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Grand Power K100 MK7

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ifit, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. ifit

    ifit Well-Known Member

  2. Bohemus

    Bohemus Well-Known Member

    I own K100 mk.6
    Great gun, reliable, feeds anything - you can actualy slowly cycle the slide by hand and it still feeds the round! It should be lubed a bit though. Mags work in CZ75 SP-01.
    Its completely ambidextrous - slide release, mag release and safety. Field strip is simple and gun has no sharp edges - insluding sights - perfect for carry or manipulation. Spring is rather weak, so its super easy to rack the slide, but it doesnt cause any problems.
    Great gun overall. And has good reputation.
    Ive shot mk.7 and long Excalibur version - also great, for some reason the newer guns have 15rd. capacity mags - mine has 17rd. Dont know why as mags are reliable. While ergonomy resemles the one of CZ75, its actually bit bigger in hand.

    my guns:

    If you have more questions, i can dig up more info from Czech&Slovak forums.

    And also forgive me my Czechglish.
  3. tag129

    tag129 Member

    How would you compare Glock 17 or SW MP9 vs Grand Power? Personally I don't like glock and mp9 at all.
  4. Bohemus

    Bohemus Well-Known Member

    I like Glock 17 as long as I dont have to shoot it ;), I shot MP9 (rare gun here) only once few ears ago and whille it was quite fine guns, I like GP K100 better. I have to admit Cz75 (Phantom) and Duty fits my hand even better.
    And i should mention that K100 trigger reset is the shortest Ive ever experienced on pistol.
  5. tekarra

    tekarra Well-Known Member

    I have read good reports on the Grand Power on a Canadian forum. The original GPs have been available there for some time. I was happy to learn they are now available in three sizes.
  6. tag129

    tag129 Member

    I have a cz sp01 shadow and I'm used to the heavier weight. It might be hard to get use to it
  7. tag129

    tag129 Member

    How's the recoil?
  8. Jaymo

    Jaymo Well-Known Member

    It looks like it's the same size as the .45 EAA Witness. Probably a bit slimmer, due to the plastic frame and lack of grip panels.
  9. ifit

    ifit Well-Known Member

    thanks bohemus for that great info, good to know that the grip size is slightly bigger than a cz75, i have shot my friends cz TS (grip is bigger) which really felt better in my hands than my cz shadow. good to know that the cz75 mags will fit cause i have 3ea. 18 rounders that came with my cz shadow.
    just watched a video of the k100 dumping 1,250 rounds continously with no problems on june 2012. once received will get some close up pics, and range results:)
  10. Bohemus

    Bohemus Well-Known Member

    ifit: CZ mags doesnt work in K100, but K100 mags (sometimes) fit SP-01.
    K100 mags have conventional slot on side just as cz75 has, but they need anoher slot on front side of the mag - its ambidextrous release.
    It may be possible to convert CZ mags to fit K100, but I think it doesnt worth the effort.
  11. ifit

    ifit Well-Known Member

    oops, i misread your post. i understand now, thanks
  12. mavracer

    mavracer Well-Known Member

    I have a STI GP6c wonderful gun very accurate and the best SA trigger of any conventional DA/SA. I hate the ergos on a Glock. M&Ps have better ergos but I actually like the trigger on the SR9 better.
  13. ifit

    ifit Well-Known Member

    finally picked up the gp k100 today w/some range results, fits like a glove, though have not tried any of the 3 other back straps offered. trigger is nice estimating around 4lbs. some pics of the gun and range results

    shots were all standing, shooting off hand
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2012
  14. Shoot66

    Shoot66 Well-Known Member

    I have got the K100 in 2007; if I remember correctly and shortly afterwards have turned it into my EDC, replacing a CZ 2075 RAMI. That was still the MK6 „frame“. There was a detail that needed a simple tweaking – the slide catch pin was moving out from time to time. The sights are set for a POI 4´´ about the POA at 25 meters (therefore the slightly high POI above) what can be changed, if one wishes so, as Grand Power offers the FS in 3 difrent heights. I, personally, opted for the Dynamic type rear sight and a fiber optic front sight.
    Last July I got an offer to have the polymer frame changed for MK7 for free, so now I have a hybrid.
    BTW, the Grand Power has the .45 ACP model ready. I had a chance to test it and can say that due to the rotational locking system the recoil was very soft. The last time I spoke with the head of the company they were waiting only for the magazines. I was also told that the .40 S&W model will follow soon as the modification of the steel container and poly frame once they have the .45 is not too complicated.
  15. PabloJ

    PabloJ Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing. I knew they made good bread and cheese but who knew interesting handguns were also made there? Having had PA-15 I'm sold on rotating barrel principle and am going have to look at that .45ACP they came up with.
  16. Texmex247

    Texmex247 Member

    Sti gp6 aka k100

    I own both a GP6 as well as a few K100s. Aside from the marking on the slide, and magazine capacity,they are the exact same gun. These pistols are easily the best kept secret in the handgun world. If you own more than one nine, do yourself a favor, sell one and buy one of these. They are some of the best performing pistols you will find at any price range. I have also shot, owned and/or handled hi powers and clones, glocks, CZ 75s, Eaa witness's, smith 9mms, beretta 92s and ninety-twos, P99s, and then some. Only the CZ(w/trigger work) can perform as well. In the hands of even a novice shooter, the SA trigger is light and easy to control, lending itself to awesome accuracy. Now that century has distribution rights, the price has dropped significantly but I bet it will shoot right back up as soon as people realize the quality of this firearm. The only shortcoming of this gun may be that it has an akward takedown release but otherwise this pistol is a thing of beauty. Buy one and you won't be disappointed!

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    It was probably determined that 17 round magazines require over compressing the spring.
  18. PabloJ

    PabloJ Well-Known Member

    The make nice leather goods, bread and have fine women so there is no reason their guns shouldn't be very good. Remember Croatian HS2000 which would not sell for about $250. Now it's called Springfield XD and many think it's best thing since sliced bread. Slovakia isn't much different then Croatia except because of Czecho----Slovakia most here know it's in Europe.
  19. mr.trooper

    mr.trooper Well-Known Member

    They do not compare. At all.

    For all their redeeming qualities, both the Glock and the M&P are generic spongy triggered striker fired pistols. The K100 is a unique hammer fired pistol with an absurdly light, creep free and crisp single action trigger and a smooth mild double action pull.

    The Reliability and service life of the K100 are beyond repute. Anyone who does any research into Grand Powers prototype testing will be stunned at the round counts racked up by these guns. Reliability and durability are without question.

    For the price you pay for these guns, you are stealing them.
  20. Stringfellow

    Stringfellow Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the close up pictures--they look pristine, with excellent build quality. They don't seem to be decorated with lots of internal tool marks like my CZs... ;)

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