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Good Overall .22 Pistol?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Dynasty, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Dynasty

    Dynasty Well-Known Member

    For those that have a lot of experience with .22 pistols, which is overall the best bang for your buck? Which delivers good accuracy, good reliability, good construction at a good price? I appreciate your input.
  2. Z71

    Z71 Well-Known Member

    Ruger or Browning. Both generaly very good.
  3. Bill B.

    Bill B. Well-Known Member

    A Ruger MK I, II, or III in the barrel length and sight type of your choice is a fine .22 for both those starting out or one that has owned handguns for years. My Ruger MKII Target generally goes to the range everytime. My High Standards & S&W's don't get shot nearly as often. Plus you can shoot HV .22's in the Ruger without issue.
  4. krs

    krs Well-Known Member

    Agree with Bill.

    Ruger .22's are available in several configurations for several intended purposes including the general use plain and simple plinking fun gun, and all models deliver good value. They are proving to last for generations now as well.
  5. mgregg85

    mgregg85 Well-Known Member

    I've got a ruger Mark II and I love it. It can be difficult to field strip at first but you will get better at it each time you do it. What makes it difficult to field strip does help it achieve a nice, clean look.

    MMCSRET Well-Known Member

    You did not state a preference between revolver, semi-auto, or single shot. For accuracy its hard to beat a scoped Contender. For all round utility either of the other two. I have all three and then some. I take the one thats going to do the job I'm involved in at the time, sometimes I will carry more than one.
  7. texaspunk

    texaspunk Active Member

    I love Ruger II's, but I have a Sig Mosquito that is way too much fun to not mention here.
  8. Craig M. Arnold

    Craig M. Arnold Well-Known Member

    Browning Buckmark. :)
  9. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan Well-Known Member

    havent shot it yet but i just got the browning buckmark. 2 actually, 1 for my brother and another for myself.

    i actually went to get a ruger but the browning just felt more natural to me. the size and angle of the grip was one deciding factor, another was how balanced it felt compared to the bull barreled ruger. one other thing i liked was the fact that it had adjustable sights. i was really only looking at the bottom of the line models and the ruger didnt have adjustable sights.

    the sights werent really a big deal to me but it was a nice touch.

    really just liked the look and feel better.

    like i said, i havent shot it yet. i will know more in a few days.

    i also like the way they look customized a little better (not that i will change anything on mine for a while.

    heres a pretty clean one:


    ither than the optic sight on that one it does not cost all that much to get it set up similar.
  10. nitetrane98

    nitetrane98 Well-Known Member

  11. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan Well-Known Member

    very nice nitetrane
  12. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    Smith and Wesson Model 41. Fit, finish, ergonomics and accuracy makes all of the Rugers and Brownings cry.

    The Smith costs more (roughly the same price as a decent centerfire gun) but is accurate enough for anything from plinking to small game hunting to Bullseye competition. Fit and finish is the best of anything you'll see on a US-made .22, and it's the best you can get before making the leap to dedicated competition-only .22 pistols.
  13. Average Joe

    Average Joe Well-Known Member

    Ruger MK series, or Browning Buckmark, either will serve you well.
  14. bflobill_69

    bflobill_69 Well-Known Member

    Very toough to beat a Ruger Mark II used or Mark III new for the money.

    Absolute tack drivers!

    Fired a Browning Buckmark recently - also VERY nice. The one above mentioned I have not fired is the Smith Model 41 ((but a buddy has one and I will have to convince him to bring it out to the range soon)).

  15. CDH

    CDH Well-Known Member

    For a really classy and accurate pistol, see if you can find a pre-Texas High Standard Trophy or Victor. High Standard made some of the very best .22 semi-auto pistols during the days when they were in Hamden and then East Hartford. The Texas High Standards made by the people who bought all the tooling at auction?... not so much.

    For brand new, the Smith Model 41 is the best thing going in it's class.
    If you want a plinker, get a Ruger. If you want to knock flys off a post at 100 feet, get a Model 41.

    For revolver, I'd be looking at the Smith Model 617, or if you want to go back in time some, find a nice Kit gun in 4". Mine is the Model 63 which is great because it's stainless.
  16. Gottahaveone

    Gottahaveone Well-Known Member

    One more weighing in for the Buckmark. Over the years I've owned probably 40 or so .22 pistols and it's the one I kept. It fits me well, it's quality made, and it shoots better than I do.
  17. IndianaBoy

    IndianaBoy Well-Known Member

    Get the Ruger Mark II.

    Mine is a fantastic pistol.

    Shot a friend's Mosquito this weekend. It is his second one as Sig replaced the first one because it would fire with the safety engaged.

    It is the least reliable pistol I have ever shot. It is the least reliable pistol I have ever HEARD ABOUT.

    At least 5 failure to extracts per mag. Sprinkled in with 1 or 2 failures to return to battery.

    This pistol only runs with hypervelocity ammo like Velocitors, regardless of which spring he has installed.

    I suspect that weak magazine springs are responsible for the FTRTB. Why the pistol won't extract... I have no idea.

    It would be a great Sig training pistol.... if it didn't suck.

    That being said. I trust my life to my Sig 225.
  18. bhp9mm

    bhp9mm Well-Known Member

    Ruger mark 2 i think they are the best for the money
  19. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    On the cheap'o end- the old High Standard Dura-Matic*.

    On the costly end, Smith & Wesson's model 41, Colt's Match Target
    Woodsman, Brownings, and Rugers come too mind.

    *FootNote- those old High Standard's sold for $35 NIB, as late as 1974.
    I should have bought a tractor-trailer load of 'em, at that price~! :( ;)
  20. mauiglide

    mauiglide Well-Known Member

    I bought a Ruger Mark III Hunter last month and it is a great shooter. Price is right and beautifully built. I've been pimping it out with new target wood grips and an Aimpoint H-1 red dot. I will keep the internals stock until I get bored one day...which will be almost never especially with this pistol.

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