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Got my Out of state Washington Permit today

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Double Maduro, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Double Maduro

    Double Maduro Well-Known Member

    It was actually easier and faster than my Oregon resident CHL.

    No appointment necessary, just show up at the Clark County sheriffs office and they will walk you through the procedure.

    No class necessary

    No picture, just prints and a simple form.

    Under 30 days, they said it would take 60.

    This is about three months less than Oregon. It was over 2 months before I could get an appointment and 45 days 'til I got the permit.

    Now I don't have to disarm myself before I cross the river.

  2. brian0128

    brian0128 Well-Known Member

    How much was the permit?
  3. voilsb

    voilsb Well-Known Member

    Where in OR did you get yours? I got mine in Benton County. I walked in on a Tuesday to pick up the packet, turned it in on Thursday, got my picture and prints. About a month later, it arrives in the mail.

    Of course, I was then and still am kinda peeved that I had to have my prints and picture taken and my name in some database as having a carry permit, but I'm also a law-abiding citizen. This, unfortunately, was and still is somewhat of a moral dilemma for me.

    So WA out-of-state permits are easy to come by, eh? I wonder if I might get one so I wouldn't have to go through the debate of "should I or should I not carry anyway ..."

    Of course, I don't go to WA too often, so I don't have to debate that very often.

    Now, if only recipriocity was the same as for a driver's license ... every state in the Union recognizes Oregon driver's licenses, and some foreign states (like Canada) do, too.
  4. Double Maduro

    Double Maduro Well-Known Member


    The cost was $60. $36 for the license and $24 for the FBI check.


    I got my Oregon permit in Multnomah county. Idaho recognises the Oregon CHL.

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