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GP100 wood grip options

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by high country, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. high country

    high country Well-Known Member

    I am looking for a set of wood grips for my GP100. I like the look of the Lett grips, but those aren't available anymore as far as I can tell. I also like the Eagle grips (http://www.eaglegrips.com/guns/Rosewood-Grips-checkered-138.html), but have read that quality is hit or miss with them. I think that it is the square butt that attracts me to both of those.

    I am interested in hearing about people's experience with Eagle grips in general, and whether there are other grips that I should consider in looking for some new furniture for my GP.

  2. lowercase

    lowercase Well-Known Member

    I bought a set of Eagle "Secret Service" grips for my Charter Bulldog. I thought the design looked awesome. I've seen pics of some very nice ones over on the S&W forum, but here's my experience:

    The were awful and cost close to 100 bucks. Absolutely atrocious fit and finish. Gaps behind the trigger guard, didn't follow the contour of the backstrap, didn't match up well with each other, and color & grain from one side didn't match the other.

    They looked like they had been made by a junior apprentice in the dark or something. I was pretty surprised that a company would let something that bad be shipped out to represent their name.

    Needless to say, I returned them immediately. I wasn't even interested in getting them replaced. I figure that if your first effort is that poor, then just forget it. Getting a refund was quite an adventure. It took 2 phone calls and three emails over a month's time just to get them to make a simple Paypal™ refund. After every time I called or emailed, I was assured that they would refund my money "tomorrow".

    I would rate my experience with Eagle Grips at a solid "F". :barf:

    Hope this aids you in your search.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2013
  3. high country

    high country Well-Known Member

    It does indeed sir. Thanks for your input. That was essentially the impression that I got from reading other reviews. I just don't think I can take a hundred dollar gamble on Eagle.

    It is becoming more apparent to me that one of the weaknesses of the GP100 is the lack of grip options if you don't care for the oversized look of hogue and want solid wood. Maybe the old style wood panel rubber grips are going to be the way to go,

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. GP100man

    GP100man Well-Known Member

    Been looking for a set for yrs., few & far inbetween & then the owner not for sale em !

    Settled on the panel grips myself .

  5. RUT

    RUT Well-Known Member

    Now that's the way Rugers should look! :)
  6. Dan-O

    Dan-O Well-Known Member

    There are a few sets of the Lett style grips on ebay right now. Midwayusa carries them too, but they appear to be about a month out on back order.
  7. Torian

    Torian Well-Known Member

    Ahrends are outstanding. Custom CNC'd for each revolver. However, expect about a 6-8 week wait.
  8. DirksterG30

    DirksterG30 Well-Known Member

  9. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf member

    I hated the panel grips for a long time, probably since my carry gun back then was a 4" 686 with huge Hogue's. A panel that came with my new GP was cracked so Ruger sent me a whole replacement free.. I still use the glued cracked one and have grown to love it/them.
  10. Dan-O

    Dan-O Well-Known Member

    I don't think Ahrends makes grips for Ruger Revos...but I guess maybe they have seen the light.
  11. high country

    high country Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses.

    A set of those Retro Target Stocks from Ahrends would be great. Maybe I will give them a call to see if they can do those for the GP100.

    I will check out ebay too for a set of Lett style grips. I didn't see any on midway's website, but I will look again in case I just missed them. Everyone seems to have the hogue grips, and I am looking for something in a more classic style. I can always switch the rubber hogues back on if I feel like shooting that style grip.
  12. Revoliver

    Revoliver Well-Known Member

    I would like to suggest Hogue Rosewood Laminate grips if I may, as I love mine and think they really 'set the gun off'.

    Edit: I only suggest it as a medium between classic looks and newer grip style while being laminate should make it very durable and in less need of maintenance.

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2013
  13. Dan-O

    Dan-O Well-Known Member

  14. RugRev

    RugRev Well-Known Member

    Herrett's makes grips for the GP100. Their website is at:


    Nill-Griffe in Germany makes some grips for the GP100, too:


    Badger makes wood grips for the GP100 which if ordered from Jim Badger, himself, can be ordered without finger grooves and sized for your hand. These probably are not the shape you want but on one of the Ruger Forums sometime back someone posted a picture of these without the finger grooves.

    At one time Lett made a solid rosewood grip for the GP100 with the same configuration as the rubber grip with panel inserts. It could be ordered as an option from Ruger. Either Lett or Altamont made some wood grips for the GP100 for one of the special distributor runs. These may turn up for sale on the 'net at various sites.

    LUCKYDAWG13 Well-Known Member

    i have Eagle grips on my 92fs and on my black hawk
    i think they did a top notch job on them i would and
    will buy more grips from them i will give them in A
    i would give them in A+ but it took 3 weeks to get
    them when i ordered them i did call and talked to
    Bill i told him what i wanted and thats what i got
  16. GP100man

    GP100man Well-Known Member

    High Country is looking for a set of Rosewood grips that are all wood, shaped like the rubber of the panel grips .

    Made by Lett for special runs of GPs , LEO revolvers & very small runs for the fledgling Davidson Dist.

    RUT , Thanks for the kind words !! I`ve tried many grips over the yrs but always come back to the Lett panel style , they fit & custom panel makers abound these days . 1chig over on The Firingline Forum made the 1s in the pic .

    I had em make em 1/16 of an inch thicker & added the case heads on the 1s in the pic.

    Grips are a very personal thing to me & others , I give very little opinions or influece over what "supposed to work" as to what is comfortable & functional .
  17. Tony_the_tiger

    Tony_the_tiger Well-Known Member

    Used to use these (Hogue Cocobolo):


    Now I use these (special edition Wiley Clapp's):


    If I was looking for more fancy wood I'd buy a pair of desert ironwood grips from Gemini Customs

  18. high country

    high country Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, those are some awfully attractive photos that you folks have of your GPs with the old style rubber grips with various panels. I am leaning that way because of the classic shape, more classic look, and the ability to play around with different panels for $25 a pop rather than almost $100 for a full set of grips. Maybe I will happen across one of the sets of original Lett wood grips at some point, but for now, $35 is worth it to get rid of those massive hogue things and add a little wood to my GP.

    Going to place an order in the next couple days. I will try to remember to post a picture. Thanks a ton for the help :D
  19. GP100man

    GP100man Well-Known Member


    Don`t forget the locating pin for the panel grips , as the Hogues attach with the stirrup set up .

    Just a few more.

  20. biohazurd

    biohazurd Well-Known Member

    I like badger grips on my gp100. Sexy and comfortable. I have some for my sp101 as well. But imo houges still are the most soft shooting. Especially with hot loads.

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