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Great Video for women and the NRA

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by all4soccer, May 1, 2013.

  1. all4soccer

    all4soccer Member

  2. tekarra

    tekarra Well-Known Member

    Excellent video, it needs to get widespread distribution.
  3. TheSaint

    TheSaint Well-Known Member

    Cute, pro-Constitution ladies who love their guns. What's not to love? :D
  4. PT92

    PT92 Well-Known Member

    NRA Gets It

    I have noticed a perceptible change in the NRA's marketing that is much more contemporary and social-media oriented. I was talking to someone the other day about how we (NRA) are beginning not only to 'defend' our God-Given Natural Rights (reinforced by our Nation's Constitution) but actually go on the 'offensive' against the perpetual and incessant leftists onslaught. This video is indicative of just such :).
  5. TheSaint

    TheSaint Well-Known Member


    Right on. Getting Colin Noir, these ladies and others on board via Youtube/facebook/etc is very important to reaching this next generation. Every THR member that has an account at those sites needs to be sharing that information, liking it and otherwise promoting to a larger audience which speaks to the younger generation in a platform they've embraced. Proud to say that I think the NRA has done an excellent job in spending our collective funds in recent months!
  6. Blackstone

    Blackstone Well-Known Member

    I wonder what the antis will label the NRA next, seeing as mysoginist racists isn't quite going to work out.
  7. Black Knight

    Black Knight Well-Known Member

    Too bad the main stream media will never show it. They could certainly learn a lesson from it. Those ladies speak the truth and do so very well.
  8. PT92

    PT92 Well-Known Member

    Nothing to add to that--Very well said indeed.
  9. PT92

    PT92 Well-Known Member

    Sad but valid point.

    Marketing is certainly not my area of expertise, but maybe the NRA should buy time on MSNBC, CNN as well as local big-city (big-time dense liberal areas, no pun intended ;)) TV...? A kind of "Inchon" like move if you will...
  10. Bobson

    Bobson Well-Known Member

    My wife really enjoyed it. :)
  11. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    Great video! The 13 year old girl in the video has a couple of her own I've seen posted on here recently. She is a pretty good shooter (I only say pretty good but for all I know she could outshoot me :) )

    This video should be spread, Facebook, other forums, etc. whatever means you have/use.
  12. TheSaint

    TheSaint Well-Known Member

    The lamestream media is becoming more and more obsolete every day. They don't control social media. It is our job to create the new "normal" methods of communicating our message, as we become the new "mainstream" media. We are the silenced majority that will be suffocated no longer.
  13. okiewita40

    okiewita40 Well-Known Member

    A great video. Will have my wife and daughter watch it when I get home.

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