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gun shop in little rock

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by mule157, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. mule157

    mule157 Active Member

    hello is anyone familiar with little rock AR. if so, if you had one gun shop you would get to visit tomorrow which would it be. oh yeah an address would be a great help thanks.
  2. marktx

    marktx Well-Known Member

    Don's Weaponry on Broadway.... Best shop in the Little Rock area.... one of the best shops around wherever.

    4116 East Broadway
    North Little Rock, AR 72117
    Phone: 501-945-2324
  3. neededausername

    neededausername Well-Known Member

    I agree with marktx, Don's is the best in the area. Also has an indoor range, I think it's a $10 fee for all day and you can come and go as you like throughout the day.

    Much better than Bullseye over in West Little Rock.

    Bullseye Guns and Ammo
    205 N Shackleford Rd
    Little Rock, AR
    (501) 224-4867

    Fort Thompson has some nice stuff up in the Jacksonville area. It's across 67 from Gander Mountain.

    5802 Warden Rd
    Sherwood, AR
    (501) 835-3006

    I usually go to Hunter's Choice in Conway, but then I don't like driving to Little Rock even though it's only 30 minutes away. Not that great of a fire arms store, more focused on bow hunting.

    Any other questions just PM me, I live in the area if you can't tell.
  4. John828

    John828 Well-Known Member

    There are not many independent gun shops in Little Rock. Bullseye has it's merits. Don's Weaponry in North Little Rock does as well. Both have some serious issues as well.

    I have enjoyed Ft. Thompson's the best from all angles--guest service, selection, etc. Also you can stop at Gander Mountain for selection, then Academy Sports for pricing, then go to Ft. Thompson's for buying.
  5. mule157

    mule157 Active Member

    thanks everyone for your input.
  6. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    I must have hit Don's when the owner was having a bad day. I asked him a question and he got real sarcastic with me.

    For as much shooting activity as there is in Central Arkansas there is a surprisingly small number of gun shops.
  7. FMF

    FMF Well-Known Member

    I've bought two guns from Don's since I moved to LR and it's always been a pleasant experience. Bought my first handgun, a Ruger P345, and my first AR15, a S&W M&P15 at reasonable prices. I'm hoping to purchase my first 1911 from them shortly and I'm hoping they can get me the best price or at least a fair one.

    Fort Thompson in North Little Rock has a bigger selection but the prices are much higher from what I've seen. I priced a M&P45 at Don's for $550 whereas Fort Thompson wanted a little over $650; granted Thompson had one on the wall and Don's had to order it.
  8. hadmanysons

    hadmanysons Well-Known Member

    Don's has a lot of knowledgeable people but Ft. Thompson does have a larger selection. The prices at both stores depend what you're buying, Don's is cheaper for things like used guns but Ft. Thompson has better prices on cleaning supplies and AR's. As a side note, FT. Thompson is REALLY busy which can (unintentionally) translate into slow, poorer customer service.
  9. I will speak for a word for Searcy Arkansas, there is a shop there called the Ozark Arms and a 100 Yard Range called The Bunker. Fees and selections vary.

    It is a smaller and quieter shop than some of the bigger stores mentioned in this thread. More friendly with one on one questions.

    The other good gunshops have already been mentioned in this thread. Not only they include guns but also outdoor and useful things as well.

    All of the Shops mentioned so far have thier ups and downs and Ive enjoyed most of them. Thompson has good points and so does Gander.

    One poster said about shooting activty. I think recently we had a State Fairgrounds Gun Show or Season for Deer and hunting in general. Arkansas is VERY strong on hunting of all kinds of game, fish etc.

    But another reason, Arkansas is a Home Defense State where Home Owners have killed a number of intruders over the years. Children get to learn and shoot well early in life here.

    That being said, I find Little Rock to be a little ... tough at night and best to stay away from because of Drugs, Crime etc in general... not picking on LR in particular.

    I find the people to be a secure and strong in thier support of 2A Rights.

    If I wanted to, I can draw up a list of people in most of the stores here that have provided knowledge, assistance and other valuable considerations when taken all together it's a good collection of stores.
  10. marktx

    marktx Well-Known Member

    A most excellent shop, very good folks. The first gun I bought in Arkansas (K31) was there. Definitely worth the drive from LR to check it out.

    Both times I arrived in LR there was an briefing on crime in the area.... Key point that stuck in my mind was this. In the US 1 in 10 men will be the victim of a male on male sexual assault, in LR it's 2 in 10. They warned us to always watch our drinks. No where else has leadership seen fit to give such a warning.
  11. grimjaw

    grimjaw Well-Known Member

    Since the OP was supposed to going through Little Rock over a week ago, I think recommending anything further might be a moot point, but I'll risk it anyway. Just my opinions, of course. I won't mention ammo prices, because there isn't a gunshop in town that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for it. (Walmart is not a gunshop).

    Don's: good selection in stock, larger selection of used guns than most other shops in LR, prices high. When I asked the price on a transfer, it was $50. That's the last time I went in. When I visit the range to shoot, I skip Don's altogether.

