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ground blind or climbing stand?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by jrbaker90, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. jrbaker90

    jrbaker90 New Member

    I'm starting to hunt by myself for the first time and i I'm hunting on the ground because i don't have either one now so I'm thinking by turkey or deer of nexted year to have one so my question is which one? I'm mosty deer hunting with rifle/muzzleloader but i can only hunt on public land mosty nwr which is like a 15 min drive. which one would be better I'm in pretty thick woods and i have a lot of swamp around me too. Thanks
  2. Muskyman

    Muskyman New Member

    It depends. Climbing stands are great, but finding an ideal tree in an ideal spot is not always possible.
  3. brainwake

    brainwake New Member

    Sounds like flat rough terrain. Getting up higher might allow you see a bit farther. But you should practice with a climber and be confident before you take it out hunting. I would probably ground hunt until you are more familiar with the area. Take note of where you hunt this first year and pay attention to the trees where a climber might serve you.

    The problem with ground blinds is that deer are aware of their territory. They will spot a ground blind even if it is camo. Its a big object where one didn't used to be there. Now, if you could leave it there and allow them to get used to it....that is a different story. Since you're on public land, that's not really feasible.

    Al lot of times, you can just find a big tree or bush to sit in front of, and use the natural background of the tree to serve as your blind.
  4. jrdolall

    jrdolall Active Member

    Ground blind hunting is more challenging for sure. On public land I would be a bit scared of it because of all the....other hunters that might come wondering through and shoot at movement.
    I have done a lot of ground hunting with archery equipment but prefer to get up in a tree. Having to carry a climber in and out of the woods every time you hunt does get to be a pain though.
  5. MCgunner

    MCgunner Active Member

    Especially in post oaks. :rolleyes: Climbing stands are useless here. Over in east Texas where they have nice, straight pine trees, maybe, but I'm sorta scared of climbing stands, anyway. Good way to get paralyzed for life and never hunt again. I'm not nearly as athletic as I once was.
  6. 627PCFan

    627PCFan Active Member

    Keep an extra orange vest with you and tie it to the roof of the blind. Also dont hunt with idiots in the vicinity.
  7. jrbaker90

    jrbaker90 New Member

    My thing is like muskyman said i don't know if i can find a tree big enough for one is the problem and to get to where the big deer is that i need to get farther back and that's like 1 mile there about. One problem i have with a climbing stand is I'm really scary of heights so idk if i could get up high enough to take advantage of it thanks
  8. Loyalist Dave

    Loyalist Dave New Member

    I have hunted for many years from a "ground blind". I get venison every year. First, you don't have to necessarily carry a blind with you. My blinds are in areas of brush where I can sit with my outline broken up by the surrounding foliage. The archer that hunts on one of the farms where I hunt puts his pop-up blind in place two weeks before he hunts. Even simply standing in a tight group of trees with large diameter will help to conceal you from the deer. Whether you are in a blind or not, if you are stationary, and have a large tree or a big bush behind you, it's a good idea to put a spare piece of blaze orange on the opposite side of the tree/brush. Even in a tree stand, except in a very level area, while you might be 10' off the ground, the hunter on the ridgeline might be level with you or even above you, and you might consider marking the spot.

    As for not hunting with idiots in the vicinity..., in a public area you may not know there is an idiot near you until he chucks a shot in your direction... I prefer to mark my area in a 360 degree fashion.

  9. 243winxb

    243winxb Active Member

    Falling out of a ground blind doesnt do as much damage as a tree stand.
  10. rondog

    rondog Active Member

    NWIH I'd be climbing up any trees, so ground blind all the way, but that's just me.
  11. Captcurt

    Captcurt Active Member

    I spend 90% of my time in a tree, but a lot depends on Terrain. I have seen times when the understory rules out ground blinds. On the otherhand I have seen the opposite when foliage blocked out visibility when I got 10' up. It all depends on location and the specific conditions at the time.

    BTW I am 62 years old and I still climb trees.
  12. Redlg155

    Redlg155 New Member

    Don't discount the ladder stand. These can be great when hunting areas that are naturally forested and offer more tree options. A 10 foot stand in a scrub oak or cedar can be just the ticket for many areas. The downside is that ladder stands aren't as portable and can be heavy. Still, a 10-12 foot stand can be moved without too much trouble. Prior scouting is the key.

    On the flip side, I knew a older gentleman who would just carry a 5 gallon bucket with a padded seat attached. Everything he needed was in the bucket, including lunch. He never failed to kill several deer each season by just sitting still in a likely location.
  13. rondog

    rondog Active Member

    A ladder stand on private land, I'd do that. Any kind of solid, secure elevated platform I'm good with. But something clamped on a tree, I'd kill myself on it!
  14. Patocazador

    Patocazador New Member

    You definitely need a climbing stand for portability purposes and success ratio but sometime nothing but a ground blind works. You can build a pretty effective ground blind with natural materials but a small light ground blind is real nice in the rain.

    Buy both. You will wind up doing so anyway. :D

  15. 27hand

    27hand New Member

    tree climber

    I have never archery hunted from the ground. I just move too much.

    At 64, I can still get up and down fairly well.


  16. Wolfgang james

    Wolfgang james New Member

    I use both and like both in there proper places. As long as you have a fairly straight tree with slow taper an aluminum climber is great, a 40+ lb steel stand is no fun to carry more then a 1/4mi. I have had deer pick me out in both a stand and a pop-up blind but they looked at the blind as they walked within 5yds so i feel they see it but not as a threat. If the under growth is as thick as some of my woods I can only see 15yds from a blind and 70+ from my stand. I would pre scout a spot and look around and determine if sitting will give you enough shooting lane or if there is a good tree to get up. Another thought what about a hang on stand and strap on steps?
  17. jrdolall

    jrdolall Active Member

    No reason to be afraid of a quality climber. I have had them that are virtually impossible to fall out of as long as they are used properly. Ladder stands probably account for a lot more injuries but I imagine a lot more people use them.
    The biggest danger in a ground blind is when a deer or turkey sneaks up behind you and busts you from about 5 yards. Sheer heart attack to be blown at from that distance.
  18. jrbaker90

    jrbaker90 New Member

    One reason I'm hunting there is because its a old levee road that was built in the civil war goin though there and it gives me some height. I saw several places to set up a ground blind at on that levee. which type of ground blind is better the box one or the pop up one.
  19. ldlfh7

    ldlfh7 Member

    I prefer ground hunting. If I am not getting any action after some time it is a lot easier to relocate without having to climb out of a stand. I get bored sitting in one spot for too long...especially if its cold out.
  20. jim in Anchorage

    jim in Anchorage Active Member

    For 20 years I just built tree stands out of 2x4s in 3 close oaks. Got a little creepy when the wind blew the trees it was nailed to in different directions and I could hear the nails groaning but they never broke. I was just using it as a foot rest anyway, sitting on one of those strap to the tree seats just above it. Never got bored or thought to move it because from extensive pre season scouting I knew I was in in the spot I wanted.

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