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Got my XD

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ArkansasFatboy, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. ArkansasFatboy

    ArkansasFatboy New Member

    Guys I got my XD .45acp tactical and I love it points great and is accurate I am thinking of buying a subcompact xd in .40 or 9mm also
  2. possum

    possum New Member

    congrats, i have a service model .40 and a sc that i bought this week. I love them and i love the whole xd line up i couldn't be more happy with them. the sc to me seems to be a little better balanced, i just can't wait to get out there and try out the new sc. congrats again, an happy shooting to you.
  3. treebeard

    treebeard New Member

    Congrats! I love my XD45 Tactical. You should check out the compact XD45 as well as the 9mm. I plan on getting the XD45 compact when I get home for sure.
  4. bigcim

    bigcim New Member

    I want a xd 10mm dammit
  5. GunNut

    GunNut New Member

    Congrats, i'm sure that you will love it.

  6. Bazooka Joe71

    Bazooka Joe71 New Member

    D***it guys, I am tired of hearing about how much you love your XD's!

    If you could, would you please shut up about your XD's until I can find the .45 service model in OD green. I have been wanting one for awhile now, and my shop I frequent NEVER has any in. So until my XD void has been filled, please quit posting about how great they are.
  7. 51Cards

    51Cards New Member

    Gee --- since you're lusting after a .45, guess it won't annoy you to know how much I LOVE my XD-9/SC :D :D :D :D !
  8. possum

    possum New Member

    hey bud i can't can't not love my xd's, and i can't not talk about them, they are like my kids!

    have you looked at Pop guns in indy? they might have the one you are looking for. www.popguns.com
  9. CDH

    CDH New Member

    Got both the XD45 Service in Bi-Tone and a black XD9SubC AND LOVE THEM BOTH :neener:

    FYI: I don't know if there are Gander Mountain stores where you're at, but I was in our local store where they had both a XD45 Tactical AND an XD45 Service with the OD frame and black slide.
    They look good in their own way, but I'm still glad I got the B-Tone :)

    The point it; they're out there. Perhaps you just need to contact some of the larger of your local dealers and have them order you exactly what you want. You might end up with it sooner that way rather than waiting to come across one by accident.
  10. Bazooka Joe71

    Bazooka Joe71 New Member

    Thanks for the heads up possum....

    The reason I've been waiting, is because the place I go to is by far and large the cheapest around this area. I can get the XD45 service for a shade over 450, and if I wanted to buy it here in town, its going to be 100 more than that.
  11. possum

    possum New Member

    no problem brother. i was there last thanksgiving, and did a little shooting at thier range, i was impressed with their selection of weapons and accessries, and there price weren't that bad either.
  12. Texfire

    Texfire New Member

    I got a chance to look at the XD45 Compact yesterday. Feel is identical to the service model XD45s, except the slightly smaller grip. However even though I have what I consider large hands I was able to get a full grip with the short mag. Combine the easier to conceal grip with the full sized mag/grip extension and you have a carry gun that can double as a full-sized service gun.

    I've been looking for a carry gun in .45 for awhile so even though it wasn't the more attractive bi-tone, it was just what I've been looking for. It's now on layaway to keep it from getting snatched up before I get the rest of the cash together. I suspect I'll be very happy with it.

    As an aside I saw the new Taurus 1911 and the fit and finish was very attractive, but it didn't sway me from the XD, I already have a 1911. But put it on my list for the future.

  13. XDKingslayer

    XDKingslayer member

    Have you looked at the ones in the Earth color. It's basically tan instead of green and actually looks better than the green in person.
  14. MechAg94

    MechAg94 New Member

    Tan might be better for concealed carry. That color may not raise red flags if the grip shows under a shirt or something.
  15. SuperNaut

    SuperNaut Active Member

    Could one of you guys who have two XD's in the same caliber please see if the slides are interchangeable? I hear that Springfield is making the compact in a 5" model and it would be nice to be have the ability to swap slides with the 4" tactical that I already own.
  16. PCRit

    PCRit New Member

    I picked up the Compact XD45 last week. I agree with Texfire, it works much better for CCW with the 10rnd mag, and I can still use the 13rnd mags.

    If you want to carry the same ammo you use in your tactical, the Compact XD45 should work fine. You still have a full-size (3-finger) grip with a 4" barrel so you'll have the same "feel" whether it's your range gun, or CCW, which should help with accuracy.
  17. Katana8869

    Katana8869 New Member

    You XD45 Compact guys are killin' me with envy. Mine is on backorder! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHH! :cuss: lol

    This will be my entry into the XD fraternity and the wait is driving me up the wall. :D
  18. PCRit

    PCRit New Member

  19. XD Fan

    XD Fan New Member

    XDs rock! For those of you who haven't bought one yet, when you get it, it will live up to the hype!
  20. Katana8869

    Katana8869 New Member

    Taked to my dealer today. My XD45 Compact has been shipped from the supplier and it should arrive monday! My work schedule is going to get in the way so I may have to wait until the middle or end of the week to pick it up. At least now I know it's on it's way here! :D

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