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Gun Security Cabinets...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Tomekeuro85, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. Tomekeuro85

    Tomekeuro85 Well-Known Member

    I currently have an 8 gun Stack-On cabinet. It is pretty much out of room and I need a new one. I was going to get a Stack-On 16 gun double door cabinet, but I no longer see it anywhere except Cabela's which charges like double of what I've seen it at other places. Does anyone know where I can find this cabinet for the correct, non-Cabela's price?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for a cabinet? (not a safe)
    I'm looking for something as similar to the 16 gun as possible.
  2. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    How about going to staples and getting a locking stationary supply cabinet or sears for a tool cabinet or home depot for a utility cabinet . . . ?
  3. Mooseman

    Mooseman Well-Known Member

    I'm not 100% sure what your looking for but Walmart and Lowes both have gun safes pretty reasonably priced.
  4. Fire4Effect

    Fire4Effect Well-Known Member

    I got one of the 14 gun safes on sale from Wal-Mart for $280.00. Not a bad deal but be warned. the only way you are going to get 14 guns crammed in it is if you remove all scopes from rifles and it will still be a tight fight.
  5. 1 old 0311

    1 old 0311 member

    I think Gander Mt. also carries these.

  6. dmftoy1

    dmftoy1 Well-Known Member

    I don't know where you're located, but here in Central Illinois you can get the 16 gun double cabinets at Dick's Sporting Goods, Farm and Fleet, and K's Merchandise.

    If you call the stack-on folks you can get replacement locks for them keyed the same as your existing cabinet so you only have 1 key. (I think it cost me $10)

    Have a good one,

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