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Got my M-1 Carbine !! Good source for cheap ammo?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by megatronrules, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. megatronrules

    megatronrules Well-Known Member

    Hi all. Got my M1 Carbine. I paid $300 out the door. It's a Plainfield Machine model. It has a factory under-folding stock. The bluing is worn some, but the gun is in really good shape. The bore looks good as well. Im happy with it all in all. I havent had a chance to shoot it yet though. Where can I get ammo cheap? I went down to Wallyworld and all they have is Remington UMC at $14 a box of 50! Not exactly cheap. Thats as much as .45acp ammo. Thought I would ask here for an ammo source. Thanks all.
  2. BamBam

    BamBam Well-Known Member

  3. Sven

    Sven Senior Member


    I've become a carbine fanatic recently, and have been sourcing ammo. My favorite place for cheap ball is Natchezss.com - they have S&B .30 caliber ball for about $8.50 per 50 rounds.

    Wideners has Hollow Soft Points (preferred hunting / self defense ammo) for $12.50 per 50:


    I also have been finding useful information on BattleRifles.com... be sure to check out my thread here on THR regarding

    putting a red dot on an M1 carbine

    Enjoy and be sure to share your observations.

  4. ACP230

    ACP230 Well-Known Member

    AIM Surplus, www.aimsurplus.com had Armscorp .30 Carbine for a good price recently. It is made in the Philippines. I haven't used any yet, but saw a good report on it on another board.

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  5. dude

    dude Well-Known Member

    The Korean mil-surp stuff is good & cheap ..........comes out of the same production machine(s) as the PMC ammo
  6. Sven

    Sven Senior Member

    Shucks, looks like AIMSurplus is temporarily out of the carbine ammo.
  7. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Cheaper Than Dirt has armscor 30 cal fmj for $8.97/50 rds. It's the Phillipine stuff.

    Check out cheaperthandirt.com
  8. Chainsaw

    Chainsaw Well-Known Member

    www.natchezss.com has Sellier&Bellot for $8.35 per50. I have used this ammo and it works well in each of my National Ordnance Carbines and reloads well also.

    Another inexpensive source is www.outdoor-source.com around $8.99 per50 of S&B
  9. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Well-Known Member

    The CMP is selling it for around $7 a box.
  10. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

  11. Sven

    Sven Senior Member


    Is that stuff at Ammoman corrosive?

    I know that much of the early Lake City stuff is corrosive... thanks for the help.


  12. ScottsGT

    ScottsGT Well-Known Member

  13. Onslaught

    Onslaught Well-Known Member

    www.georgia-arms.com in the "canned heat" section.

    They've got great prices on FMJ as well as soft-point ammo.
  14. Sven

    Sven Senior Member

    Just ordered some "canned heat" FMJ from Georgia Arms - nice guy over the phone. Also ordered some Wideners Soft Point, only to be informed that they are out of stock!!!

    "Too good to be true"

    Will report ammo performance at a later date when I have a chance to do some benchrest shooting (and when I get my newly restored and rebarrelled 'shooter' carbine... I'm leaving the pristine Winchester as a 'safe queen').

  15. Pinned&Recessed

    Pinned&Recessed Well-Known Member

    Sven, is that true? I'm not saying you're wrong, but I've heard that due to the short-tappet gas system of the M1 Carbine, corrosive ammo is super-bad for it and has never been made for it, even back in the '40s. I know even the Korean Surplus from the '80s is Non-corrosive. I figured IT would be corrosive at the very least.

    I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong, or that you're right and I'm wrong, but when I hear two different pieces of information, I try to get to the bottom of it. :)

    "Just the facts ma'am" and all that:D :D
  16. 106rr

    106rr Well-Known Member

    I'm no expert but I was told that there is virtually no corrosive ammo for that caliber.
    Good Luck
  17. Tommy Gunn

    Tommy Gunn Well-Known Member

  18. Sven

    Sven Senior Member

    Tommy: LOL... good call. What bullet designs have you used?

    You may want to share your experiences on my thread here on THR regarding Reloading for the M-1 Carbine
  19. Sven

    Sven Senior Member

    Regarding the corrosivity, you may want to check out this chart at Fulton Armory showing when Lake City and other facilities began used styphnate (non-corrosive) primers.

    My 5 mint boxes of Lake City .30 Carbine ammo headstamped 1943 are definitely corrosive - not that I would want to shoot away history, anyhow.

    Hope that helps.
  20. lmccrock

    lmccrock Well-Known Member

    Sven: How do you know your ammo is corrosive? Like others, I believe no USGI 30 carbine ammo was corrosive. Maybe Korean or other manufacture, but not USGI.

    U.S. GI Non-Corrosive Primers and scroll down to 30 Carbine.

    The Fulton link is a GREAT resource for 30-06, but it chops off some notes from the TM9-1305 doc, and the notes say all 30 carbine is non corrosive:

    http://oldguns.net/newsletter/nl4.shtml and scroll down to "Useful Information". I wish I could see the actual TM doc to be sure.


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