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Got a new Vector AK today *pics*

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by _N4Z_, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. _N4Z_

    _N4Z_ Well-Known Member

    This is a nice looking rifle with a screwed on slant break, Armory USA reciever, and blonde wood furniture. Mag fits up nice, no wobbles or rattles anywhere. I got it thru FBMG Inc. in Utah. I would recommend them.

    Excellent service from these guys and they even hooked me up with a UPS tracker number so I could monitor the weapons trip from Utah to Oklahoma. :)

    Would post pics, but the ones I just took are over 2 meg and I don't know how to shrink them so this forum will accept them. :mad:

    One concern. The gas block looks to be slightly off center to the left looking down the barrel. Not alot, but I can see it isn't perfect. When I pull the charging handle all the way back it will stay back if I slowly run it forward. This isn't usual for an AK. Pull and release and it slaps shut every time. Could the slight cant be causing this?

    If life treats me well the rest of this week it will be out to the range this Sunday for a first run. Being this is the first AK I've owned are there any specific lube points that need special attention prior to firing?

    Should be fun. :D

    *pics below*
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2006
  2. MTMilitiaman

    MTMilitiaman Well-Known Member

    Congrats. AKs are awesome rifles.

    With concern to lubing, nothing particular to the rifle. Just keep the gas piston, bolt face, chamber, and bore clean and dry, and everything else lightly lubricated. AK's aren't finicky about maintence. In fact, an AK generally feels spoiled if you clean it at all.
  3. _N4Z_

    _N4Z_ Well-Known Member

    *** pics **


  4. Lucky

    Lucky Well-Known Member

  5. MTMilitiaman

    MTMilitiaman Well-Known Member

    Are you gonna keep it Plain Jane or Tacti-cool it up a little?
  6. MechAg94

    MechAg94 Well-Known Member

    Let us know how accurate it turns out to be. I am curious. It looks like a good rifle.
  7. petej

    petej Active Member

    looks good, I purchased new AK a couple of weeks ago

    yeah, yours looks real nice, I have seen wood on the Romanian ones look like ????, your looks nice.

    I bought an Arsenal USA AK-47 AMD-63-2 at $550 a couple of weeks ago and am really happy with the purchase.

    Not to be mistakened for Arsenal Inc.

    Cleaned it first, than shot if for the first time last weekend and did fairly decent groups for shooting it for the first time. At 50 yards I could hit 6 to 8 inch groups easy, at 100 yards it was definatley more challenging but still very doabled to keep 8 inch groups.

    Ended up buying 1200 rounds of yugo brass surplus at $180 dollars, kinda expensive. I read that $125 wold for 1000 will be hitting the market at the end of Feb. but we shall see!

    You know of any where that is selling 7.62x39 cheap online? if so, drop a link for them. thanks
  8. texasguy

    texasguy Well-Known Member

    yeah you can save them as a .jpg format, which will make them take up less file space. Nice gun, have fun with it.
  9. clange

    clange Well-Known Member

    Actually, it is, if it 'catches' at a very specific spot. If it slowly binds over a couple inches, theres a problem. If it all of a sudden hits something and wont go further without a push, a-ok. Every AK I have will do the latter, to some degree, if I let the carrier forward too slowly. Its not because of cant, its because the bolt carrier contacts the hammer on the way forward.

    I'm sure you know the AK was designed with large clearences in certain places. The hammer/trigger relationship is one of those areas. Instead of having the bolt carrier push the hammer down just enough to catch under the trigger or disconnector, the bolt carrier pushes the hammer down a bit farther then it needs to, to make sure it catches. Well, this means when the carrier is rearward the hammer will raise up and catch on the trigger or disconnector. Once it raises up, its in the way of the carrier. When the carrier comes back it hits it and pushes it down so it can get past. If everything was designed the first way, the contact on the way forward would be a lot less, but there would be a greater chance something could eventually keep the hammer from staying cocked. Plus, the carrier catching on the hammer on the way forward doesnt affect function anyway, so no one cared that it 'binds up' a little.

    Just pull it back and let it go, then send some lead down range :)

    Now, the gas block is actually the worst thing to have canted, because its the only part that can really cause bad contact in the gas piston/action, but even here it takes a lot to mess something up. If you can barely tell its off, no problem, if its 1/4in off you've got a problem (which means send it back and let vector straighten it). A pic straight down the barrel would help me see how bad it is. Another way to check is to fire it a bit and look at the bolt carrier. Often times they're finished in some kind of paint, and if theres a lot of weird wear going on around where it meets the gas piston, you'll see it in the worn paint. A little missing paint isnt bad, deep scratches or gouges could be.
  10. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    do you have a mag in when you do this? fbmg sell some of their models with a last shot bolt hold open feature.
  11. Master Blaster

    Master Blaster Well-Known Member

    I the gas block lined up with the reciever?????

    The cant you are noticing could be the front sight, not the gas block???

    In any event I would send it back and have it fixed, unless you want to move the front sight all the way over, and maybe still not have enough windage to hit the targets with the iron sights. Canted front sights are a common problem with AKs.
  12. Optical Serenity

    Optical Serenity Well-Known Member

    Wow, pretty gun you have there. I really like the stock, not sure what is different about it, but its pretty.
  13. _N4Z_

    _N4Z_ Well-Known Member


    Well I'm not so sure about the percieved cant now. I sat down on the floor last night with a yard stick layed across the center (lengthwise) of the reciever and one end of it to the front site.

    Looked pretty close on that way like everything was lining up

    But then when looking down the the thing in a mirror I'm not so sure again.

    I'll post another pic when I get home.

    It may just be my not so fresh eyes. :scrutiny:

    It cycles just fine when I exercize the charging handle. No binding that I can feel.
  14. clange

    clange Well-Known Member

    If its that hard to spot it wont cause any problems.
  15. _N4Z_

    _N4Z_ Well-Known Member

    More pics

    Here are a couple more of the new rifle. I actually think now that the front site is a little off to the side and not the gas block after all.

    Gonna have to shoot it and see how it does before I meddle with anything.


  16. clange

    clange Well-Known Member

    The gas block could be slightly to the left, and/or the FSB could be slightly to the other side. Its tough to see. Whatever it is, it isnt much. Welcome to AKs, they all can have slightly canted parts. If you can sight it in without moving the front post more than you want to, forget about it. If the post is over more than you'd like, see if you can get it fixed. I dont see anything that would cause a problem though.
  17. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    It was a pleasure doing business with you. :)
  18. GunnySkox

    GunnySkox Well-Known Member

    Dad-gum! That is a downright pretty rifle. Looks like a fine piece of machinery, congrats.


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