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Gun Show Purchases

Discussion in 'Legal' started by ssjones, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. ssjones

    ssjones Well-Known Member

    I'm a resident of MD and would like to take in a few MD/VA/PA gun shows this winter. Looking to purchase a new revolver. If I go to PA, can I make a FTF handgun purchase with my MD id? I haven't purchased a gun in 20 years and am finding this is a way different MD from back in those days.
  2. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    Yes you can. HOWEVER, the seller would not be able to transfer, deliver, or give the gun to you. The seller would have to ship or deliver the handgun to an FFL in MD to transfer it to you.
  3. MAKster

    MAKster Well-Known Member

    All sales between residents of different states must go through a FFL in the buyers state. You can buy a rifle/shotgun in person from a FFL in another state, but if you want to buy a handgun from a FFL in another state the gun must be shipped to a FFL in your state. If you go to a gun show in another state its unlikely the dealers will want to sell you a handgun because of the hassle. Why deal with shipping the gun to another FFL in your state when they can sell it on the spot to someone else.
  4. ssjones

    ssjones Well-Known Member

    Ok, thanks. I do not know an FFL person in MD. There is a small gun shop near in my town. Not sure on this protocol: Can I walk in and just ask him to accept an out-of-state gun? If I'm not a regular customer, will he be bothered by this? I've read here the shop charges to transfer a gun, is this a money maker for them or a hassle?
  5. ssjones

    ssjones Well-Known Member

    And of course I just missed one of the biggest gun shows in MD a few weeks ago (Frederick MD)........
  6. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    Depends entirely upon the shop. Some view it as a money maker, some view it as a hassle. The only way to know is to ask. And you will need to take a copy of their FFL with you to give to the seller. And most FFLs will not accept shipments from a private party, so the seller will most likely have to take it to a local FFL to ship to your FFL.

    Trust what was said above, it really is more hassle than it is worth. You're not going to find that great of a deal on a gun at a gunshow anyway.
  7. B.D. Turner

    B.D. Turner Well-Known Member

    What if the dealer is from the state of the buyer but both are out of state at the time of the sale?
  8. ssjones

    ssjones Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. Some of the PA shows I was looking at were a few hours up the road. Guess it's just a waste of time. Most of the shops in my neck of the woods carry very few revolver selections. Two said it was too big a hassle to get handguns in MD. What a great state.

    My wife works for a local House of Rep's Delegate. Can you guess what our Christmas party conversation will be centered on?
  9. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    Being in a similarly repressed state with no gun shows, I purchase from local shops. Finally found one or two with decent selections.

    I have also purchased a few guns online from Davidsons when I knew what I wanted but couldn't find it locally: http://www.galleryofguns.com

    Like S&W performance center stuff that the local shops price too high or don't have at all.

    You search online, they show you a few local shops who they have made arrangements with to accept the transfer and the price. You accept the offer and in a few days pick up the gun.

    Their customer service is outstanding (I had an issue with a nasty local retailer and got a call from the president of the company to discuss it) and they also offer an additional warranty on anything you buy from them.

    Painless, and at least by NJ standards fair if not good prices.
  10. ssjones

    ssjones Well-Known Member

    Thanks Highland. I looked around the Davidson site. My local shop is listed on their dealer list.
    Found this .357 that is exactly what I'm looking for:

    But this pops up when I try to get a quote:
    We're sorry, there are certain restrictions in your area that may prevent you from purchasing this item.

    I'm going to try and call them for see if I have any recourse.

    This has been a frustrating process. I learned to immediately buy the gun that fits my needs. I just visited the shop in my town and the Taurus they had is long gone (week ago). I also learned don't try and shop for a handgun the weekend before deer season starts.....

    Update: I emailed them. Their site will let me load a snub-nosed .38 spl into my cart (but they none avaiable).

    I really want a 4" barrel, .357.

    I'll post their reply.
  11. ssjones

    ssjones Well-Known Member

  12. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    That's great - curious, what law would prevent you from buying a 357 revolver? That's like the vanilla ice cream of guns.
  13. ssjones

    ssjones Well-Known Member

    Back to frustration. I rec'd this message from Buds:
    Order - Cancellation Pending
    Please contact us about this order, this gun does not come with a fired shell casing which is requirement for your state. You are welcome to switch to another gun or we can refund your money.
    Let us know

    One shop owner described this to me but I had no idea it would prevent mail order to a FFL. As I understand it from the shop owner, the gun manufacturer is required to submit a fired shell casing to the Maryland State Police so if the gun is used in a crime, it can be traced. The shop owner said the program cost several million dollars and to date hasn't yield any results. My wife, said it is up for repeal this year in legislative session.

    So, now I'm back to trying to find this gun in a Maryland shop, unless someone has a better idea I can pursue.
  14. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    #1 Solution: Move out of Maryland.

    So that's the law that will keep you from buying most guns mail order is the fired shell casing B.S. I really feel for you... I know brand new Rugers come with the shell casing in a little envelope in the box, can't remember if my Taurus(s) did or not, I don't think they did. And I don't think my wife's Glock did either. Maybe some manufacturers only do that with guns they ship to Maryland and other communist run states.
  15. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    All my Smith's came with the fired shell casing in the little envelope . . . . maybe try a smith?
  16. ssjones

    ssjones Well-Known Member

    I signed up to the "Maryland Shooters" forum. They gave me two options to try and work out with Bud's involving MD shops who have "manufacturers" FFL's.
    That failing, I'll probably just wait and find the gun I need in MD, with Ruger and S&W on the list. But, I bet it takes a few months.
    Stay tuned, the fight goes continues.......
  17. INMY01TA

    INMY01TA Well-Known Member

    I just purchased the same gun your looking at here in Severn Md at ON Target. Haven't gotten the chance to shoot it yet but looking forward to it.
  18. shrpshn

    shrpshn Well-Known Member

    Where do you live in Maryland?

    There are several good shops in MD, where buying a 4" barrel revolver should not be a problem: You are going to have to go to a local dealer/FFL to take delivery on an out-of-state gun anyway. :)

    Also, there are several shows coming up after the first of the year in Westminster, Timonium, and Upper Marlboro.
  19. INMY01TA

    INMY01TA Well-Known Member

    Info or link to the Upper Marlboro show please....
  20. ssjones

    ssjones Well-Known Member

    I'm up in Hagerstown. The two shops here have exactly two revolvers for sale. I do have some MD shop leads and it looks like I will have to travel, but that's OK.

    I spoke to a local friend who works for the Silverado shows. He said the next one is at Westminster in January. I'll definitely attend, plus he will be there to give me some advice on a purchase.

    Someone asked for the schedule:
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