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Good Priced 20" AR?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by bluetopper, May 4, 2014.

  1. bluetopper

    bluetopper Well-Known Member

    With the vast majority of AR's now days being just 16" who makes a reasonably priced 20" AR besides Mossberg's MMR Hunter model? Looks like a nice rifle for the money.
  2. henschman

    henschman Well-Known Member

    I have an A4 upper from PSA that has been fantastic, but they hardly ever have them in stock anymore. If I were doing my build over again right now, I'd go with a BCM 20" upper.

    Del Ton makes some cheaper ones if you are OK with some corners being cut, like 4140 steel, 1/9 twist, no chrome lining, and/or HBAR profile.
  3. primalmu

    primalmu Well-Known Member

    Define "good priced." For me, RRA's 20" ARs' value can't be beat.
  4. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

    Delton makes a nice gov. profile, many other makers offer a 20" hbar.
  5. HGM22

    HGM22 Well-Known Member

    BCM, Colt, and FN all make 20'' ARs now. I'd probably go with BCM.
  6. gotigers

    gotigers Well-Known Member

    What do you want to do with it: National Match shooting, big game, varmints, etc?
  7. Bruce Hanson

    Bruce Hanson Active Member

    I've been thinking about this same thing myself, and I plan on going with BCM.
  8. TIMC

    TIMC Well-Known Member

    Reasonably priced is a relative term for AR's. $800-$1000 for a no frills milspec rifle is reasonable. When you start getting into rifles with free float hand guards, better made barrels, high end triggers, $2000 and up can be reasonable.
  9. cdb1

    cdb1 Well-Known Member

    I have a DPMS I'm happy with.
  10. bluetopper

    bluetopper Well-Known Member

    Looking for an AR that will group as good as my buddie's Rem.700 223 bolt gun. Tired of being embarrassed at the range. All we shoot is our reloads.
  11. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

    In that case I would go for a free float stainless bull barrel or hbar.
  12. gotboostvr

    gotboostvr Well-Known Member

    For a mostly range gun like that, I'd have a hard time saying a DPMS might not be a bad choice. Their stainless steel bull barrels are surprisingly well made, the rest of the upper however is standard DPMS fare. But for a range gun thats kept clean and well maintained like any proper target rifle, they should hold up perfectly fine.

    Being said, I want a BCM gov profile for a lightweight hunter, the 1/7 twist is good for the heavy hunting bullets.
  13. smithman 10

    smithman 10 Well-Known Member

    20" ar

    I found a used Colt Sporter a while back for cheap. I mean $650. It was built during the mid 90s - no bayonet lug, teeny little short magazines. I bought it and then sold my 16" carbine during the madness last year.

    I bet there are a bunch more used A-2 rifles out there to be had, since all anyone seems to want now are the carbines. Might check Gunbroker.
  14. henschman

    henschman Well-Known Member

    For the role you're talking about, I'd look for a RRA bull barreled rifle.
  15. primalmu

    primalmu Well-Known Member

    Rock River Arms Varmint A4 18" at 100 yards shooting Hornady 75gr 5.56 NATO Match ammo.

    5-shot group:
  16. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

    Interesting... That must be a 1:8 twist?
  17. readyeddy

    readyeddy Well-Known Member

    DS Arms makes a nice 20" upper.
  18. CharlieDeltaJuliet

    CharlieDeltaJuliet Well-Known Member

    I agree with Primalmu, I have 5 AR's now. They range from an Hk,Sig,DD,Colt, and RRA. The RRA is a 24" Varmint. My RRA has a 1-8 twist and is the most accurate AR I own.
  19. ford8nr

    ford8nr Well-Known Member

    Les Baer if you want to out shoot him, shooter willing.

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