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Gun Safe / RSC question

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by marinepilot, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. marinepilot

    marinepilot New Member

    Hi all,

    Found this site while researching a new gun safe. The wife is upset 'cause I don't keep my pistols locked up and we have kids. So, to keep my life a bit easier, I am going to buckle down and get one. But I don't want just a cheapy one that will only keep my kids out for a minute or two.

    After just a bit of research, I'm leaning towards an AMSEC SF 5924. I know it's small, but I'm probably only gonna get maybe two long guns (AR type and shotgun) and possibly a couple more pistols along the way. Fire isn't a real concern for me as I'm pretty sure the local fire department down the road would get here pretty quick. Also, I've got a small Sentry fire box that I plan on setting in there for documents. And I know it probably wouldn't keep a pro out, but it might slow them down a bit.

    So, if I could get any advice or comments about if I'm looking in the right direction or not, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Hope to hear from ya'll soon!

  2. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    The SF5924 is an import, and you're paying a premium for the name. You can buy a better safe for the same money, or pay less for an unbranded version.
  3. marinepilot

    marinepilot New Member

    Thanks a1abdj,

    Got any suggestions about what brand would be better for that amount of money? Or maybe some advice on where to find the unbranded version you speak of?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Gik-tal

    Gik-tal Well-Known Member

    Things to consider are get one big enough for your collection to grow, also remember to buy one that is fire resistant. I myself like a dial combination, I find them more depenable. I got a great deal on a Browning Theft Garud safe and like it very much, You can also keep additional valuables in a large safe amd the larger the harder they are to steal. Had a neighbor that had a small wal-mart safe when they broke in his home they just picked up the safe and took it with them.

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