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Gun Shop Etiquette

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by ainokea, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. ainokea

    ainokea Well-Known Member

  2. Fixxah

    Fixxah Active Member

    Nice job.
  3. freakshow10mm

    freakshow10mm member

    Very, very nicely done. Covers most everything. Well done.
  4. shotgunjoel

    shotgunjoel Well-Known Member

    Good vid, very good for people new to the sport.
  5. CountGlockula

    CountGlockula Well-Known Member

    Mabuhay. Thank you for sharing. With respect, I would like to share my thoughts.

    Good job on reminding that getting guns pointed at others, makes them feel uneasy. One BIG concern is "SWEEPING". Most individuals bring their friends with them to buy a gun, so there's already one or even a semi-crowd around them. So when the potential buyer inspects a gun, they "sweep" the muzzle past the sales person's co-workers and his own friends. Keep the muzzle pointed at an empty location.

    That's just my thoughts.

    The best advice is the ask the sales person's policy on viewing/handling guns at their shop. They be kind enough to direct their customers safely.

  6. bigdaddyb

    bigdaddyb Well-Known Member

    Great advice. I personally consider my gun handling as my 'introduction' to a new shop or new sales person. It's my way of establishing credibility and getting the relationship started the right way.

    THANK YOU for mentioning the muzzle. I get REAL bugged when people sweep me. It's a gun store, it happens. A quick, accidental sweep is forgivable. I've actually had an idiot in a store unknowingly keep the muzzle on me (standing to his left), finger on the trigger, while he talked to the salesman. I had to just walk off. I couldn't manage any other response that would have ended well.
  7. ainokea

    ainokea Well-Known Member

    I'm still trying to find the original thread on this issue. I've tried the search feature but can't find it. I know it was multiple pages.
  8. bigalexe

    bigalexe Well-Known Member

    Thank you for posting, I like the armory channel (now that you pointed me to it), but that guy tends to get off track and pretty crude at times which wouldn't help me if I wanted to direct new shooters to videos.
  9. Broken-Tengu

    Broken-Tengu Member

    VERY well done. Can never hear it enough times.
  10. Lakeshore

    Lakeshore Well-Known Member

    Hopefully gun store employees will watch the video too.

    Coupla years ago I was in the gun dept. of my friendly local Bass Pro while a knothead behind the counter was demonstrating a rifle for another customer. He pointed the barrel directly at me - and snapped the trigger. Don't believe it was intentional, he was just being careless. I reported the incident to the store manager - apology, won't happen again, etc. etc. Woulda ruined my entire day if that damn rifle had been loaded.

    Moral of that story: gun store customers can be idiots but so can the employees.
  11. Lumpy76

    Lumpy76 Well-Known Member

    +1 Bigdaddyb. I feel the same way.
  12. mesinge2

    mesinge2 Well-Known Member

  13. spentbrass

    spentbrass Well-Known Member

    When I'm checking out a gun at a store, I always ask, what is considered downrange? They will tell me, point it down, up to the ceiling, or this direction, just not at anybody.
    I never sweep, I point to where the store empolyee told me was considered downrange. If it's in the direction of a window, and a person is walking by, I put the gun down, not pointing at anyone.

    If I take my own gun in to be looked at, I present it in a carrying case, say, "The gun is unloaded" Drop my hands to the side, and let them check the gun to make sure it is unloaded.
  14. ainokea

    ainokea Well-Known Member

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