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Got a box of MG 42 rounds the other day...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Tady45, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. Tady45

    Tady45 Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity,
    How many collect old curio type ammo, guns, knives etc. I admit I am a sucker for anything WWII from all sides of the conflict. I would buy a Panzer Tank if I could afford one. ;) How many others share this historical passion as I do? I feel my interest in firearms comes directly from my knowledge of all conflicts between 1915 and now.

  2. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    I certainly enjoy the historical aspect of firearms. In fact I would have to say this aspect of the hobby intrigues me more than self defense, .45vs.9mm and all that stuff.

    This sounds like the perfect excuse to buy an MG42 to me. I know a guy that has one and I am sure he gets no end of enjoyment out of it.
  3. Tady45

    Tady45 Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, 444 if I lived in Nevada, I would own a lot of things!! My State is well, you know. Hey by the way, do you ever run into Art Bell out here? And yes, I will buy an MG42 once out of here...

  4. M67

    M67 Well-Known Member

    Why limit yourself to 1915? One of the coolest guns I've ever fired was an 1816 vintage flinch lock musket. Just think about it, a gun made before CR Sam was old enough to vote!

    Concerning military history, though... I am at work now, helping to make tomorrows newspaper. In my little corner of the main desk, the TV is tuned to Discovery Channel. Two of my colleagues are watching a program about the battle of Kursk while I'm surfing THR. Make that three of three colleagues, the pacifist is also watching - and I've seen it before :) (We do actually get our job done too, it's just that there are some quiet periods this early in the evening.)
  5. rifleman

    rifleman Member

    I do enjoy vintage military firearms. I have a bunch of 1:35 scale WWII models that I am currently painting. Almost as much fun as the real thing and a lot less expensive! ;)
  6. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I run into him now and then. I drive right past his house to where I shoot. A good buddy of mine has shot with him.

    I have something like 21 or so milsurp rifles that I bought pretty much as historical items. I shoot them, but I demand that they stay in issued condition complete with the correct slings, oilers etc. I have a P38 that I bought a couple years ago that was made in 1945. It is really rough. No attempt was made to polish out the machine marks. That is what attracted me to it. I have never shot it and probably never will. I also own a Sten submachine gun. And when that lotto ticket comes in, I will have an M3, a couple Thompsons etc.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2002
  7. Jeff White

    Jeff White Moderator Staff Member

    History makes shooting more interesting...

    I just came in from the range. My 12 year old nephew is visiting and we've spent two enjoyable sessions on the range. One of the guns he picked from my collection to shoot today, was the 1917 S&W .45 revolver. Yesterday we shot the old 1911 (Colt Mk IV Series 70 actually). We also shot my Beretta 92F today. In two days the young man has been able to handle and fire a centurys worth of U.S. military sidearms. We talked about how the 1911 series was in short supply at the start of the great war, and Colt and Smith and Wesson stepped in to arm our soldiers with commericial design revolvers that took half moon clips to allow them to fire the standard .45 ACP round.

    We compared the current service pistol to the M1911 and talked about why we had replaced it (NATO agreement) but that the M1911 still soldiered on in some special units.

    I've got a safe full of evil black rifles, 6 Ar15s in various configurations, an FN-FAL, a M1A NM. I find now that my interests are leaning towards 1903 Springfields, Garands, Mausers, Enfields, flintlocks....Firearms are history. There is a special feeling that comes with holding a 1903 Springfield in your hands and wondering where it spent it's life in service of the country, wondering who carried it, in a war or in a training camp?

    Yes, I collect all that stuff and all the little bits and pieces that go with it.

  8. Deadman

    Deadman Well-Known Member

    As the owner of an Israeli Mauser I'd be most interested in knowing what exactly that rifle went through.

    However Israeli Mauser's are interesting enough in and of themselves from a historical point of view.
  9. beemerb

    beemerb Well-Known Member

    Just think about it, a gun made before CR Sam was old enough to vote!

    The only weapon that predates Sam are rocks
  10. GD

    GD Well-Known Member

    I only buy military surplus arms anymore. I love the history behind them and they are inexpensive to shoot. I also use them in hunting. Some like the Swiss and Swedish firearms are real works of art. They work as well as any modern weapon and are probably more robust. In addition who cares if you add a few more scratches to the existing ones!
    BTW, the Israeli Mauser cal 308 are rebarreled German K98k rifles. They were used in the early years of Israel to repel the Arab attackers. Most have seen a lot of use in the Israeli Army. In addition to that is the receivers service to the 3rd Reich. Very interesting history. I have never seen a pristine Israeli mauser. Most are shot up with pretty rough bores.

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