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GRNC - 5 Phone Calls For Freedom - Feb 25 & 26

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Green Lantern, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Well-Known Member

    To counter the Obama machine's push for gun control today (22nd). If you're not in NC, call your Senators and rep, natch. ;) Though Hagan could sure use some persuasion....

  2. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Well-Known Member

    Well, how'd it go???

    I focused the hardest on Kay Hagan. I'm REALLY better at writing, but gave it everything I've got. Pointed out that the gun control debate was a distraction that was taking us away from finding solutions to the REAL problem (people with absolutely no regard for human life, theirs or anyone else's). And that we needed Democrats who SAY they support the 2A (as Hagan does) to get off the fence and send a message to the Obama Administration that we're done wasting our time on kneejerk, feel-good, NON-solutions.

    I used the "advice" Uncle Joe helpfully gave on home defense to hammer home the point that the Obama administration isn't seriously looking for real solutions to make people safer - remember, Biden is the guy who led the gun control talks....

    So overall where do they stand?

    -Started with Boehner, didn't really get much out of the staffer cuz I didn't really ask for it. Shoulda started with Burr to get warmed up.

    -Burr and I are on the "same page" according to staffer, and I told her I deeply thank him for standing up for our rights.

    -McConnell's staffer was pretty much the same.

    -I admit I didn't get to my rep, I was offline and the postcard I went by didn't have their individual #s listed. He's on our side, but I'll call (or at least email) just the same.

    -Hagan. Hooboy, Hagan. Staffer started right off with how she "supports the 2A." Remember that Obama says HE supports it as well...! I'm not giving up, if anything I'll be working harder to try and bring her over to our side. BUT, I will be well and truly surprised if she actually goes against the wishes of Obama, as she has been nothing but a yes-girl to him her entire term.
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