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Gun Vault programming help please

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by jamz, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. jamz

    jamz Participating Member

    Nov 28, 2003
    I'm a maniac, maniac at your door
    I have a Gun Vault that is about a year old, so 2005 maunufacture date.

    Programming it has little or nothing to do with the instuction manual, either the one that came with it or the online one on the GunVault website. I was able to do it with some large amount of trial and error and difficulty and luck when I first got it, but now upon changing batteries I've forgotten how. :(

    I am hoping there is someone out there who has one that programs the way mine does and can clue me in.

    In the manual, it states that you press the "learn" button once for 2 seconds, the light turns green, and you enter your code. Then press the "learn" button again, the light turns red, and you entre the code again. Press it a third time and you get 5 beeps and it is set.

    In Real Life, with mine, you press Learn once, the light turns green, you enter the code. Upon pressing Learn again, it beeps twice, and stays green. Upon pressing it again, it beeps three times and stays green. It never turns red, and it never learns the code.

    Is there anyone else out there with a GunVault that programs this way, and can you give me a hint?

  2. mrmeval

    mrmeval Participating Member

    Oct 2, 2004
    Greenwood, Indiana
    Exerpt from only manual on their site.

    Page 9/16 and 10/16

    Set your keys to the side. Do not lock them inside the vault! For practice, use the factory-default code, which is:
    Press each button one time, from left to right – one, two, three, four. (A common mistake is to press button one one, button two twice, button three three times, etc.) Notice the “feel” of the keypad; feel the “click” as you press each key. One, Two, Three, Four

    Getting Ready to Program

    Find the LED light in the keypad. It can glow either green or red. Depending upon the function being utilized. There is an audible beep when keys are pressed.

    Choosing your Own Access Code

    Don’t tell anyone your code. An access code is a series of entries on the keypad. WARNING: This is not a numeric keypad, you cannot program digits (there is no 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10). An “entry” is a single press of one or more buttons at the same time. You can use a minimum of three entries, or a maximum of six entries, for your access code. For each entry of the access code, you may choose one, more than one or ALL of the buttons on the keypad in combination. Be careful in choosing your access code. You’ll want to be sure that you can operate the unit quickly without making an entry error.

    Example of a valid access code;
    Press button one, press button two, press all four buttons together.

    Choose an access code which is easy to use, but try to make it an access code which is difficult to guess. Your current address or phone number digits are not good choices, because the keypad only has four buttons.

    Avoid programming in bright light; it might prevent you from seeing the red/green LED.
    Look directly down upon the keypad.
    Do not attempt to press the buttons with the safe resting upon a soft surface, such as a bed, a pillow, or a deep pile carpet.

    Programming Your Access Code

    There is a soft “beep” sound and a brief light with each keypad entry. Enter the factory-default, from left to right: one, two, three, The door will open.

    Leave the door open. Find the Learn Button (see above).

    Press and hold the Learn Button for two seconds. You should see the green light and hear the two-tone beep – the unit is now in “learn” mode.

    Enter your new code. The light will remain green. Press and hold the Lean button again for two seconds. The light will turn red, and you will hear a beep. Release the Learn Button. While the light is red, enter your new code a second time to confirm it. Press and hold the Learn Button a third time for two seconds. Release the Learn button. The light will blink green five times. And you will hear five beeps, confirming that the new code has been accepted. If the red light blinks three times with three soft beeps at this point, and error has occurred. Just start over by depressing the Learn Button for two seconds.
  3. distra

    distra Participating Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    Yep. Been there done that. Start by pulling the batteries out for a full 30 sec. Replace the batteries and start over. Press the "learn button" per the manual and follow the rest of the instructions. When you enter the code you need to do it quickly and press the "learn button" within 5 sec max. I called them the first time I tried to program the safe and the gentleman said that the unit will become "confused" with multiple attempts to program. Pulling the power will reset the unit and allow you to program the code. I used one hand to hit the learn button and other to enter the code. Good luck. If you still have issues, give them a call. They are part of Cannon Safes now.
  4. jamz

    jamz Participating Member

    Nov 28, 2003
    I'm a maniac, maniac at your door
    Thanks Distra, that was the ticket. Pulled the batteries and it behaved perfectly from then on. :D


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