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Grease a .22LR?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Dynasty, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Dynasty

    Dynasty Well-Known Member

    Anyone use a light coat of grease as apposed to oil on their .22 rifles? Would grease just build up on the action of a semi automatic rifle (Marlin Model 60)? Thanks for the input.
  2. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member

    I've found that in a .22LR semi-auto, just about anything that is semi-heavy will end up turning into a thick paste once you start shooting, from the powder and wax/lead residue. Starting with everything totally clean, I use a very small amount of FP10.
  3. mp510

    mp510 Well-Known Member

    In some bolt actions (esp CZ's) it is adventageous to use grease rather than oil because there is a propensity for droplets that settle to spit out of the rear of the bolt. With semi-autos, you want to avoid grease, other posters have mentioned.
  4. Atticum

    Atticum Well-Known Member

  5. Average Joe

    Average Joe Well-Known Member

    I use a thin film of grease on anything where metal rubs on metal.
  6. dagger dog

    dagger dog Well-Known Member

    I use Lubri-Plate lithium grease on all my .22 rimfires, any place the metal slides across metal. Use a small artists paint brush to apply a very small amount then burnish it with a Q-Tip to remove any excess.
    The rest of the parts that turn on a pin I use a good grade of oil,as lubricant and prevent rust.
  7. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    i use high temp lithium grease on all my guns. including my ar .22 lr conversion kit.
  8. Schleprok62

    Schleprok62 Well-Known Member

    I have a Remington 597 I grease the bottom of the bolt and the guide rods. I use a very light film and make sure that there are no gobs anywhere... I also use the same stuff on my AR in the trigger group and the bottom of the bolt where it slides over the hammer... Remoil everywhere else...

  9. moooose102

    moooose102 Well-Known Member

    I think it at least partially depends on how dirty of ammo you are shooting. Most 22lr's are at least fairly dirty, so grease + dirt (unburnt and burnt gunpowder residue) = sludge. I have found that a dry film lubricant works much better in my rimfires.
  10. wrc376

    wrc376 member

    i spray the receiver of my 60 with wd-40, blows out the gunk and lubes... countless thousands of rounds and it spits them out like clockwork
  11. Horsemany

    Horsemany Well-Known Member

    Properly applied grease in a light film is no messier than a light film of oil in any of the guns I've ever used it on.
  12. Interceptor_Knight

    Interceptor_Knight Well-Known Member

    Any sliding surfaces get light gun grease I then use a light coat of synthetic oil and wipe off the excess. Between the two, my guns run very well. I even use this on chewed up Remington 740 and 742 "jamomatics" and they almost always keep working.
  13. CZguy

    CZguy Well-Known Member

    Yep, me too.
  14. Rubber_Duck

    Rubber_Duck Well-Known Member

    I don't recommend grease in a .22LR. It is a dirty caliber and most lubes I've used turn into a sticky gray mess.
  15. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    ahh, the mod 60, so ubiquitous, so sublime. the thing on mod 60's is this; run them with as little oil as possible, and the thinner the better. If you have electronics oil, that would be best.
    So to wrap up, unless on something like guide rods, which aremostly to the rear of the bolt assy., grease is a no no.
  16. hadmanysons

    hadmanysons Well-Known Member

    I try not to use grease on any Semi-Auto because of the tendency of gases/residue/grime escaping. Grease on my pump action shotgun is a different story. Unfortunately on my Mossberg 702, no matter what I do, how many round or how well I clean it before hand, when I go shooting it gets dirty as hell.
  17. Interceptor_Knight

    Interceptor_Knight Well-Known Member

    I even use a little grease on my AR15...
  18. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    I use dry lube on my 22 auto's.
  19. bill in IN

    bill in IN Well-Known Member

    Grease is also much better in cold weather IMHO
  20. Horsemany

    Horsemany Well-Known Member

    Very lightly greasing the wear surfaces on the top of the bolt on the M60. That's what mine needed to run smoothly.

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