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Good shooting glasses?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Big_E, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    I am in the market for some new/better shooting glasses. Pretty much in all my shooting I have used the shooting glasses that you can buy from Wal-Mart.

    They do the job, but I am looking for an upgrade in durability and optics. I just don't know which of the brands provide the best price/performance ratio. I also would like to know which color lenses are best for certain applications. So far I only have experience with orange, yellow and clear lenses.

    I was thinking about buying some Oakley sport model glasses, but those are pretty expensive. I only want to keep it around $30.

    Oh, and I have perfect vision so no worries about contacts or anything if that matters.
  2. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    If your vision is correct [as you say]; on bright sunny days, I like my Costa Del Mars with the 580 lens. Otherwise, I have too wear the no line bi-focals with the Vari-Lux lens; they too are tinted, and change with light conditions. ;) :D
  3. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    After searching around for a bit im still at a loss. I may consider upping my price a bit.

    Does no one have a brand of eye pro they prefer?
  4. franko07

    franko07 Well-Known Member

    I have Oakley half jackets with clear lenses, they are very comfortable and protective. I use the at work all day so it's more of a useful expense for me but probably wouldn't suggest for average consumers.
  5. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    That's why I was thinking about getting some Oakley Radars. I can use them while I run (when I get off my butt finally) and then I have some nice shooting glasses as well.
  6. Wayne G

    Wayne G Member

    I prefer Rec-Specs which are intended for sporting uses, like soccer.

    They have a flat elastic head band which allows a much better seal with earmuff type hearing protection. The temples on regular type glasses tend to allow a slight gap and allow in noise.

    I bought mine from an optician for about $100, but you can probably get them for less over the internet.
  7. Varob

    Varob Well-Known Member

  8. mugsie

    mugsie Well-Known Member

    What about over corrective lenses?

    I wear glasses full time - I have yet to find a pair of shooting glasses which will fit comfortably over them. What do some of you who wear FT glasses recommend short of having my regular glasses turned into saftey glasses.
  9. franko07

    franko07 Well-Known Member

    I used to wear glasses but had to go to contacts to be able to wear safety glasses, inlet and most big one can make them to your prescription, I however have never tried this.

    Oakley has lenses that you can't break
  10. RX-178

    RX-178 Well-Known Member

    I wear ESS ICE glasses with the prescription insert.

    I can see them for around $40-45 on a google search.
  11. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Wiley Blink series are the BEST sports glasses I have ever had. I use mine for shooting, roller derby, motorcycling, etc. In non prescription versions they are affordable (you can usually get them for around $50).


    Mine are black, with dark amber lenses. For shooting only I'd suggest the yellow tints.
  12. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I will take a look at the Wiley X glasses.
  13. a.j.ebbers

    a.j.ebbers Active Member

    NICE!!! thank you----I have to outfit a few young people for a Appleseed project rifle training shoot this Spring, looks like a great product that I can actually afford. A.J.
  14. a.j.ebbers

    a.j.ebbers Active Member

    the Dewalts iz the ones I wuz referring to! A.J.
  15. altitude_19

    altitude_19 Well-Known Member

    Never much liked the Wileys. Mine didn't allow for airflow and my eyes got hot. I got some ESS ICE issued to me before a deployment and continue to use them for shooting glasses. They're a wide single lense and meet Army Ballistic Eye Protection specs. Since shooting glasses are supposed to protect you from frag/catastrophic weapons failures, I'd stick with with military endorsed protection.
  16. toycruiser71

    toycruiser71 Member

    I have been wearing the Ray-Ban aviator shooters with yellow lens. They are my favorite and since I wear the over the ear protectors, the small wire ear loops are really comfortable.
  17. ExtremeGunCare

    ExtremeGunCare Well-Known Member

    From Cabela's check out these Ducks Unlimited Glasses.

    Here is a picture: [​IMG]

    I carry Wiley X Glasses, but they are not in the $30 dollar range. That is why I am suggesting the DU from Cabela's. I love Wiley X because of their warranty and USA Made!

    Good Shooting,

    Jason Lumetta
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2011
  18. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    Thanks again everyone. USA Made basically seals the deal. I will do some more research then place my order.
  19. mattlove444

    mattlove444 Well-Known Member

    I've had the ducks unlimited glasses and the lens locking system broke. They are not that well made for a USA made product. Just lettin ya know
  20. dickttx

    dickttx Well-Known Member

    I have been watching this thread since the beginning to see the answer to Mugsie's question.
    I wear tri-focals and have scratch resistant lenses. That is all I use. Are there goggles or something that should be worn over these? Is it practical to have shooting glass lens ground to your prescription and use your normal frames?

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