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Gun show report- SAXET show Austin TX

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by breakingcontact, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Well-Known Member

    Whoever attends please post observations here. If its stupid packed in the morning, please let us know.
  2. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Well-Known Member

    People parked way out in grass. Huge line to get in. Didn't go inside. Yuck.
  3. saenzrich

    saenzrich Well-Known Member

    Got there about 30min early and there was a massive line outside. This was the first show since the craze. Lots of reloading powder and primers still at normal prices and stock. AK's for 1100-1500 Ar's for more. One ammo booth had 100rd ziplock bags of .223 fmj for 109.99 plus tax another both had a case of .223 Tula for 1200.00. Funny thing is none of that ammo was selling imagine that...mostly just pistol and hunting calibers were going. Tons of guys with backpacks full of AR mags for 25.00 not to bad considering the what some are paying. Glock 33rd 9mm fac. mags for 100.00 and 17rd for 59.00. I left about an hour and a half later when I got outside the line was even longer than when I got there at opening...and the parking lot looked like it was free ride day at the rodeo.

    Nobody wanted to buy my Remington model 5 22lr either...looks like I need to put it up here for sale...it seemed as if everybody there was on a hi cap craze. All magazines were selling like crazy.

    I wonder if all these people that have been waiting in lines like cattle to get in the gun shows recently would have voted...if we'd be in the same situation we are in now?
  4. umadcuzimstylin

    umadcuzimstylin Well-Known Member

    ^Hey I voted Libertarian dont blame me.

    I didnt go to the one in Austin but went to the one in Houston today and it was brutal. Got there the minute they opened and there was a 1/4 mile long line. 30rd Mags of .223 going for $50 a piece. The first 30 round mag I tried to buy I thought said $49 it actually said $99 thats right $100 mag, I got the knock off for $50. AR's going for $2000 and Colts going for $3000. Not one Glock 19 Gen 4. Had a lot of good laughs at how outrageous the prices are. Cost me over $100 for 2 30 round mags of .223 lulz; and I dont even have an AR-15 yet lol.
  5. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Other than adding a few more possible pro-gun votes in the House (Austin, Houston, & Dallas have plenty of anti-gun representatives at the local, state, & national level) Texas voters did pretty good overall. My House rep is solidly pro-gun, but nothing we can really do about the likes Shelia Jackson-Lee etc. since few people who actually pay taxes live in their districts.

    I'm bummed about not even bothering to go the the GRB gun show this weekend, just can't see the point for the exact reasons you mention.
  6. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Dont continue to get ripped off by these high prices. Cmon folks, stay away from falling into the pit.
  7. Tcruse

    Tcruse Well-Known Member

    Same descriptions for Lewisville show
  8. GEM

    GEM Well-Known Member

    Small San Antonio gun show today - the largest table was selling Egyptian cotton sheets. Large table with pens. Much junk jewelry. Coins, nuts, chemical toilets to use during the apocalypse.

    Trivial guns and ammo. Total waste of money.
  9. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Beef and venison jerkies , tainted by the smell of the packed crowd. Hope you dont get sick chewing those things.
  10. saenzrich

    saenzrich Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention I did buy a gun though, but for my son. It was a Spider-man light up and sound gun...he remembered it from the Dec. show and specifically remembered where the table was...he used his Christmas money and we got the guy down to $10.00 and extra batteries. I didn't realize how loud the thing was till the drive home:eek:.
  11. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Well-Known Member

    Before the madness the SAXET ATX show was pretty good. Good guns to jerky ratio. Not going back until it calms down.
  12. whatever

    whatever Well-Known Member

    Anybody see what mosins were going for by chance?
  13. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Watch out for those stomach virus coming from eating those tainted jerkies. It will churn your tummy bad and gas galore.
  14. umadcuzimstylin

    umadcuzimstylin Well-Known Member

    "Beef and venison jerkies , tainted by the smell of the packed crowd. Hope you dont get sick chewing those things."

    Yeah but those free samples where good.

    Did ya see the chick at the table in the back left with the jugs? Was mirin hard lol.
  15. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member

    I went to the Austin show today with my best friend.

    Pure pandemonium! We had a blast. We knew that it would be crazy and only went for the fun. I got some primers, some jerkey and a Magpul sling for my AR. Fortunately I don't need ammo or guns so didn't partake in the madness. These were the typical prices.

    AR-15s, really any brand from DPMS to Colt - $2500 - $3000
    Stripped AR lowers - $300
    AKs - $1100+
    Mosins - $220
    SKSs - $700 - $800

    Ammo was silly too

    22LR - 500 round bulk, $90. 50 rounds boxes $11
    9MM - $50/box
    223 - Federal 1000 round box - $1099

    Here is a pic of the line going in. We got there about 15 minutes after they opened the doors.

  16. jmace57

    jmace57 Well-Known Member

    I just read this...looked in my gun safe.,..and in my ammo boxes, and realized I am RICH!
  17. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Prices are just getting worse by the week. Wow, amazing !!
  18. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the pic, I was going to take one, but couldn't find the end of the line!
  19. tarosean

    tarosean Well-Known Member


    wow... Im speechless..
  20. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Me too! but asking prices are one thing, selling prices are what make the market.

    Anyone actually buying at these prices?

    If so I've got half dozen duplicate SKSes sitting in my attic to make room in the safe for better stuff, I should drag them out to sell at the next show :)

    I just couldn't resist when they were like $70-100 each.

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