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Gun Ranges in Pa?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Madjohn, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Madjohn

    Madjohn Well-Known Member

    im currently shooting at 2 gun ranges. target master in chadd's ford were i live and Delaware county field and stream. there are a few probles with both however.

    Target master.
    1.you cant shoot big bore guns there like my Mauser or Mosin Nagant.
    2.the people that work there come off as rude or unpleasant to me and other people.
    1. no more then 5 rounds at a time at the 22 rifle range or handgun range.
    2.no more then one round at a time at the big bore range.
    3. the targets arnt on electronic lines so you have to walk down range and place your targets which means everyone else has to stop shooting.

    does anyone know of any other ranges near me that i could go look at which would allow me to shoot big bore as well as small arms at the same range with full magazines.?
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2008
  2. ByAnyMeans

    ByAnyMeans Well-Known Member

    You should go to the state game land. It's free and nice but there are rules. Three rounds at the rifle and six on handguns but It usually depends on people there as to how strict it's followed. It is patrolled by some state agency and violations can get you fined but I have never seen one and have heard many are cool with certain things like rounds in the mags and spinners. Admittedly I go during the week and I have heard you can get some idiots there on the weekends.

    If nothing else it you can shoot your big bore rifles for free.

    All bets are off leading up to hunting season when everybody is sighting in their rifles.
  3. MGshaggy

    MGshaggy Well-Known Member

    My place in PA is fairly close to Target Master on 202. I've shot there a couple of times, but I don't really like the place. I'd suggest the following:

    1.) Ommalanden range just south of Wilmington
    2.) Classic Pistol in southhampton, PA (just north of Philly). Its further out but the place is clean, indoors, and allows rifle calibers (even in full auto). www.classicpistol.com
    3.) I haven't personally tried it, but a good friend of mine lives near Freedom Armory Range in Glen Rock and has been very happy with their range. May be worth a drive to give it a try. http://www.freedomarmory.com/
  4. RyanM

    RyanM Well-Known Member

    Those kinds of rules seem to be par for the course in this state. At the range I go to, at least, everyone completely ignores the magazine capacity rules. I think the unofficial rule is that as long as you aren't shooting up the target holders, you can have as many rounds in as you want.
  5. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

  6. msb45

    msb45 Well-Known Member

    Southern Chester County Farmers and Sportsman Assoc

    Is where I shoot, outdoor ranges and pretty low key, just no FA. Multiple ranges including a 100 yd. Hours are not very long but the price is right.

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