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Got a AK-47 today!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by firestar, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. firestar

    firestar member

    I got my first AK-47 today at a gunshow! Whooohooo!!!!

    I have wanted one for a while but they used to be more money than I wanted to spend.

    I got a SAR-1 with a muzzel break, sling, peep sight, extended rubber butt pad, 5 30rd mags and 1 10rd mag for $300.00 even! I think that is a pretty good deal.

    I want to shoot it tomarrow to see how I like it.
  2. cwalker3

    cwalker3 Well-Known Member

    Is it new or used? At any rate, it's an excellent deal! Congratulations. I love mine. Mine doesn't have the muzzle brake (not really needed on a semi anyway), but it sure would look better with one.
  3. Al Thompson

    Al Thompson Moderator Staff Member

    With ammo at $75 per thousand, there's not much to dislike. You got a very good deal for my neck of the woods.
  4. sasnofear

    sasnofear member

    i want one now!
  5. Redlg155

    Redlg155 Well-Known Member


    The Gods of the Gunshow must have been smiling on you!

    You are lucky to get the SAR and 1 30rd/1 10rd Mag at $300. Consider the other 4 30rd mags freebies!

    A word of caution, make sure you go through a thorough function check and inspection before ever chambering a round. Mine shot full auto bursts straight from the factory.

    This is what I usually do..
    1. With the magazine removed, pull the charging handle back and verify the weapon is EMPTY.
    2. Pull the charging handle to the rear and release. Hammer should not follow. Place the weapon on safe and attempt to pull the trigger. Place the weapon on fire. If the hammer follows during these last two the weapon is unsafe.
    3. Pull the trigger. Hammer should fall. Hold the trigger back while pulling the charging handle back and release the charging handle. Release the trigger. Hammer should not fall and you should hear a click of the disconnector resetting.
    4. Pull the trigger. Hammer should follow.

    If everything checks out you should be good to go!

    On mine it failed #3. The hammer followed the second you started to release pressure on the trigger.

    A call to Century had my parts on the way.

    Good Shooting
  6. firestar

    firestar member

    It is used but looks about as good or better than some of the new SAR-1s I have seen. It has very dark brown wood that is not at all unpleasent. I was assuming that once I got a AK-47, I would have to refinish it but I don't think I'll bother.

    The God's of the gunshow did smile on me but only barely. I was on my way out of the show when I saw a guy with two AK-47s. Just for the heck of it, I asked how much he wanted for the 7.62X39 version (he also had a .223). I didn't expect a reasonable price because people were walking around trying to sell SKS's for $300-400!!!!!:what: When he said $300, I jumped at it.

    "A word of caution, make sure you go through a thorough function check and inspection before ever chambering a round. Mine shot full auto bursts straight from the factory."
    Cool!:cool: Did that cost extra? LOL!

    I did your safety check just now and it seems fine, I'll have my friend shoot it first in case it blows up or something.

    The only problem with the Ak is that so many gang-bangers and white trash have them that it kind of makes one feel bad to shoot one at the range. People think you are some kind of joker when they see you with a 30rd mag and a cheap AK. Oh well. I can't please everyone so I'll just have to please myself.
  7. MiniZ

    MiniZ Well-Known Member

    Good Buy! You are really going to enjoy that rifle. By the way, AKs are habit forming.
  8. 762x51

    762x51 Well-Known Member

    Congrats! Now...time to stock up on ammo and mags... :evil:
  9. Hazwaste

    Hazwaste Well-Known Member

  10. firestar

    firestar member

    I bought a case of ammo for $80 out the door. Also before I bought the AK-47, I bought one 30rd mag so now I have six 30rd mags and one 10rd mag and 1000rds of ammo all for well under $400!

    I allready know that if I come across another AK for less than $300, I am buying it just to have it.

    Now I am on the lookout for a cheap SKS to add to my collection.
  11. MAKOwner

    MAKOwner Well-Known Member

    Actually, you got a AKM variant... Pet peeve of mine calling them all "AK-47s". Just go with AK...

    Sounds like you got a good deal with the extra mags and muzzle comp and stuff, assuming it isn't beat up. Got a SAR1 and 2 myself, love em.
  12. Neal Bloom

    Neal Bloom Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the AK! Don't worry about what people at the range think. Its an AK and their jealous!

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