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Grouse hunting country

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Gunnerboy, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Gunnerboy

    Gunnerboy Well-Known Member

    This morning hunt for me just thought id share.

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  2. -Gadsden-

    -Gadsden- Well-Known Member

    Beautiful. Looks like a great place to hunt. Bet those birds were tasty
  3. Ifishsum

    Ifishsum Well-Known Member

    Very nice. I've spent many a day hiking ridge tops for blues - interesting how many folks find it hard to believe that someone would hike that much for grouse, but I used to look forward to grouse season as much as any other hunt. Don't do it as much as I used to though, thanks for the pics!
  4. cat_IT_guy

    cat_IT_guy Well-Known Member

    Beautiful country, looks like fun.
  5. tahunua001

    tahunua001 Well-Known Member

    looks like a blast.
    blue grouse?
  6. Gunnerboy

    Gunnerboy Well-Known Member

    yes blue grouse, those hill are covered in wild blueberry and strawberry patches

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