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Good reloading equip. store in SE Pennsylvania?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by yhtomit, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. yhtomit

    yhtomit Participating Member

    May 27, 2006
    E. Tennessee
    I recently bought a Lee Classic Cast press, and expect to have it until I die in 120 or so years. I am impressed by how sturdy it feels, and with the precision engineering of the dies -- it's amazing to me that the equipment to reload handgun ammo costs less than any of the handguns I own. (And I don't have any high-dollar guns.)

    However, I'm curious to see in person (rather than mostly by reading about) the differences between various brands of presses, and I wonder if anyone can recommend a shop somewhere vaguely in between (or near) Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA. (Within the state, those are my usual end nodes for travel.) I'd like to find a shop that has a lot of presses set up for demonstration purposes, so I can get an idea of the ergonomics of them in direct comparison. Having heard some (slight) grumbling about roughness in the action of Lee presses vs. other more expensive brands, I am curious to see for myself whether I can detect it. Maybe mine is a lucky one, but I sure don't feel anything even close to rough!

    Since I am not in the market for a new press, I'd be happy to pay a slight premium on some other reloading supplies if it justifies the time spend browsing and playing in a well-equipped shop -- I don't plan to monopolize any salesman time.

    (Gander Mountain in H-burg has a few presses set up, a surprising number of which are shotgun shell reloaders; last time I was in there I also remember them having a Lyman Crusher II and a Hornady Lock n' Load kit. But no RCBS, and I think no Dillon, not to mention anything slighlty more obscure. So, a *whole lot* better than nothing, but I'd like to find the Mall of America of reloading-oriented gun shops ;) )

    Any ideas?

  2. Ian Sean

    Ian Sean Active Member

    Apr 27, 2003
    The Cabellas in Hamburg (off I-78 roughly 1/2 way between Allentown and Harrisburg) does have a few presses set up and sometimes offer reloading classes from time to time, check out the Website for the Hamburg store, I believe they list dates and times for all of those kinds of activities.
  3. captain54

    captain54 New Member

    Jun 7, 2007
    You can give these guys a call-King Shooters Supply, Inc. 124 W. Church Rd, King of Prussia, PA 610-491-9901-I have not visited their store, but I know that they cast their own bullets and have shot them and they worked well. I am guessing that if they cast there own brand, they would have reloading supplies.
  4. RON in PA

    RON in PA Senior Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    S.E. PA, USA
    King's has a number of Dillon models set up, but I don't think any other brands. They are a good source of cast bullets, powder and primers.

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