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Gore Says Bush Abused Trust, Played Politics of Fear

Discussion in 'Legal' started by w4rma, Feb 6, 2004.

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  1. w4rma

    w4rma member

    Fri Feb 6,12:26 AM ET
    By Larry Fine

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former Vice President Al Gore on Thursday accused President Bush of abusing the trust of Americans by playing on their fears as he led the United States to war against Iraq.

    Gore, who lost the contested 2000 presidential election to Bush, said that like most Americans he rallied behind Bush after the Sept. 11 attacks, trusting his claims of ties between Iraq and al Qaeda extremists blamed for the attacks and taking his word that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

    But Bush's decision to enter into a war with Iraq was taken under "patently false pretenses," Gore said in a keynote address at a conference at the New School University.

    "Fear was activated on Sept. 11 for all of us," he said. "And it was exploitable for a variety of purposes unrelated to the initial cause of fear."

    Gore said the Bush administration had no scruples about using fear of terrorists as a means "to punch holes in the basic protections of the Constitution, to create a class of permanent prisons and to make it possible to imprison American citizens without due process."

    On international relations, Gore said "the administration has willingly traded in respect for the United States in favor of fear." The normal debate over policy that takes place in a healthy democracy was muted after Sept. 11, he said.

    "At a time of great vulnerability we placed our trust in President Bush," said Gore, who recalled addressing the Iowa Democratic convention in the autumn of 2001.

    "I had a different sort of message prepared but in the aftermath of the tragedy, I said 'George W. Bush is my president. I will follow him in this time of crisis.'

    "I was one of millions who asked him to lead us wisely and well, and he abused the trust of the people by exploiting the fears of the American people in order to take this nation on an adventure that had been preordained before the attacks of Sept. 11 ever took place."

    I want to emphasize this paragraph since this point is what I think that most folks here are most interested in:
    Gore said the Bush administration had no scruples about using fear of terrorists as a means "to punch holes in the basic protections of the Constitution, to create a class of permanent prisons and to make it possible to imprison American citizens without due process."
  2. gburner

    gburner member

    News Flash.

    1. Howard Dean will not be the Democratic nominee for president; not this year, not any year.

    2. Al Gore is not among the slate of losers currently seeking the nod from the Democratic party faithful. Therefore, his opinion on world events is about as timely as a Papal treatise on the subject of fornication.

    3. I think we all thought that you were going to share your own thoughts with us from now on, not just continue to demonstrate your cut and paste skills.
  3. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Who's Gore?
  4. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    He used to be a famous professional liar.
  5. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Big Al the hypocrite Gore just played on a different set of fears in 2000, trying to buy the election with his pitch to Florida's Old Farts: "You'll all die if the gummint doesn't pay for your medications!"

    Us Old Farts are gonna die, anyhow, no matter who pays for our medications...

    I guess Dubya believed Big Al.


    "I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I read of people dying of natural causes."
  6. Cactus

    Cactus Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear from you, w4rma. I was starting to think you took a long walk off a short pier after Howie's stunning third place "victory" in Iowa.:D

    And to lose to a stiff like Kerry. WOW! No wonder Deanie boppers like you and AlGore are muttering to yourselves.:cuss:
  7. Balog

    Balog Well-Known Member

    NO! Not Al Gore! Lord knows I look to Klinton's lapdog for all my political views. :rolleyes:
  8. "... also starring Albert Gore Jr. - As The Void Of Space!" [/Cricket Chirp]
  9. fallingblock

    fallingblock Well-Known Member

    please, w4rma....go back to the Dean articles...

    Al Gore is just too irrelevant to waste that much reading on.;)
  10. greyhound

    greyhound Well-Known Member

    And who is supposed to be fear-mongering here?

    Gotta love "Kiss of Death" Gore.

    Speaking of endorsements, I heard that the unions that endorsed "Inevitable" Dean now want to switch to "Comeback" Kerry.

    Is that kosher given that Dean is still in the race? I could understand if he were officially out, but otherwise it seems odd, kinda like "well, we agreed more with Dean's message than Kerry's when we endorsed Dean, but it seems that Kerry is more electable now so even though we agree with Dean's message we now endorse Kerry".
  11. Baba Louie

    Baba Louie Well-Known Member

    You mean Al "There is no controlling legal authority" Gore?
    Or Al "I don't recollect or remember 83 X" Gore?
    Or are we talking about the Al "My home state abandoned me" Gore?
    Maybe you mean Al "My moneys on Dean" Gore (I know that hurt and I'm soooo sorry... sometimes the truth hurts)

    If any of the above Al Gores is the guy you refer to, I must offer... Irrelevant statements come from the mouths of all kinds of people (even mine :D )
  12. Thumper

    Thumper Well-Known Member


    a propos of nothing whatsoever, acetone works wonders at quickly removing bumper stickers.
  13. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith Well-Known Member

    Well, that explains alot. :evil:

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  14. Mark Tyson

    Mark Tyson Well-Known Member

    Larry Fine! LOL! You beat me to it, Sean Smith!
  15. OF

    OF Well-Known Member


    Ask Joe Lieberman what he thinks of Al. Not even an email!

    - Gabe
  16. w4rma

    w4rma member

    1) The Democratic primary isn't over.
    2) If Kerry wins, I'm fine with that. He's not my first choice, but he ranks high among my choices.
    3) This thread is about Gore speaking out against Bush's shreading of the Constitution. I think that folks should stick to the topic instead of yapping about an insignificant message board poster.
  17. ACP230

    ACP230 Well-Known Member

    The Clinton Gore administration tried to impose house to house searches and gun confiscation on residents of a Federal housing complex in Maine.

    It was thrown out of court, or I'm sure it would have been attempted nationwide.

    Did you protest that at the time?

    IMO if Gore says nothing but "the" and "and" he will still have managed to lie.
  18. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Al Gore doesn't even know how to spell Constitution. While there are certainly real issues to be discussed re: W's respect or lack of same for the Constitution, Al Gore is not in any position to criticize. He and his posse would wipe their arses with that document in a heartbeat if they thought for a second that it might get them back in power. We are talking about Al "living document" Gore, here, right? I'd love to ask 'Ol BackStabber Al to decribe to me what he thinks a 'right' actually is. That would be a hoot.

    Posting a diatribe on constitutionality from Al Gore is some kind of irony, that's for sure.

    - Gabe
  19. Cactus

    Cactus Well-Known Member

    What's the matter? Can't get anyone to play your silly little game anymore?

    AlGore brings to mind the old saying: Better to be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.
  20. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith Well-Known Member

    And the winner for "least firearm content in posts on a firearm forum" goes to... w4rma!


    Hard to reconcile that with any interest in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Of course, judging by your posts, you have no interest in that topic anyway.

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