    Ft Thompson: Prices on guns were competitive, generally good selection of new guns in stock, especially handguns. It stays busy, but the staff try to be helpful. Had several types of ammunition in each caliber for handguns, even odd stuff like 9x18 Makarov.

    Gander Mountain: Be sure to bring your wallet. I think they might fire the managers of that chain if they price a gun below its MSRP. It was the same way in Ohio when I was there several years ago, so I don't blame the LR store managers. Decent selection of handguns, lots and lots of shotguns. The EBRs and handgun ammo are usually out of reach of customers in this particular store. It's clean and well organized, but even though the place isn't as busy as Ft Thompson, I have trouble getting help from staff.

    Academy Sports: Less selection than the three previously mentioned, in both LR and NLR locations, but better than Walmart in that they've at least got handguns; prices are competitive on what they do have. There's at least one guy on staff at each location who barely knows his butt from a hole in the ground when it comes to guns, but I don't go there for the service. I've heard more than one person complain about the paperwork procedure they use for selling a gun, but I didn't find it any more cumbersome and time consuming than Walmart. They had a big sale on 7.62x39 last year as the election was winding down, but the price of recent stock is jacked up with everybody else.

  12. I used the internet such as Cabelas to defeat the high ammo pricing problem and some types that they dont seem to carry here.

    I did not mention Academy because I only was in there one time and they were out of stock and helpful people that day. Nice store but must be a bad shift for them that day.

    There are outdoor ranges such as the Moore near Camp Robinson where you can stretch, but does have certain rules and law in effect up there.

    Anyay, good luck!
  13. XD9WBT

    XD9WBT member

    The next time you are in Fayetteville for a Football game go to Ozark Armory in Springdale. Big selection and the sales people aren't all *******s.
    There is also a nice one about 3 milesl in the opposite direction of the Hog stadium in Tonti town, nice ndoor range and good sales people.
  14. MarkTx, Regarding crime in LR, we had a daylight shooting in a walmart north of the river one time, another killing at a major mall lot called mc cain (That party was sent up to the big house away from society for a long long time)

    When you get down into the city proper, there is just a very large amount of housing that is boarded up for a variety of reasons. Even if someone did buy the home, the entire block is still boarded up.

    We had a shooting of a apparent random nature one time recently where a car of people sprayed a house. A mother cooking dinner over her stove was killed while getting ready to feed many children.

    Another homeowner who defended himself by firearm against a intruder, his home was sprayed from the street a few days later. The construction of the homes are not that strong. Mostly a bit of drywall on framing all the way through with a bit of vinyl siding if youre lucky.

    Occasionally someone will get a large brick dropped from a overpass through the windshield from time to time while driving under. Injuries are usually mortal. So you learn to change lanes when approaching a overpass with a person above your lane.

    it's not bad by day, but at night? The roaches come out, all the good citizens are either safe in thier homes 50 miles away or bunkered down. But it's not as hard as south LA or south Chicago, NYC in some parts etc.
  15. Cold Steele

    Cold Steele New Member

    These guys are up and coming but check out Arkansas pro arms. They are in Bryant and just started a retail front. I have transferred over 5 firearms with them so far. 25 bucks a pop. www.class3guns.com Their prices beat anyone in Arkansas but sometimes they have to order it. No ammo that I noticed.

    3401 Hwy 5N Suite 2
    Bryant, AR
  16. Luke15

    Luke15 New Member

    I'll second Arkansas Professional Arms. Don's, Bullseye Guns and Ammo, and Bryant Pawn Shop have high prices. Who ever purchases firearms from them does not shop around. Don's is $150 to $300 over priced. Bullseye G&A are usually $50 too high. Bryant Pawn Shops are $100 to $150 over priced. Arkansas Professional Arms, Ft. Thompson, and Arego's (Hot Springs) have decent prices. When I purchase or trade Glocks or need to have an FFL receive an internet purchase, Ark Pro Arms has always had the better prices and service.
  17. marktx

    marktx Well-Known Member

    Visited Don's a couple times recently and it was hard to get service and the last time really turned me off. I still go there as they sometimes have things you can't find elsewhere but most of the truly unique stuff is gone. Prices border from high to ridiculous on most stuff. The only stuff I ever buy there is either really obscure parts or ammo that the sales staff does not know the value of. The last time I visited I got caught up in a diatribe by the sales staff on how no parts are available for Saiga rifles which is why they don't carry them. I made the mistake of asking if they do transfers and got a whole earful about how it varies but $75 for a rifle.

    Fort Thompson has some really good stuff for sale, some at good prices some not quite so much. They have an outstanding selection if nothing else. Ammo prices aren't anything great but not insulting either. Sales staff is pretty helpful.

    Bullseye is a pretty good shop with decent selection and prices, have bought several rifles there over then years when I'm in Little Rock. All the sales staff is very helpful though there is the one creepy guy with a gut and a mustache who is apparently an expert on everything. I try to avoid talking to him if at all possible and will usually just leave rather than get caught in his blathering waves.
  18. Larry Ashcraft

    Larry Ashcraft Moderator Staff Member

    Please don't dredge up old threads. Start a new thread on Little Rock gun stores if you wish, but this question was answered long ago.
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