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Great Opportunity: 1000 yds Aboard MCB Quantico

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by echo3mike, May 26, 2003.

  1. echo3mike

    echo3mike Well-Known Member

    The Virginia 1000 Yard Benchrest Association holds monthly benchrest matches aboard MCB Quantico using Range 4. This season, they've added a factory class relay, which is just that...bring your favorite shootin' iron out 'n see what it can do. If you've never been to a BR match, it's a new and different world: personally, I've never seen someone bolt a scoped, barreled action onto a railroad tie before.

    I've wanted to get dope for my current .308 scope and load at 1k, and Quantico is pretty much it for LR ranges in the area. So I took the plunge. All I can say is what a blast!

    Since I didn't have any data, one of the other shooters volunteered to spot for my sighters, and got me on paper in 3 shots...after that, it was up to me. Fortunately, the weather held out and the wind only bit me a little. All of my record shots were scored, albeit left thanks to the wind. And of course, that one friggin' flyer moves my group out from around 12" to about 19"...c'est la vie.

    Everyone involved was friendly and helpful...the whole thing had a family picnic atmosphere. They have Marines to pull and score targets, and they performed with their customary professionalism.

    If you're in the area and interested in LR rifle shooting, this is an excellent opportunity to get your feet wet. They shoot IBS rules; six minutes for sighting in, and 10 minutes for your 5 record shots. It's not a alot of time, but if you're a new shooter they really want you to have a good time and they make every attempt to help you out.

  2. curt

    curt Well-Known Member

    I was over at range 1 yesterday, drove right past you folks. After i get some decent ammo dialed in on one of my .30s i plan to stop by. Man those 1000yard targets are intimidating!

    What was the cost?
  3. El Rojo

    El Rojo Well-Known Member

    You might be surprised how easy it is to shoot 1000 yards. The easiest challenge is to get a rifle that has enough MOA on the scope. That is the easy part because any 20 MOA angled base should get you there. The hardest part is learning the wind. I am pretty bad at it. Still, on a calm day, I have shot some pretty darn good scores with my Remington 700 VS in .308 using Sierra 175 SMKs powered by 42.8 grns. of IMR 4064. It is a lot of fun.
  4. echo3mike

    echo3mike Well-Known Member

    El Rojo's right. It wasn't too tough, and the winds were pretty gentle, like <5mph from 2:00 at the 600yd line, 'bout the same at the target. Nice, easy way to get some dope and a little experience. I know some guys from QSC keep trying to schedule time on range 4, but they keep getting cancelled.

    The cost is $20 for non members, $15 for members of the club. The folks were really supportive, and had a little pow-wow for all the "new shooters" to make sure they had the safety orders down and had the right equipment for the task, like having 35 or 40 MOA ele available on your scope.

    The web site has some guidlines for the factory class, but it's mostly for shots and grins. Also has the schedule for the remaining matches.

  5. Chris Rhines

    Chris Rhines Well-Known Member

    This I gotta try!! Time to start thinking about a .308 bolt gun.

    - Chris

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