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Grassroots Letter Writing vs. Political Action

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by hso, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    We'll use this to move the sidebar on the TRU policy in Activism here to Activism Discussion.

    I suggest everyone read the stickies on posting both in Activism and here in Activism Discussion.
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  2. snubbies

    snubbies Well-Known Member

    At last there is someone who realizes the folly of trying to buck a billion dollar company over something that is not illegal and well within their rights. Right on Point Guillermo
  3. snubbies

    snubbies Well-Known Member

  4. snubbies

    snubbies Well-Known Member

    Corporate runaround

    This all you can expect. Even writing to the CEO will only bring a response from a hirling. I have had this same experience when challenging government rules and regulations. I have read all postings. Your only chance is to get someone or entity to take up your cause. A newspaper, lawyer, recognized gun activist group, NRA for example.
  5. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member


    That's not the case. Just recently gun owners pressured Krogers and got them adopt a neutral policy. We had to try and make the pressure and our position clear, but they heard us and responded favorably.
  6. snubbies

    snubbies Well-Known Member

    Neutral Policy


    I don't know what you mean by a neutral policy but from all indications TRU is not interested in any compromise. How many letters or e-mails do you figure have been sent?? Good luck in your endeavors. I still favor a class action suit to let the courts decide. You should allow the forum members to protest with their dollars in financing a legal action. It would be interesting to see if a lawyer would take the case or at least advise on your chances of winning. Protesting via mail and e-mail is only a first step.
  7. On what grounds? What are the injuries and who would have standing?
  8. snubbies

    snubbies Well-Known Member


    Based on the contension held by many on the forum TRU is violating the constitional right and protections of the 2nd amendment. You got my point???
  9. I'm with Jorg on this one. You can't really argue damages here. It's private property occupied by a privately owned company. They have the legal right to set these kinds of policies so long as they do not violate local, state, and/or federal law.

    Granted, you could FILE the lawsuit no problem. The issue is that it would never make it to court. The only people who would benefit would be the lawyers who take the money form the forum members to file suit and the lawyers for TRU/BRU who will be able to bill a couple extra hours filing the inevitable dismissal.

    I say that we keep on with the letters and e-mails and the boycott. I think it's important to also spread awareness as much as possible. Hit the other forums you frequent. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers of like mind.
  10. But that's the thing, it's not a violation of the second amendment. They are simply stating that you are not allowed to bear arms on their property, which based on law and legal precedent is perfectly within their rights.
  11. snubbies

    snubbies Well-Known Member

    Class Action

    You made my point exactly. There is no cause of action here. It is well within there rights to regulate the conduct of their business. Writing all the e-mails and letters will proably not change their policies and there is nothing that can be done to force them to change them. If they yeild to the flood of mail that is their option. I sincerely doubt this will occur but if it does BRAVO.
  12. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    That is a defeatist attitude.

    They did not get to be a national company by using bad business practices.

    Showing them that they are losing money and raising their liability can quite possibly make them reconsider the policy.
  13. Big Boy

    Big Boy Well-Known Member

    He said FORCE. We can't force. We can show them the logical decision with the loss of money and liability and HOPE they are smart enough to make the correct decision.
  14. snubbies

    snubbies Well-Known Member

    Atta boy

    BIG BOY has the bottom line to this. I USED THE WORD FORCE. Maybe you can coerice or intimidate them to do it but the final decision is theirs
  15. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    While that sentence was clearly suggesting that we are wasting our time you did say "force". It is true that we cannot "force" them to change their policy.

    Personally I am happy that in the country formerly known as "America" that we cannot "force" them. The decision SHOULD be theirs.

    We can appeal to logic, good business practice and a morality.
  16. CHEVELLE427

    CHEVELLE427 Well-Known Member

    nothing will change till they see a loss of money.

    money is all they care about.

    writing letters will work somewhat but take you $$$$$$$$$$$$$ else were will get there attention,
    and passing the word around on them and also on any other no guns allowed store.


    few hundred here and there will sooner or later make a difference, as long as we don't cave in.

  17. snubbies

    snubbies Well-Known Member

    Toys R Us Financial report

    Fiscal Year ending in January (2010) Domestic and Foreign Sales 13568 Million (13 billion 568 Million dollars). This was down 1.10% over 2009 fiscal year. This is reflected in the poor economy. It will be difficult to judge the effect of the boycott in these economic times. I believe sometime in the future TRU will stop responding to your correspondence. You will hurt them in the pocketbook but not enough to pressure them into changing their policy. TRU was scheduled to go public in May of 2010????
  18. esquare

    esquare Well-Known Member

    snubbies - if you want something to succeed, you need to have a little more faith. :) Boycotts can and do work for large businesses. There isn't a CEO on the planet that doesn't feel something when he gets competitors receipts sent to him. This is in activism - if you don't support the cause, you don't have to post in the thread.
  19. snubbies

    snubbies Well-Known Member


    I do support all reasonable protests. I don't think this boycott ha a snowballs chance of success. This is born out by the responces you are receiving. This started as a result of one forum member being asked to leave the TRU in Utah. This request was within the TRU's rights. I would rather see efforts made to push for CCW rights in those States (Illinois in particular) where those rights are denied. This cause would affect more 2nd AMendment advocates than the present issue. Nothing I have said will affect the outcome of your boycott. What I have said is my opinion. To have a meaningful discussion of a subject both sides must be presented. There were a few others who agree with me in some degree. Are you attempting to violate my 1st Amendment rights as a member of this Forum? My threads are not demeaning or confrontational. My business is selling snubnose revolvers so the more people that are allowed to CCW the better it is for my business.
  20. esquare

    esquare Well-Known Member

    Ha - THR is a private entity - here you have no 1st amendment rights. :) See the irony?

    All I'm saying is the if this particular activism doesn't suit you, why are you trying to railroad it instead of spending the time on activism you care about more (which, I do agree that IL needs CCW badly!)?

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