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Gun Insurance ... Do you have it?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by RustyHammer, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. RustyHammer

    RustyHammer Well-Known Member

    My State Farm Insurance policy offers a maximum of $5000 coverage for guns under the home insurance policy. If I want to insure them for more, I have to go outside the plan.

    Do any of you carry "rider" policies and, if so, what insurance company do you use? (Any reduction for having a fire resistant safe?)

    Any other thoughts and ideas are welcome ...



    Operator Error: This should have been posted under the General Discussion section. My bad ...
  2. Lexter

    Lexter Well-Known Member

    I have mine insured too. I didn't think to ask about a discount for a safe. Good idea!


    Doesn't the NRA give you a $1000 policy when you join?
  3. sonoranjack

    sonoranjack member

    NRA does give ya $1,000 insurance policy.
  4. yorec

    yorec Well-Known Member

    I've done about the same thing: $5000 on home owners policy and thre NRA $1000. Not up to getting another policy or rider...

    Talk about something you hope to never have to use!

    AND a pretty good reason to join the NRA. :cool:
  5. Drizzt

    Drizzt Well-Known Member

    USAA doesn't require a rider. The guns are covered for up to the full value of your policy, as if they were simply household items....
  6. telewinz

    telewinz Well-Known Member

    Gave up on it 20 years ago when it got too expensive.
  7. St. Gunner

    St. Gunner Well-Known Member

    We have our insurance through Foremost and the policy was limited to $1,000 I asked the agent(Who is through Farmers) to find me more, he picked up the phone, called Foremost and instantly I had the $10,000 I was asking for. $3 extra per month to add it.

    Not a bad deal by any means, but I hope i never have to use it, have some stuff from my grandpa and a rifle my dad built for me I can't really replace at any price.
  8. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I pay extra for extra coverage for both firearms and computer gear, and extra on top of that to keep my expensive and/or irreplaceable firearms in bank boxes.
  9. PATH

    PATH Well-Known Member

    I just have the NRA insurance. All I really need for now.
  10. BlackArrow

    BlackArrow Well-Known Member

    yes, I have extra protection

    .22, 22.70, .330, .30-06,.380, etc. you get the picture... If you have to itemize you have the wrong insurance company!
  11. modifiedbrowning

    modifiedbrowning Well-Known Member

    Drizzt, for USAA is that under their regular homeowner or rental policy? I 'm covered by USAA for auto and thinking of adding renters insurance.
  12. Matthew Courtney

    Matthew Courtney Well-Known Member

    I added mine to my Allstate Homeowner's Policy. No limit of which I am aware. Guns must be listed, but are covered for a lot of things. If I drop a shotgun out of a boat while duckhunting, they buy me a new one. If one mysteriously disappears from my vehicle, they buy me a new one, etc.
  13. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    I use to have a "Piece Of the Rock" on all of my
    firearm's; now they're protected by SIG-Sauer and Smith & Wesson.

    Best Wishes,
    Ala Dan, N.R.A. Life Member
  14. sm

    sm member

    Not itemized tho'
  15. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    Spoke to my agent long ago about this and he told me that as long as I store the guns in the house, they are all covered as 'contents'. I keep a photo and a spreadsheet of my guns & their ser #'s just in case.
  16. Gewehr98

    Gewehr98 Well-Known Member

    House covered under USAA.

    Additional rider for the guns, and they wanted an itemized list before putting the rider into force.

    Part of our hurricane evac plan is to get all the firearms cased up and in one of the vehicles before departing to our evacuation location. Could get interesting.
  17. dacinokc

    dacinokc Well-Known Member

    My home owners has a seperate rider which requires Serial Numbers and descriptons. For guns in flux due to trading it is a pain, but for the members of the vault that won't be going anywhere, I find if worth the time and cost.
  18. ruger357

    ruger357 Well-Known Member

    House insurance $2000 NRA $1000. Have not checked into rider plans yet.
  19. QB

    QB Well-Known Member

    drizzt & modifiedbrowning --

    I have been insured with USAA since 1980. Based on what drizzt said about USAA covering the entire cost of the guns, I just read through my entire house insurance policy and it specifically states (in the exclusion section) that firearms are only covered for $2000 in the case of THEFT. It was silent on whether there was a limit on such things as the house burning down or other non-theft disasters.

    I called USAA and they verified that firearms ARE LIMITED to $2000 in the case of theft but that I can get a rider. As far as "non-theft" disasters, the firearms are all covered as part of my personal property. This is not good for me either either as my personal property WITHOUT the guns would be maxed out in the case of total destruction (I should raise my personal property threshold I suppose).

    Anyway, since the odds of my guns being stolen are higher than my house burning down (which is why USAA limits the $$ amount....they continue to offer LESS for MORE $$), I am getting a rider for my guns from USAA.

    You might want to check your policy and the exclusions. I was SHOCKED that I'd only get $2000 (less deductable) for my guns if they are stolen.

    Computers are another thing that are severely limited just like jewerly, coins, gold, silver, etc.

    The "exclusions" or "what is not covered" get greater every year and everyone should read their current policy coverage NOW. You may be in for a BIG surprise...but better now than if a disaster happens.
  20. redneck2

    redneck2 Well-Known Member

    Kinda foolish...

    not to have a rider for the extra value. I have one and it's cheap relative to the coverage. We also cover the wife's jewelry.

    The only feeling worse than coming home and having your guns gone is to have them gone and not covered

    If you think your homeowners covers more than a nominal amount, think again

    Also, the 100# lab and ADT give additional piece-of-mind. The burglar alarm is $29/month. A buck a day sounded REAL good to me.

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