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Got my CCW license today in spite of the FBI's inability ...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by PcolaDawg, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. PcolaDawg

    PcolaDawg Well-Known Member

    to read my fingerprints. :)

    Awfully nice to live in a 'shall issue' state (Florida). :cool:
  2. flrfh213

    flrfh213 Well-Known Member

    got mine this weekend... i look pissed in my pic so i think they rushed it.... good ol florida
  3. shootistpd27

    shootistpd27 Well-Known Member

    After about two years of nagging my brother in law to get his permit he finally did it. He called me as he was leaving the highway patrol headquarters and he was pissed. His dob was a day off from a man who had his same name in florida. He was taken into a back room and an agent was called in to interogate him. He said he was in there for and hour and a half explaining that he had never been to florida.
  4. Just One Shot

    Just One Shot Well-Known Member


    One thing to remember: Concealed carry means just that. Don't go showing your firearm to all your buddies, coworkers and so on.

    By letting your friends know when you are carrying, they may become emboldened if a altercation should occur. If they know you are armed the situation could escalate because of THEIR actions because they may think that you've got their back.

    Welcome to the world of CC.
  5. PcolaDawg

    PcolaDawg Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice. I'm certainly not going to be letting anybody know when I'm carrying a gun, but I do have one problem. My kids know I have my CCW now and I can just see them coming up to me in public and asking me if I'm carrying a gun. :eek:

    Your words of wisdom reminded me to tell them not to do that, and I'll make sure to let them know tonight.
  6. Mp7

    Mp7 Well-Known Member

    HAve your kids sit down with you - and seriously explain to them, why
    THAT gun is none of their shouting-around business.

    Prepare them... as you can not be mad at them
    when they do ... they´re kiddies.
  7. Texian

    Texian Well-Known Member

    "My kids know I have my CCW now and I can just see them coming up to me in public and asking me if I'm carrying a gun. "

    That a good point, I have not thought of that..

    TRGRHPY Well-Known Member

    I had a sit-down with my kids (5 and 6 y/o) and explained to them how important it is for them not to say anything to anyone that I have a firearm with me. I also had to explain to them that they cannot talk about it with their friends at school. I nipped it in the bud first thing and I haven't had a single incident.
  9. twoclones

    twoclones Well-Known Member

    When my daughter was small and someone came around who frightened her, she would feel my side to be sure I was carrying. That was never a problem. Plus what Mp7 said...
  10. PcolaDawg

    PcolaDawg Well-Known Member

    Really? Watch me. :fire:

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