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Gun show hosting

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by bookman, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. bookman

    bookman Well-Known Member

    Hello to all,
    I would like to get involved in starting and hosting gun shows in the north east corner of Mo. and would like to get some information on what you need to do this,I know a building is needed but what els.?
    Thank you..
  2. pit-sitter

    pit-sitter Member

    I am your distant neighbor, North Central MO.
    I accidentally learned the biggest thing you need, to get started in the gun show biz.
    It is some vendors/exhibitors.
    Nothing is worse than a gunshow with next to zero of that commodity.
    Last year there was a new promoter trying to get started.
    Had a show about 30 minutes from me.
    Heavily advertised on local radio plus the shopper type papers.
    But seriously, about four sellers when you got inside.
    Just advertising may attract the buyers but I think it takes something more to get the sellers.
    I think you would need to put in some serious hours at other peoples shows talking to the sellers.
    If you go to a few you will see some of the same faces at a lot of them.
    I think a lot of them allign themselves with one or two promoters that keep them pretty busy throughout the year.

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