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Green Laser's at Night???

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by LR-308Hunter, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. LR-308Hunter

    LR-308Hunter Member

    I have a question, someone told me that using a green laser at night light up your veiwing area in a scope the same way as a flashlight would. i would think that all you would see is a green dot sayat about 300 yds away, anyone have any experience in this?
  2. R&J

    R&J Well-Known Member

    No Direct Experience, But...

    I can see where it could! :scrutiny:

    One of the adavantages of expensive, higher output lasers, is that the beam integrity stays intact over greater distances.

    The beams of the relatively inexpensive, but good quality, battery operated LED lasers, like LaserMax, or Crimson Trace, spread considerably at the 900 feet you're talking about. At that distance, they could easily illuminate the face of the "target" in your gun's scope. Neither of these lasers would produce a "dot" at 300 yards.

    According to their web site, the new green-beam Uni-Max produces a 3/4" beam at 75-feet. If the beam continued to spread at that rate (75 X 12 = 900 Feet [300 yards] .75" X 12 = 9"), it would project a nine inch green disk on a target at 300 yards. :uhoh:

    I've seen the effect with the LaserMax units in our G19 & G21...

    One problem with the high output green lasers at night, is that they can trace a visible line right back to the shooter! :eek:

  3. LR-308Hunter

    LR-308Hunter Member

    As is what i was kinda thinking

    R&J, thank you for some input i was kinda thinking the same thing. only reason i asked was because i am in the process of saving for a night vision kit for my shepherd scope an (ATN PS-22 Weapon Sight System), the thing is it's about $2300 which i don't think is out of line for a night vision system that can be used for day and night. but none the less some person told me some line about using a green laser and getting a smilar effect. I have to disagree with them but i'm not a pro when it comes to night vision or lasers.

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