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Got one of those Saiga AK-47's...anything cool I can buy for it?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by RemingtonFreak870, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. RemingtonFreak870

    RemingtonFreak870 Well-Known Member

    Also what is the deal with these? I got it off a friend who was moving to New York and wanted to sell it. I got it for $150, figured $150 for anything that would reliably shoot a 7.62x39mm bullet was worth it. Oh and he had only shot it once, and I was there and shot it with him:D I have managed to fit a 30 round traditional magazine to it, which works o.k. Is there anything cool to be done with them? Any cool stocks? Is this a reliable firearm? I have put a couple hundred rounds through it, and so far it seems good.
  2. grizz

    grizz Well-Known Member

  3. MRIman

    MRIman Well-Known Member

    You might have got a standard AK mag to fit,
    but you might be still missing a a feed ramp in your front
    trunion. Looks like a curved piece that sits rearward of your
    chamber,yet foward of your mag.
    Then you need to "convert it" to standard AK style.
    You will need to add 5 US made parts to be legal with
    a pistol grip.
    Before pic:

    My Saiga 308 after a few hours work:


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