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gun statistics

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by jnyork, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. jnyork

    jnyork Well-Known Member

    Years ago the reloading manufacturers used to release yearly data showing how many of what calibers of reloading dies they sold that year, thereby giving us a good idea of which caliber guns were being sold and which were the most popular. Anybody seen one of these articles lately??

    Also, are there any stats to show how many EBR's have been sold in the US in past few years?
  2. TEDDY

    TEDDY Well-Known Member


    the ATF has statistics on how many guns are made by which manufactuers.
    how many mgs and otw.small arms mag has the list once a yr.there are many places to find that Google and you will find.:rolleyes::uhoh:
  3. jnyork

    jnyork Well-Known Member

    Googled 'till I was blue in the face, Teddy, no joy.:( Maybe you know more about it that I do, how about finding it via google and posting a link? :confused:
  4. Librarian

    Librarian Well-Known Member

    Must be that time of year or something ...

    I've never seen the reloading dies articles, but here's an approximation of about the same thing.

    Two stage process:

    Look at Kleck's Targeting Guns, Chapter 3, table 3.1

    BATF accumulated the data 1899-1994. They suggest there were, by 1994, ~84.6 million handguns and ~151 million long guns.

    Now go to http://www.atf.gov/firearms/stats/ and download the Annual Firearms Manufacturers And Export Reports (.PDF) at the links. There's a gap between 1994 and 1998, and they stop at 2006 so far, but these reports do break out production by manufacturer.

    Plug that into Excel, let it fill in the missing data, and you'll get something like 300 million firearms in 'civilian' hands.

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