware it did nothing. Even alot of democrats realize this now and wont vote for it again.
  12. Larry Ashcraft

    Larry Ashcraft Moderator Staff Member

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