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Gsg 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by PunkDude812, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. PunkDude812

    PunkDude812 Member

    I've been looking at purchasing one of these, and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with them? If so was it good or bad? What kind of ammo does it like, and what standard 1911 parts are compatable?

  2. SleazyRider

    SleazyRider Well-Known Member

    Mine's been nothing less than exceptional. Same manual of arms, dimensions, and feel as my .45 1911, so it saves untold dollars on practice ammo. Be careful replacing the front sight when adjusting---it's easy to overtighten and strip the screw. The rubber recoil buffer washer has a relatively short life, so you'll be replacing that with an aftermarket buffer in short order.
    Other than that, it's been as reliable and trouble-free as any pistol I've owned.
  3. Seven High

    Seven High Well-Known Member

    Major component parts are made out of zinc which is a deal killer for me.
  4. WC145

    WC145 Well-Known Member

    No trouble with mine, cheap practice compared to my other 1911s.
    Check their website, I believe it lists the compatible parts but it supposedly somewhere around 80%. I know lots of folks are tricking theirs out with the good stuff.
  5. PunkDude812

    PunkDude812 Member

    I'm looking at it for the same reason, cheap fun shooting. What I really want to know though is this. I know the grips, safety magwell, backstrap and sights are interchangeable. But could I put a compensator on it and a red dot, to make it like a race gun?
  6. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Well-Known Member

  7. whistle

    whistle New Member

    I am new to this forum so forgive me if I'm not doing things right!!!
    The answer to your guestion about having a GSG 1911 "Race Gun" is YES.
    I have been "customizing" my GSG 1911 for a while now. It has a C-More STS red dot mounted on it. I have refinished it with a better quality finish. I have a 2# trigger now with no takeup!!!!
    I am currently working on making a compensator that will fit the 9mm x 75 thread. I have three made now and I'm in the process of testing them. So far the two port comp is working great with no adverse effect on the groups. It weighs in at 2.5 oz.
    I hope to have them availible soon.
    I am also working on a aluminum magizine base pad to replace the cheap plastic one!!!
  8. bp_968

    bp_968 New Member

    @Whistle: I'd be very interested in your magazine base plates if you choose to sell them. I want some for the GSG1911 that are the extended plates that have the 1/4th-1/2" extension below the gun to make mag changes easier (and to work with the beveled magwell adapters).

    also, both tactical innovations and SilencerCo make GSG1911 thread adapters to go from the metric thread to a standard 1/2x28 suppressor thread.
  9. defjon

    defjon Well-Known Member

    I ran about 500+ rounds through mine the other day.

    I'm in love.

    No problems. Take down is pretty easy once you take a crack at it (it ain't like a normal 1911).

    No jams of any kind with the cheapest dirtiest 22s up to the hv stuff!
  10. jiminwa

    jiminwa Member

    I recently picked one up and it had issues during function testing. Being brand new to the firearms world I was frustrated at first, but you can google anything nowadays. After researching the symptoms I discovered it was a sear spring issue. I disassembled the pistol myself and made adjustments and the shooting experience was great. Shooting winchester rounds through it and just a few ftf's. Goin back out tomorrow to put another 500 through it. Overall, for my first gun, a good experience. I find that even with my novice skills I'm able to be extremely accurate at 20' with few issues.
  11. bdpeterson

    bdpeterson Member

    Customized GSG 1911

    I bought a GSG 1911 but was a little dissapointed with the numerous die cast parts. I decided to make some part changes by changing out the grips and mainspring housing to pachmayr parts (mag safety removed); the grip safety, thumb safety, hammer, barrel bushing and mainspring to ones from a Colt XSE; a Nowlin trigger; a Novak front sight; a Springfield/LPA rear sight. I stripped the slide and recoated it using Cerakote stainless finish and polished the barrel exposed in the ejection port. The under side of the rear sight had to be milled to use the backup plate from the original sight. This was necessary to keep from deforming the slide when the locking screw is tightened. The steel breech/bolt insert in the slide needed to have material removed to compensate for the added weight of the sights. The new sights added 10% more weight to the slide assembly. The next modification will be to alter the series 80 type firing pin safety from trigger actuation to grip safety actuation. This requires a new lower lever as the one I designed for my Colt XSE. And, replacement of the sear to a Wilson Combat along with a trigger job on the hammer and sear contact surfaces. I've attached some pictures.




  12. crracer_712

    crracer_712 Well-Known Member

    I have two Sig 1911-22 (same as GSG), both have been excellent.
  13. crazyazz

    crazyazz New Member

    bdpeterson nice looking GSG , where did you get the rear adjustable sights with the white dots? I would love some of those
  14. fpgt72

    fpgt72 Well-Known Member

    I have had one for about 8 months or so now...zero problems. Same as everyone else has said that actually owns one.

    As far as cheap ammo goes, mine does not like Federal but eats the white box winchester just fine...so that is what it gets.

    The only down side I see to them is the price of the mag at about $30 each.
  15. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    Have one and have had lite primmer strikes on occasion. The grip safety gives people with small hands a fit. The pistol is very accurate IMO and have shot all types of ammo in mine with about the same results. If the shooter is limp wristed the pistol does not like it....or the one I own doesn't. The slide will never be as smooth as a steel framed 1911 but seems to get the job done. Have about 5000 rounds through mine and it has been worth the money I purchased it for.
  16. GSGPro

    GSGPro New Member

    I have thousands of rounds through mine with no issue. These are great guns. There are a few companies making aftermarket parts including ours to replace the inferior ones. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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